Where Can You Play Daily Fantasy College Football for the 2018 Season?

Where Can You Play Daily Fantasy College Football for the 2018 Season?

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Fantasy College Football Is Back!

Daily fantasy college football is back for the 2018 season. DraftKings has CFB contests in it’s lobby right now. Register using the promo code below and receive a free entry into a college football contest with a $100,000 top prize.

This being said, DraftKings isn’t offered nation wide, so if you are looking for a site that offers CFB for your state specifically, your only option may be FanPicks. FanPicks offers a wide variety of college football contests, in formats that will feel very familiar to FanDuel and DraftKings players.

The contests are very similar to what you see on the major sites: a nice blend of cash and tournament contests, low rake, half-rake, and even no rake contests.

FanPicks also offers unique contest formats, cross-sport contests, and even point spread contests. You will not only get your college football fix at FanPicks, but you will find new ways to play fantasy CFB that you may end up enjoying even more than the classic game you’re used to.

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For a limited time, The Daily Audible visitors that use our promo code will receive free tournament entry vouchers and a 100% deposit bonus when they register on FanPicks the July. Simply follow the link below, use our promo code AUDIBLE, and start playing today!

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Other College Football Options

Daily fantasy college football has not been banned in every state, and there are some fantasy websites that have capitalized on this fact in the past.

Last bowl season we saw fantasy fletching Boom Fantasy offer contests during the bowl season. These contests were only open to players living in states where CFB was not specifically banned.

Given the popularity of these contests, and the fact that they did nothing wrong in offering them, we fully expect Boom Fantasy to offer these throughout the season again this year.

Not only do we expect to see Boom offer CFB, but keep an eye out for a few bigger players to follow suit and make college football contests available to customers that live in states that allow them.

Fantasy College Football FAQ’s for 2018 Season

We know you have questions about the option laid out in this article, here are the answers:

How trustworthy are these sites that offer CFB contests?
We have worked with both FanPicks and Boom Fantasy for the past two football seasons, and have no complaints on our end or on our player’s end. Both have extremely straight forward deposit/withdraw policies, and very responsive customer service teams.

How does Boom Fantasy work?
Boom Fantasy is a very simple fantasy sports format. Essentially you answer a series of multiple choice fantasy-related questions. For instance, the question is who will have the most passing yards and the choices are Will Grier, Shea Patterson, Josh Jackson, or Brett Rypien. You will answer a series of these questions, followed by one or two tie breakers. It’s a unique, fun format that incorporates all the traditional research.

Can I use PayPal to play fantasy college football?
Not only can you use PayPal on both Boom and FanPicks, but we recommend you use PayPal. This is the easiest and safest way to fund your new account and eventually withdraw your winnings.

How has pricing and slate management gone in the past with FanPicks?
FanPicks listens to it’s players and tend to listen to the masses when it comes to pricing and slate management. If there are ever issues with either they get addressed very quickly. Slates are what you would expect to see with FanDuel or DraftKings, an all day slate, early slate, afternoon slate, and late slate. One thing FanPicks does that has been extremely polarizing is offering a slate that includes every game. Research for this slate is intense, but it certainly will prepare you for the smaller slates.

How does The Daily Audible cover college football?
College football has always been our passion, and is what we built our reputation on as a site. We cover it the same as we always have, and have an article for each Saturday slate, as well as the early week ‘Maction’ slates. Nobody is more committed to fantasy college football than us.