Top FanDuel and DraftKings Promotions for May

Top FanDuel and DraftKings Promotions for May

It’s hard to believe we are already 5 months into 2016, but it’s already May which means playoff hockey and basketball, early season baseball, but just as important… only 3 months until the Hall of Fame game! How do we plan on filling those 3 months? Playing daily contests and promotions on FanDuel and DraftKings of course. Here are the promotions and tournaments we are looking forward to this month.

fanduel promotions for may

Top FanDuel Promotions this May

May is all about the NBA playoffs on FanDuel. Their biggest and most exciting promotion pays out a trip to the 2016 NBA Finals. With daily FREE qualifiers and a live final, the 2016 NBA Fantasy Playoffs from FanDuel and Bud Light is the ultimate way to compete throughout the NBA playoffs. In addition to the live finale and trip to the NBA Finals, these qualifiers pay out credits to the store, as well as a ton of FanDuel points.

From free qualifiers to single entry MLB tournaments, FanDuel is making it easy for new players to get involved and stay involved in daily fantasy sports. We love single entry tournaments at The Daily Audible, because it strips away every part of daily fantasy that we feel is wearing down the industry and weeding out the casual player. Single entry tournaments puts your best lineup up against everyone else’s best.

fanduel sinle entry promos

From FanDuel’s homepage, you can now find a link at the top of the page to that day’s single entry contests. Once you click that link, you are redirected to a page that lists that day’s 50/50’s, tournaments, and multipliers at each of the most popular entry levels. It’s a great new feature that makes it easy to move from the homepage to finding the single entry tournaments for that day.

Top DraftKings Promotions this May

It may only be May, but DraftKings remains in mid-season form… Football may be in their offseason, but on DK you can compete in daily fantasy PGA, MLB, NBA, Soccer, UFC, Nascar, and more. With so many sports and options, you can always find big tournaments, overlay, and games that fit your style on DraftKings.

One great new feature on the DraftKings website is their daily challenges. This is exactly what you would assume it is, compete in daily challenges to win money, prizes, and DraftKings player rewards. If you complete the day’s mission, you receive your prize the following day at around 11am. It’s a fun way to stay active on DraftKings and win free stuff.

may headliners from draftkings

MLB fans will love the new Daily Headliners page on DraftKings. This page is a great way to map out your week’s tournaments at DraftKings. Each day has a unique set of massive tournaments (some as big as $3.5 Million in payouts), and this page has a direct link to that day’s top promotions and biggest tournaments.

PGA tournaments run Thursday -Sunday every week, and are a great way to get used to playing our new favorite daily fantasy sport. Keep in mind that DraftKings has a PGA Millionaire Maker coming up for the U.S. Open at Oakmont Country Club in Pennsylvania. There are daily satellites where you can win a free entry into this massive tournament, but more importantly, you have four weeks this month to perfect you daily PGA strategy to make the most out of those entries.

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