Ranking the Best Daily Fantasy Sports Apps of 2018

Ranking the Best Daily Fantasy Sports Apps of 2018

The DFS industry has been a wild roller coaster throughout the six years we have been covering it here at The Daily Audible. This time three years ago we couldn’t imagine any daily fantasy app competing with FanDuel, today FanDuel has a somewhat tenuous grip on the number three spot on our list.

So, what characteristics qualify an app as the best fantasy football app of 2018? Obviously we looked for things like originality and game variety, fantasy football should be fun and engaging above all else. We also looked at things like design and user experience, how easy is it to get into a draft, how easy is it to withdraw winnings, what are the new player promotions, etc…

No stone was left unturned and I think we came up with a pretty solid list of 7 daily fantasy apps that are worth a look this football season.


1-Best Fantasy App DraftOne of only two mobile-first apps to make this list, the DRAFT app started as a genius idea that was fairly executed. Fast forward to 2018, and I think they took that great idea and evolved it into one of the better executed daily fantasy apps in the industry.

Draft works a lot like your season long league, but on a one week scale. You enter a league with anywhere from 2-12 teams, a random draft order is set, and the teams complete a snake style fantasy draft for the games that day or week. The sports currently offered on Draft include the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and Golf.

Originally Draft didn’t have enough players to offer anything other than head-to-head Drafts, but that is no longer the case. They now offer up to 12 man Drafts, auction drafts, expert drafts where the top players from the slate are removed, as well as the ability for you to create your own Draft and invite your friends.

Draft is well funded as it is now owned by Paddy Power Betfair, one of the biggest names in sports betting and quickly becoming one of the biggest names in fantasy sports after purchasing both Draft and FanDuel in 2017.

2. DraftKings

2-DraftKings FantasyAs we mentioned in the intro, we think DraftKings has supplanted FanDuel as the top salary based DFS app in the market and the biggest name in fantasy sports.

The first thing most fantasy players think of when they think DraftKings is giant prize pools, and with good reason. They offer a Millionaire Maker with a top prize of $1 million for every week of the NFL season, as well as every major in golf. They also have the biggest nightly NBA, NHL, MLB, and CFB contests in the industry.

DraftKings pushes the limits with everything they do. They don’t just offer fantasy football, or even just the major US sports. They currently offer fantasy NFL, CFB, MLB, NBA, NHL, Soccer, Golf, WNBA, CFL, EL, Tennis, eSports, Nascar, and MMA.

They also don’t simply offer classic salary cap fantasy football, but have several additional ways to play including Showdown which is a format that runs for just one game (like Monday Night Football), Tiers which is essentially fantasy multiple choice, and Pick’em which is a free weekly pick’em contest that pays out cash to users that pick the most games correctly.

If you prioritize giant prize pools, great promotions, a wide variety of sports, and an app that functions flawlessly with all of the bells and whistles then DraftKings is likely the best app for you.

3. FanDuel

3-FanDuel Daily Fantasy AppFanDuel was the first company to really mainstream daily fantasy sports. While DraftKings was able to convert a round of funding into a gorilla marketing strategy that brought in millions of new players, FanDuel simply made the best product and it worked for them for years.

While FanDuel has seen their market share slip away over the past three years, they are still quite easily the second biggest fantasy app in the industry and have done a great job of closing the gap on DraftKings this NFL season.

While FanDuel may not offer quite as big of contests as DraftKings, they are no where near as far behind as they were last season. In fact, they have offered a Sunday Million contest with a top prize of $1 million for each week of the 2018 NFL season.

While FanDuel does have their own single game format, they don’t quite offer the variety of contests and sports that DraftKings currently does. That being said one area FanDuel is still better is with beginner players. FanDuel offers a ton of protection for new players, from a $20 deposit bonus to beginner only contests that allow them to fine tune their skills without running into sharks, FanDuel does a lot to ensure that beginners have every chance to win on their site.

The FanDuel app has always been extremely polished, easy to use, and well thought out. Finding, entering, and tracking contests is extremely simple, and the deposit and withdrawal process is straight forward and user friendly as well. New players will enjoy the beginners only features, but more experienced players may prefer the variety and higher stakes that DraftKings offers.

4. Yahoo!

4-Yahoo DFS AppRanking a site like Yahoo! 4th is where writing this article got extremely difficult for us. Everybody at The Daily Audible HQ plays on the Yahoo! app, and several of our writers will claim it as their DFS home.

Yahoo! has an extra spot on their fantasy football roster, and a flat $200 salary to build out your team. This makes building a roster slightly more challenging as you simply can’t start more than one stud without having to punt in multiple spots. For fantasy football players that love the challenge of finding that deep sleeper, Yahoo daily fantasy may be the app for you.

Beyond the challenging format, Yahoo also offers the lowest rake in the industry, more single entry tournaments than anyone, and a wide variety of beginner only contests. Simply put, it’s easier to win on Yahoo than any other app in the fantasy football industry.

So, with all of the positives, why is Yahoo! down at fourth on this list? They are a season-long fantasy website first, and they operate as such. This means taking an extremely conservative approach to daily fantasy sports. They don’t operate in states that they view as being unfriendly to the DFS industry, most notably Florida. They also don’t offer the massive GPP’s or huge top prizes that you see on both FanDuel and DraftKings.

As the industry grows and becomes more closely accepted and regulated at the state level, I think we will see Yahoo! not only expand which states they operate in but the size of their prize pools.

5. Boom Fantasy

5-Boom Fantasy App 2018BoomFantasy is completely different from anything that you have ever considered to be fantasy sports. Rather than draft a team, you are picking a player to outperform other players in a specific stat category.

As you can see to the right, you will get a stat category, and a group of players to choose from. Better players in the stat category will give you less points for making the correct selection.

This will happen over and over again until you have a team of selections. It makes watching a small slate of games very entertaining.

This app is definitely for the casual sports fan, but isn’t completely devoid of skill. It is all about calculated risks when playing on the Boom Fantasy app. You can’t simply pick chalk and expect to beat anyone, you have to know when to take chances to give yourself a leg up on the guys that are picking chalk with every selection.

BoomFantasy is a well thought out alternative to the classic fantasy offerings we covered with the first four apps on this list. It isn’t alone with this format, and many of the big guys are starting to add these pick’em style games, but Boom does a great job in this niche.

6. FantasyDraft

6-FantasyDraft AppFantasyDraft is another classic DFS offering, very similar to FanDuel and DraftKings, but on a much smaller scale. While FantasyDraft is smaller, they have an extremely good reputation in the industry, and have done a great job of creating a product that is on a similar level to the big dogs.

Obviously with a small(er) website comes smaller contest sizes and prize pools, which is a detriment to many of our readers. That being said, the smaller contests on FantasyDraft are statistically easier to win than what you find on the bigger sites.

Additionally, in an effort to grow their pool size and further build their reputation in the industry, FantasyDraft has dropped their rake to a level significantly lower than what you see with the big dogs. If you are not looking for giant prize pools, and just want fantasy contests that give you the best odds, then FantasyDraft is likely the best choice for you.

7. FanBall

Part of The SportsHub Games Network, FanBall is the latest addition to these rankings and the smallest of the DFS apps on this list. While their market share makes them somewhat of an afterthought, the FanBall app is quickly gaining traction around the industry.

FanBall competes directly with every app on this list as they offer traditional salary cap contests, snake drafts, and auction drafts. They also have their own research and news section, similar to the Duel and Playbook sections on FanDuel and DraftKings.

The Sportshub Games Network is one of the oldest names in the season-long fantasy football industry and are responsible for the NFFC and LeagueSafe. The site has been featured frequently on websites like Rotogrinders recently, and have seen their total number of players improve from slate-to-slate.

While we are not ready to recommend taking your fantasy action to FanBall quite yet, their initial app launch is impressive and it certainly warrants our attention moving forward.