What are the Best US Friendly Sportsbooks?

What are the Best US Friendly Sportsbooks?

What are the Best US Friendly Sportsbooks?

Any time we write an article that even so much as mentions a spread, total, or prop we get a dozen emails asking what sportsbook we use, which we recommend, and if they accept US players. Rather than list and review dozens of sportsbooks that we have used in the past or tested recently, we narrowed this list down to our top 5 US-friendly sportsbooks.

The one thing we really need to lead with is that all five of these sites are 100% trustworthy, you will always receive your payout, almost always within the timeframe they give you. All five of these sites are run with solid ethics, are profitable, and keep player funds segregated from funds they use to operate their website.

Just how you receive your funds varies based on the website you are playing on, but we will go over that in more detail for each of the US friendly sportsbooks covered in this article.

1. Bovada

Bovada isn’t the oldest site on this list, but they aren’t the newest. They don’t have the prettiest site on this list, but it’s also not the ugliest. It arguably has the best UI/UX of the five we are recommending here, with a clean design that is easy to navigate and a ticket system that functions flawlessly.

In terms of customer service, Bovada is as polished as anyone on this website. Most customer support email requests receive a response within a day, and their phone lines are available in the US and Mexico. Our experience with their support team has been almost entirely positive, but like most online companies, if you dig far enough, you will find some unhappy customers.

Perhaps what sets Bovada apart from everyone on the list, more so than any other feature we review are the actual lines and in and pre game props. Bovada has a much more polished sportsbook product than anyone else on this list. If you are into props, they are going to have more pregame props than you will find on any other US friendly sportsbook.

Into tracking and playing live in-game lines? Bovada also does that phenomenally. If there were one name on this list that we were to say is the clear sportsbook US players should start with, it would be Bovada. That being said, there are features on these other sites that make them intriguing as well.

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2. BetOnline

Similar to Bovada, the BetOnline product is one that may not looked polished at first glance, but when it comes to actually providing the services a sportsbook should… services that parallel what the Euro books offer, BetOnline is right there with Bovada.

While not pretty, their website is easy to use, easy to navigate, well laid out, and seemingly never has issues with speed and reliability. One thing that is slightly different about the BetOnline website is that you have to be a member, and be logged in to access their ticket system. You can view lines while logged out, but will have to actually create and account and log in to see what a certain bet pays out.

In terms of new player promotions and customer service, it’s our opinion that BetOnline may be the class of this group, and at least are in the discussion. Support requests are responded to almost immediately and it’s rare that the issue isn’t handled within one or two emails. Payout requests are processed extremely fast, and they offer a fair amount of options in regards to how you receive your funds.

BetOnline is the closest you will find on this list in regards to quality of lines and props. They offer live in game betting, and for larger sporting events have a surprising amount lines and props available for live betting.

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3. MyBookie

We struggled with our MyBookie review as they are one of the newest brands to the US sportsbook scene. Considering just how little marketing these companies are able to do, MyBookie was extremely aggressive at the start of the 2016-2017 NCAA and NFL football season. They got our attention, and have managed to keep it throughout the year.

The first thing you will notice when you land on the MyBookie homepage is the design. It is much more modern and interactive than what you saw with our first two companies on this list, and is certainly much more sleek than the next name in our list of top 5 US friendly sportsbooks.

Once logged in, or on the actual sportsbook page, the website transforms into something much more familiar. The layout at MyBookie.lv is actually considerably similar to one of my personal favorite websites sportsbook.ag, and both sites have certainly been inspired by the layout you will find at Bovada.

In terms of customer service, new player promotions, and payout speed, there is really little difference between any of the sites on this list. Actually, the bonus is the exact same for all of these websites, use one of our promo codes and receive a 50% bonus up to x amount. For MyBookie they will give you a bonus of up to $3,000, which is actually they highest number in this group… as we said, they came in aggressive, clearly swinging for the fences.

In terms of in game betting and props, MyBookie is above average in both, but noticeably less aggressive than Bovada. This is somewhat understandable as their player pool is still considerably smaller, so the overhead that managing live betting for every North American sporting event can come with overwhelming costs for a new website.

That being said, we have been impressed with the team at MyBookie, and continue to play on their website regularly. If you are looking for a fresh website, with all of the bells and whistles, this is certainly a solid choice.

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4. 5Dimes

It’s just so tempting to close the window as soon as you land on the 5 Dimes website, but if you hang around long enough to actually play here, we guarantee you will love it. Let’s get these points out of the way straight away:

  1. The site isn’t pretty. They have changed it very little from the day they opened back in 1996, it may initially be disappointing, but once you see how these guys operate it will eventually become endearing.
  2. They are not aggressive with marketing and new player promotions. You probably could guess this at first glance, but 5Dimes offers what we would describe as realistic new player promotions.
  3. They do everything in moderation. They offer a ton of in game betting and props, but don’t go overboard with 100’s of bets for every live event.

I’m personally biased here, as 5Dimes is my favorite name on this list. Their product isn’t as polished as Bovada, but they offer 5-star customer support and their site never has issues with speed or performance. To put it simply, they offer the most consistent US-Friendly product.

In addition to caring about their customers, and the quality of their website, 5Dimes is the most (if not the only) charitable name on this list. At 5dimescares.com you can find a list of the charities they support, and who they help. This website really is backed and operated by a great group of people.

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5. Sportsbook.ag

The fact that Sportsbook.ag isn’t one of the most popular names in the industry is still very confusing to us. They offer the best looking site on this list, and operate on what is no doubt the top domain in the industry.

In addition to a great looking product, their website is mobile friendly, loads quick, offers 100% uptime, and is supported by one of the industries best support teams. They use an intuitive ticket system to deal with all support requests, and you will generally receive a response within 12 hours depending on what time you submit the ticket.

As far as the lines are concerned, they are just about as good as it gets. They offer a large number of props and live bets for most major sporting events. More obscure events will not allow you the same number of props as you will find on Bovada or BetOnline, but for major events they do quite well here.

One interesting feature that you will only find on Sportsbook is their cash out option. Essentially this just allows you to cash out of any bet that you are currently winning for a lesser amount. So if you feel lucky to be winning a bet, and want to take your earnings and run, you can do so with this feature. Check it out in the video above, it’s just one of many unbeatable features Sportsbook.ag offers.

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