Start a Dynasty League

Start a Dynasty League

Daily Fantasy Dominance

The days of balancing five or six fantasy football teams is dead. With the majority of guys spending more time playing daily games on FanDuel, DraftStreet and DraftKings, something has to give or were going to give up on marriage and working full time jobs. If you follow our posts then you know that the daily games have to stay, we believe it’s the best way to keep fantasy interesting week to week, plus you get a weekly payout.

So what do you do with your existing leagues? Well, for many of us, several of those leagues have the same core of guys. We recommend taking those leagues that have the same core of guys, eliminating them and creating a new Dynasty League.

What is a Dynasty League

A dynasty league is essentially a miniature version of real football. You have your inaugural draft where each team selects their 18-20 players. At the end of the year, players aren’t released into the redraft pool. You will move forward with the team you have, at the start of the next season you will be able to release players you don’t want anymore, and your league has a first year players draft in which rookies and free agent veterans are available.

The Benefits of a Dynasty League
Dynasty leagues are an intensified way of playing traditional season-long fantasy football. Owners must balance winning now and building for the future. You can set up your own base rules to keep the league competitive year round. While you will always have teams that tank to get a better draft pick, sell players for more picks, we all know that you can’t buy a dominate fantasy team. How many times has the guy that you consider to have a ‘stacked team’ actually won your league. And, in the end, if they sell their future to win now they will pay for it for years to come.

Punish owners for keeping elite players
The best way to do this (and really the best way to operate a dynasty league) is to run your league in an auction format. This way you can ‘split the difference’ at the end of the year. We have seen some leagues that take the top 10 at each position and add to their draft value half of the difference between what they paid and what the player is worth. This will force the owner to decide whether he pays face value for a veteran, or releases him into the auction to use the money on younger players. This will keep guys from holding onto one player for their entire careers. We played in a dynasty league that didn’t have this rule and had an owner that owned Ladainian Tomlinson for the entirety of his productive career at under $10. Not fun.

Do your research. Check out Dynasty Football Warehouse they have a great guide set up for putting together your dynasty league. In the end, if you have 1 redraft league, 1 dynasty league, and then just play daily games during the season, you’ve got the perfect blend of fantasy football.

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