StarsDraft Review

StarsDraft Review

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StarsDraft Review

StarsDraft may be the new guy in the daily fantasy sports industry, but they are positioning themselves to quickly take their share of the pie. With the amazingly clean, fast, user-friendly design from Victiv, and the reputation and legitimacy of PokerStars, StarsDraft may have found the perfect recipe for success. If you are new to their website, make sure you use our StarsDraft promo code when you register for a 100% deposit bonus.

Our StarsDraft Review
  • Website Design and Usability
  • Customer Support and Payout Speed
  • Variety of Games Offered
  • Size of Contests and Payouts
  • Deposit Bonuses and Player Incentive

Review Breakdown

Through a great web design, backed by the PokerStars brand, StarsDraft has well positioned themselves to find success in the daily fantasy sports market. There is no doubt that StarsDraft will see a huge influx of poker players looking to try their hands at daily fantasy sports, but the real question is can Amaya and StarsDraft lure in the everyday sports fan and current DFS player… we think they have the product to make it happen.

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Why You Should Give StarsDraft a Try?

The main reason we are pitching StarsDraft to our visitors is that it’s just different from DraftKings and FanDuel. Through their new website, you are going to see different games, different scoring, different roster structures, and you may find them a nice break or fun alternative to your everyday DFS routine.

Read here, StarsDraft to be live for the start of this NFL season, stay tuned for more details!

One of the key things we wanted to point out in this StarsDraft review is that they will almost certainly have daily fantasy golf from day one. This is huge as golf has been a one web site sport for some time now, and just having a second set of tournaments and different pricing at StarsDraft is going to be huge.

Beyond just the difference between the StarsDraft product and current DFS websites, we think there is a good chance they join the big names in this industry with a huge influx of new and existing players. This will all but force you to use their website, and it’s better to get used to their roster structures and scoring sooner rather than later.

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Details of Our StarsDraft Review

The Victiv takeover was made official not too long ago and the site has now been relaunched under the brand new StarsDraft name. This exciting launch has arrived barely after a month after Amaya, the company which also owns the biggest online poker network in the world (PokerStars) announced that it had purchased the mid-tier DFS site.

Victiv users will still feel comfortable on the new site, with Amaya electing to retain many of the features which the Victiv team had put into place. However, there are some unique aspects to the new site. So it’s definitely worth taking a closer look at StarsDraft, with this site sure to be one to watch in the weeks and months to come. You will notice in our actual review that the score for deposit bonuses is lacking, although they don’t currently use promo codes as part of their marketing and new player incentives, if they ever do, we have a StarsDraft promo code directory ready.

Naturally, the success and appeal of any daily fantasy sports site depends largely on the games it has to offer and the prizes available for players to win. For the moment, StarsDraft has got the basics covered by offering fantasy games for all of the big North American sports and leagues. Users of the site can take part in games of fantasy NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and even PGA golf, and it wouldn’t be too surprising to see this catalogue of games expand in the future. In fact, given Amaya’s global presence and the countless untapped international markets out there, many fans have been speculating that the company may attempt to expand in this way by offering fantasy European soccer games for example.

Time will tell whether or not the site goes in that direction, but for now there is a solid array of offerings available on StarsDraft. The Victiv team had already developed a respectable catalogue of games including GPP tournaments, head-to-heads and double-ups, so it’s no surprise to see these options continuing on the newly-rebranded site. What’s especially impressive is the rate of growth that the site has experienced.

Victiv only launched a year ago in September 2014, at which time it was able to offer $16,000 in prize money for Week 1 NFL GPPs. Exactly one year later, the new site is able to boast of $180,000 in cash prizes for Week 1. That sort of growth is very impressive and makes it easy to see why Amaya wanted to purchase Victiv. Either way, these figures bode well for the future of StarsDraft.

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Scoring, Rosters, and Rules on StarsDraft

DFS enthusiasts will know that each site has its own special scoring systems and roster arrangements, and StarsDraft is no different. In terms of football, the site allows users to choose one QB, two RBs, two WRs, one TE, two Flex positions and one defense. Fans will immediately notice the absence of a kicker, which is in line with the roster system used by leading fantasy site DraftKings. On the NBA side of things, there aren’t really any surprises of note. Players can have two Gs, three Fs, one C and two Flex options, but they also have to choose a sub. This is where things get interesting as the sub has to be valued lower than $5000 but doesn’t actually impact your overall salary cap. If your sub earns more points than another member of your squad, his points get counted, otherwise his points are ignored. This is an interesting idea that adds an extra layer of strategy to fantasy NBA games.

The new site also features some unique features that players will surely appreciate. One of these is the presence of anonymous head-to-head games. In recent times, a technique of exploiting the head-to-head system has become increasing popular. For this technique, players simply choose opponents who don’t have very good win-to-loss ratios, thereby giving themselves a greater chance of victory. With these anonymous games, you won’t know the identity of your opponent until you have locked into the match. Therefore, any possibility of exploitation is denied, making for fairer games and more balanced competition. This also adds an element of excitement to the classic head-to-head system that fans will certainly enjoy.

StarsDraft Keeping Victron

The site also features the fascinating VICTRON system. Unavailable on any other site, this intelligent innovation is able to pick your roster for you based on a set of user-defined criteria. Essentially, you can give the system an idea of what sort of team you would like by using a set of sliders. These sliders help to determine the players the system will choose for you. After fixing your slider values, the VICTRON system uses some carefully-calculated algorithms to create a roster for you.

This is a great option for players who struggle to make individual selections or simply don’t have the time to scroll through pages of players and analyze countless stats. It’s also a great way to simply get started with your rosters. You can use the system to give you a baseline and then make adjustments from there.

The system also features a super interactive dashboard system, allowing to keep track of your progress in real time. The dashboard offers plenty of options for monitoring your progress and will be a big hit with many players. It’s also worth mentioning that the rake rates at StarsDraft are relatively generous. Instead of the usual 10% rake you’ll find on many DFS sites, StarsDraft adjusts the rake mostly between 7.5 and 9%, but it can go as low as 5% for anonymous H2H matches.

The site allows users to deposit and withdraw funds with all of the usual payment methods. So overall, despite being branded with a new name, StarsDraft effectively has all of the tools of a pre-existing DFS site. The unique features will certainly attract some interest and the site itself is perfectly functional in every aspect. All-in-all, this is definitely one DFS platform to keep an eye on.

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