Where can you play fantasy world cup soccer?

Where can you play fantasy world cup soccer?

Where to play fantasy soccer for the 2018 World Cup

Looking for the best option for fantasy soccer throughout the 2018 World Cup? We break down your options and the differences between them in this article.

Daily Fantasy World Cup Soccer

One option out there is to play daily fantasy soccer. This is our preferred way of playing because it offers you a clean slate each day. This way if you load up on English players your season isn’t over when they don’t make it out of the group stage…

Daily fantasy also offers dynamic pricing that will change as injuries and benchings occur, which they always do in the world cup. That being said, with so many options out there (currently no less than 20 DFS options for the 2018 World Cup) where should you bring your fantasy action?

We have looked over the lobbies and formats for each of the fantasy world cup websites and narrowed it down to the usual two suspects:

1. DraftKings
DraftKings is rolling out the red carpet for fantasy world cup soccer, as you would expect them to… They already have a six figure slate for what is a fairly sleepy opening three game slate. They have a 8,000 entry $20 tournament that pays out $30,000 to the winner. This contest is already over 33% full so it will certainly fill up before kickoff.

As you can see from above, the DraftKings soccer format is fairly familiar. Eight positions including two forwards, two midfield, two defenders, a goalkeeper, and a utility spot. DraftKings is a great place to call home for the World Cup because they will undoubtedly have the biggest contests in the industry this summer.

Click Here to View DraftKings World Cup Lobby

2. FanDuel
FanDuel has the best looking World Cup product in our opinion. Being able to navigate between the different days and slates is crucial, because you may not like today’s slate and want to build lineups for tomorrow or the next day.

The FanDuel world cup fantasy roster structure is similar to the DraftKings, but they added an additional midfielder and removed the utility spot. We really don’t have a preference in terms of the two formats. While it’s nice to have the option with the utility spot, it’s also nice to have the feel of building a squad around a somewhat actual soccer formation.

Click Here to View FanDuel World Cup Lobby

Season-Long Fantasy World Cup Soccer

For those of you that are looking for a season-long fantasy world cup product, things get a bit tougher. Really there is only one option, it’s a free option, but I think it’s a well thought out product.

For the second straight World Cup, FIFA has partnered with McDonalds to bring you fantasy world cup action. The way it works is fairly simple, the game is well thought out, and the application itself looks and functions phenomenally.

I don’t think it will be nearly as competitive as the products from DraftKings, DRAFT, or FanDuel, but nonetheless it’s free and is offered directly from FIFA themselves.

Click Here to Check Our FIFA’s Fantasy World Cup Game