Yahoo NFL Million Dollar Baller – Guaranteed Overlay!yahoo million dollar baller week 16

Yahoo NFL Million Dollar Baller – Guaranteed Overlay!

In a late season push that should certainly earn Yahoo daily fantasy a good portion of the DFS playoff player pool, they announced their second straight million dollar contest with guaranteed overlay and a top prize of $100,000! Before we break down what you can expect from Yahoo DFS and this contest, here are the most important details from this article and this contest:

  • This contest features a $20 buy in and $37,500 total entries. With $1,000,000 in prizes and only $750,000 in entries, that is $250,000 in guaranteed overlay!
  • Beyond the massive top prize of $100,000, this contest features a somewhat flatter payout structure than you would see elsewhere. The top 25%+ finishers will at least double up their $20 entry.
  • The top 2,000 of 5%+ of finishers will win at least $100, the top 50 will win at least $1,000, and the top 5 win at least $10,000.
  • This is for the main slate, which on Yahoo is an all day Sunday slate. This means 13 games, including the Kansas City vs Seattle Sunday night game.
  • The limit entry for the NFL Million Dollar Baller is set at 10.

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Yahoo NFL Million Dollar Baller Contest

New to Yahoo DFS? Here is What You Need to Know

Despite arguably being the biggest and oldest name in fantasy sports, many of our readers have yet to try Yahoo Daily Fantasy. That is in part because they haven’t offered these big promotional contests like we have seen over the past two weeks. With a favorable political climate, and a player pool that now includes the 90%+ season long players that have been eliminated from their league, the time was perfect for Yahoo DFS to make a push like this. If you are new to Yahoo Daily Fantasy, here are a few things worth noting:

The Yahoo DFS product has a very similar feeling to FanDuel overall. The sites look similar, scoring is similar, roster structure is similar, and the sports offered are the same outside of college football and college basketball.

Yahoo NFL scoring includes a half point per reception. Everything else is fairly standard: 25 passing yards for 1 point, 10 rushing yards, 10 receiving yards, 4 points for passing touchdown, and 6 points for a rushing, receiving, return, or defensive touchdown. Follow this link for their complete NFL rules and scoring breakdown.

You have a $200 budget to fill out a roster that includes: QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/WR/TE/FLEX/DEF. This means you have $22 per player, with the highest players priced around $40 and a minimum salary of $10. As is the case with FanDuel and DraftKings, pricing is fairly subjective on Yahoo. Some weeks it is torture staying under the cap, other weeks it is a breeze, it really depends on matchups and injuries.

Yahoo offers deposits and withdrawals through PayPal. The process is fairly streamlined, and if you already have a Yahoo mail or fantasy account you won’t even need to create a new account.

Yahoo rewards and promotions are done through YSRP. YSRP are rewards points that can be exchanged for free entries. You will receive 1,000 YSRP for registering, which is more than enough to enter a few contests for free right off the bat.

To use your YSRP simply select a contest to enter, build your lineup, click submit lineup, and then select ‘enter with YSRP’. Moving forward you earn YSRP at a rate of 1 per $1 spent. 100 YSRP will allow you to enter a $1 contest of your choosing. For those of you earning 1,000 points this week, take a look at the NBA Mini Baller, it is their NBA equivalent to the NFL baller contest, except entry is only $1 (100 YSRP) and the top prize is $5,000!

Early Picks for the Week 16 Yahoo Million Dollar Baller

Here are some of our early week picks for this slate, our full week 16 article including picks for Yahoo, FanDuel, and DraftKings will post on Friday.

Mitchell Trubisky – $28 – The Bears still have plenty to play for in the NFC… the 49ers do not. San Francisco’s secondary has been bad and is completely decimated by injuries. After an atrocious outing against the Rams, Trubisky looked better against the Packers last week, and will need to get all the way back into form if the Bears want to have any hope of making a Super Bowl run this season.

Ezekiel Elliott – $36 – The Bucs are a bruised and battered defense with nothing left to fight for. Meanwhile Elliott has received 21 targets in the passing game over the past two weeks, and 65 total touches over that stretch. That sort of workload against this Tampa Bay defense should result in his biggest fantasy output of the season.

David Williams – $10 – The smart thing for Jacksonville to do is to have Fournette on a pitch count at the very least. When he is healthy he is clearly a top 5 back in the league, but that unfortunately is rarely the case. We saw him receive just one carry in the second half last week, and the coaching staff clearly wants to evaluate David Williams over the last month of the season. He looked good in limited snaps last week and should see more work in a very favorable matchup here.

Doug Baldwin – $18 – Baldwin has battled injuries all season, and it has shown both in his workload and production. Somehow he has found a way to regain form over the past month, with 4 touchdowns in the last four weeks. In a tight Wild Card race, the Seahawks have to keep winning to hold onto their 5th seed. That will likely mean having to keep pace with a Chiefs offense that has looked impervious to matchups this season.

Robby Anderson – $15 – Those of you that have followed this website for years already know how I feel about Robby Anderson as a player. He has been a guy we have been high on since college. Darnold played well last week, and Anderson has produced (17+ Yahoo PPG) in some tough matchups over the last two weeks. The Packers secondary has looked better all season, but that has seemed to unravel as of late as they have quickly dropped into the bottom 10 in DVOA vs the pass over the past month.

Vance McDonald – $10 – This New Orleans defense is suddenly a scary unit to face. They have three solid cornerbacks and the best run defense in the league. The Steelers passing attack will be busy in what could be a track meet, but look for McDonald and the RB’s to have to step their game as they should have the more favorable matchups here.

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