Yahoo! DFS Review

Yahoo! DFS Review

Yahoo! DFS Review
  • Site Design and User Experience
  • App Design
  • Customer Support
  • Deposits, Withdrawals, Payout Speeds
  • Contest Size and GPP's
  • New Player Friendliness

Yahoo! Review Details

As you might expect given the size of the company, and history in the industry, Yahoo! offers one of the more polished daily fantasy products on the market.

We really only have two issues with Yahoo! DFS: contest sizes and Florida. By design, Yahoo! makes it a point to not offer the big, top-heavy GPP’s that you find on other sites. Additionally, they have chosen to not operate in Florida siting legal concerns that apparently the rest of the industry don’t have to worry about.

Aside from those two issues, Yahoo! is a nearly perfect DFS platform. The site looks great, functions perfectly, and is supported by a DFS-dedicated team.

Additionally, Yahoo has made it a point to be new player friendly, offering you the opportunity to play in contests that veterans don’t have access to. This is huge when it comes to learning the ropes, cutting your teeth, and building a bankroll.

Overall this is a sold DFS product with few, if any, flaws. Unless you are chasing that life changing payout, you will not regret making Yahoo! your DFS home this football season.

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Details for Our Yahoo DFS Review

It is hard to believe that nearly a decade into daily fantasy sports and Yahoo! is still the only traditional fantasy website to enter the market. We don’t think that will be the case for long, but as of right now if you are a season long player looking for a familiar name Yahoo! is it.

Yahoo offers one of the more polished DFS products on the market. Their website has a real FanDuel feel to it. Clean, light colors, plenty of white space, well thought out and easy to use. Everything from your account page, to the lobby, lineup, and in game experience, the site looks great on every device.

This review will go through some of the features that matter most to DFS players, and break down how Yahoo DFS compares to it’s competitors including FanDuel and DraftKings.

Yahoo DFS Lineup Building

There are really three pages that you spend nearly all of you time on when it comes to DFS: lobby, lineup building, and contest tracking. Yahoo’s lobby is extremely similar to what you would find at DraftKings or FanDuel. You can sort by sport, contest type, and it includes icons to help you discern the details of each contest.

Yahoo! lineup building page is slightly different than their main competitors. It does just about anything you could ask it to do. Anything ‘clickable’ serves a function. If you click a position on your lineup that needs to be filled, it will sort the player pool by that position.

Each player in the pool has a chart next to their FPPG stat. This chart gives you a rundown of their performance in the contests leading into this game. As you can see in the graphic above, there is a line chart that shows the player’s FPPG over their last 10 games. Targeting players with a blue line trending upwards would indicate the player is on a hot streak heading into this contest.

Player cards are exactly what you would see at other major DFS websites. A player picture, season stats and averages, and a game log with all of that player’s stats as well as FPPG for each of their last 10 games.

One last thing you may notice in the image above, lineup structures are not exactly what you would expect to find on any other site. Their soccer product, for instance, has you build a 4-4-2 lineup with a utility spot. The same can be said for each sport, Yahoo DFS takes a unique approach to lineup structures.

Promotions and New Player Incentives

One of the main questions we get from new players looking at each of our DFS partners is do they offer promo codes and what sort of bonus do I get?

Yahoo DFS does offer promo codes, and the bonus you receive varies by the time of year and how aggressive they are marketing new players. Heading into football season you can expect to receive their best available promo, often a 100% deposit bonus and a free entry.

In addition to our Yahoo promo code, new players have plenty of other incentives to play here. First of all, the Yahoo DFS product totally caters to casual, new to DFS players. They seem to view their DFS product as an additional feature for their season-long players, and want to ensure that they are protected if/when they choose to try daily fantasy.

Just glance at their lobby and you will see features like the one below, a set of icons that tell you what your odds are in a contest, and who you are facing in a contest.

By using these icons, you can focus on contests with better odds, and avoid DFS veterans. Looking to build your bankroll in a hurry? Focus on 50/50 and head to head contests with no veterans for as long as you can.

The fact that Yahoo DFS caters to new players this way is often one of the most overlooked reasons to give a site a try. To put it bluntly, your going to have a much better chance of winning and playing for a prolonged period of time on Yahoo than you will with any of their competitors, and that is reason enough to give their DFS product a chance.