Understanding the Value of Each Position in Daily Fantasy

Understanding the Value of Each Position in Daily Fantasy


Understanding the Value of Each Position in Daily Fantasy

Daily fantasy football games can seem pretty complicated, especially for new players. Formulating a winning strategy can take a lot of time and patience, and it’s especially important to make the right decisions for each position of your fantasy roster. Today, we’ll take a look at each position in turn and identify the main points you’ll want to keep in mind when making your FanDuel and DraftKings selections. Follow this advice and you’ll be on your way to constructing a successful squad.

Finding Value at Quarterback

Let’s begin with one of the most exciting positions on the field. Your signal caller will play a vital role in your team and should consistently provide you with a steady stream of fantasy points. In cash games in particular, the quarterback is especially important and can win you plenty of cash prizes.

A top tip for choosing your quarterback is to pay attention to Vegas lines. This information can be very helpful for fantasy players. You should be looking at players who are in pretty close matchups; this is because teams that are dominating a match will typically stop passing the ball in the later stages, meaning that your QB won’t be producing as well as if his team were playing offensively 100% of the time.

It’s also important to take into account the defense of the opposition. Find teams that struggle to defend against passes by looking at their DvP (defense vs position) rankings. You can also get a lot of value from a QB by pairing him with one of his WRs. Naturally, if your QB has a good game then your WR will profit from this as well and you’ll earn a ton of points.

Finding Value at Running Back

RBs are your most consistent points providers after the signal caller. You need to identify the players who will earn the most touchdowns and see plenty of action in the end zone. To help you when choosing a running back, you’ll once again want to pay attention to Vegas lines. You’ll be looking for teams that are clear favorites in this instance as your RB should be able to carry the ball a lot in these matchups.

It’s also important to consider the DvP again to look at the strength of a defense against RBs in general. If your RB is going up against an excellent defense then you might want to ignore him. You want to choose players who have good matchups and who are going to see plenty of the ball.

The biggest points come with touchdowns, so do your research and go for guys who get involved in the end zone. Finally, you’ll need to pay attention to the specific scoring system of the site you are using. Some DFS sites reward points for receptions and this can make a big difference to your squad.

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Finding Value at Wide Receiver

It can be very difficult to choose your WRs. Many fantasy players get duped into drafting potential breakout stars, only to see them have disappointing seasons and fall by the wayside. When looking at the Vegas lines for WRs, you’ll want to look for matchups in a similar fashion to the QB scenario. Primarily, you want to have closely-contested games that have a good chance of scoring highly.

The best statistic to pay attention to when choosing between different receivers is their targets. By getting the ball often, your players will have much better chances of scoring touchdowns and getting some yards. Finally, you’ll need to look at usage. WRs who get involved in the red zone are more likely to score some big points so pay attention to this factor above others.

Finding Value at Tight End

Tight ends struggle to provide points for fantasy teams, and so this position isn’t usually a priority for fantasy enthusiasts. Gronkowski is the exception to the rule, and it can be very difficult to pick a reliable tight end. We do our best to provide our visitors with a solid tight end strategy, but it’s still a risky position.

Once again, though, Vegas lines can be of aid. Analyze the stats and see how well certain teams defend against passes and TEs. If you can find some good matchups then you might enjoy the benefits. Just like with the receivers, you’ll want to focus on tight ends who see a lot of the ball and get a lot of targets.

Finding Value at Kickers

Kickers aren’t exactly the most important players on the roster. In fact, a lot of DFS sites don’t even include these players. However, let’s quickly look at some tips in case you need to choose a solid kicker. Basically, you’ll be using Vegas lines to look for high-scoring games. More points on the board means more chances for your kicker to put up some numbers himself. It’s also good to check out the weather forecast. Windy conditions will severely limit your kicker’s capacity to do well, so choose sunny and dry locations.

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Finding Value at Defense

Finally, we come to defense. This position is especially important in tournaments and can make a huge difference, so you’ll want to be careful when choosing your defenses. Ideally, you’ll be looking for low-scoring games. Keep an eye on Vegas lines and find matches that are expected to be tight to spot the best defense matchups. It’s also important to keep an eye on the opposition’s QB. You don’t want to be choosing defenses who are going up against players like Luck and Rodgers.

Choose weak QBs that give your defenses a good chance of scoring some points. In terms of statistics, look at how often the opposition gives up sacks and turnovers. These will give you bonus fantasy points and can be the difference between victory and defeat in a closely-contested GPP.