What is a Cash Game in Daily Fantasy?

What is a Cash Game in Daily Fantasy?

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What is a Cash Game in Daily Fantasy?

cash games on draftkingsDaily fantasy sports contests come in a wide variety of formats these days, but we can split them into two main groups: cash games and tournaments. Before you ask the question which contests should I enter, you have to understand just what a cash game is.

Cash games often take the form of head-to-head contests or 50/50s. These sorts of games work very differently to tournaments and require their own unique strategies and approaches, so it’s important to make the distinction and use the right tactics for these types of game. In this article, we’ll be offering a thorough overview of daily fantasy cash games so you know exactly what you’re getting into the next time you enter a head-to-head contest or test your luck in a 50/50 league.

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The DFS Cash Game: Perfect for Newbies

One good thing about cash games is that they are particularly well-suited to new players or those who struggle to win consistently. This is because every entrant has a decent chance of finishing in the money. In a head-to-head matchup, for example, two players enter and one of them is guaranteed to walk away with some money, so you effectively have a 50% chance of winning a prize.

Similarly, 50/50 games, as their name suggests, offer players a 50% chance of winning since the top half of players are granted a share of the prize pool. For example, in a 50/50 game featuring 100 entrants you only need to place 50th to win some money. This is what really sets these games apart from tournaments and GPP games, where you need to be in the top 10-15% of players to earn any sort of prize.

Build a Cash Game Strategy

So what does this difference mean for you as a player? Well, your approach when playing a cash game should essentially be very different to your approach to a tournament or GPP contest. With such a good chance of placing in the money, you don’t need to make as many risks. This is because you simply don’t need to earn as many as points to be successful.

Naturally, if you want to finish in the very top spots of 50/50 games consistently and walk away with your share of the prize pool, you’ll need to play a slightly more dangerous game. However, many players enjoy making steady profits by taking a level-headed approach to cash games and selecting rosters of players that can reliably earn good amounts of points.

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Sample Cash Game Strategy for NFL Contests

Let’s use the NFL as an example since it represents one of the most popular sports for DFS sites. In a tournament, you almost have to invest in sleeper picks and high ceiling choices who have a chance of pulling off a shock and earning your team a great amount of points for a relatively low salary cap investment.

You’ll need to take a chance on quarterbacks outside of the big names like Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck and hope you can benefit from this selection, or you might need to risk it all on a rookie wide receiver who has been impressing in OTAs, praying that he can put up some big numbers by the end of the season.

However, in 50/50 and head-to-head cash games, you don’t need to incorporate this risk in your strategy. You can choose a team of reliable guys, players with high floors who are almost guaranteed to provide a solid amount of fantasy points that should boost you up the leaderboards.

It might be strange to make this adjustment if you’re the sort of player who loves gambling on sleepers and doing plenty of research to find the biggest potential breakout stars of the upcoming season. However, this is an adjustment that needs to be made if you want to enjoy consistent success. The best cash game strategies are built around players with high floors, rather than high ceilings.

Naturally, you still need to select a roster with a limited salary cap, so you can’t just choose the biggest stars of the NFL. You’ll need to take a risk here and there in order to balance the value of your roster, but it’s better to choose players with proven track records rather than high upside players or bizarre sleeper selections.

Using Cash Games as Part of Your Bankroll Management

You’ll also want to modify your bankroll management methods to suit cash games as well. In tournaments, you have a relatively low chance of winning and need to offset this by investing a correspondingly small percentage of your bankroll. In cash games, your probability of victory is much larger and so it can be beneficial to submit multiple entries for various games to allow yourself to enjoy the maximum level of profit.

By spreading their bankrolls around different games, many cash game enthusiasts manage to earn a lot of money. However, it’s still important to bear several unwritten rules in mind like only ever risking around 10% of your total bankroll and never make rash or risky plays when you find yourself on a losing streak. Follow this advice and you’ll find yourself enjoying much more success in daily fantasy cash games.