Should FanDuel Get Rid of the Kicker in NFL Contests?

Should FanDuel Get Rid of the Kicker in NFL Contests?

Should FanDuel Get Rid of the Kicker in NFL Contests?

This has been an in-house argument here at TDA for the past few seasons. I personally am in the camp that believes the kicker should be eliminated from fantasy football altogether. Traditional fantasy football guy that has been playing in the same league with the same roster rules and scoring for 30 years loves to throw a fit at this idea, but there are several points I would make to support this argument.

Too Much Luck, Too Little Data…

This is my main reason for writing off kickers altogether. As an advocate for fantasy sports and DFS maintaining their label as a game of skill and not gambling, I want to eliminate as much luck from the game as possible. No position’s scoring in fantasy football is as much luck based as the kicker. Certainly you can look at things like offenses that stall in the redzone, good redzone defenses, kicker accuracy, etc… but in the end, there is no getting around the fact that kicker scoring is inconsistent and unpredictable.

Your average kicker can score 1 point in a favorable matchup and 15 points in an unfavorable matchup and nobody would bat an eye. Kickers… we say… who knows and better yet, who cares? There is data on kickers out there, out of necessity, not because anyone enjoys studying or researching kickers. The only reason we project, rank and track kickers is because FanDuel hasn’t yet eliminated them from their game. DraftKings has, and the second FanDuel does I will never again look at kicker scoring and be grateful not to have to.

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Nobody Likes a Kicker

Let’s be honest, nobody likes kickers… the NFL doesn’t even like kicking. They’re moving the extra point back, the kickoff up, and god only knows what’s next. They are clearly trying to minimize the amount of kicking, because it’s not entertaining. Want to make kickers entertaining? I say we line the little guys up at tailback and make them take a handoff once a half. There’s something I wouldn’t fast forward through…

I hardly doubt there is a single guy out there that would show up to their season long draft and say, man, I really missed researching kickers this season… Or once the draft is over wish there was an additional round where everyone through a dart at a kicker and wished for the best, because that’s what drafting kickers is like, and the worst part of it is that they matter! Several games each season are determined by the point difference between kickers.


The only thing worse than season-long titles being determined by kickers, is FanDuel tournaments being determined by kickers. Millions of dollars are at stake every week, and for kickers to play any role in who does or does not win that money is a travesty.

The reality is that FanDuel would not even have to even adjust salary and player pricing. Simply take out the kicker, add a flex position, and be done with it. Make building a roster even more difficult by eliminating a $4,500-$5,000 kicker and adding another position player. Feel free to comment and let me know how far off base I am with this argument.

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  1. I agree a flex for kicker would make things more fair, I heard fanduel is considering the idea to get rid of the kicker this offseason but who knows if that will happen. Another thing dfs should consider getting rid of is the tight end in college football, seems to me to be just as random as a kicker in the nfl.

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