Quick DraftKings PGA Strategy Refresher

Quick DraftKings PGA Strategy Refresher

The PGA golf season is starting to heat up and the first major of 2016 draws closer with each passing day. This sport is also quite a hot topic in the world of DFS, with more and more golf fans diving into sites like DraftKings to test their skills in DFS leagues and tournaments. The next few weeks will be filled with exciting golf events, so this is a great time to take a look at the sport from a DFS perspective.

You might be an experienced DFS fan or a novice testing out the sport of golf for the first time. Either way, there are always ways in which you can improve your game and take your strategy to the next level. If you want to have the best chance of winning big in DraftKings DFS golf games, read on to learn some great tips.

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Utilizing Vegas Odds as a Resource

The first thing we have to recommend to any DFS golf player is to make use of Vegas odds. This might seem like an obvious tip to most players, but too many people forget to make use of these odds when preparing their rosters. Research is a huge part of daily fantasy sports and you don’t have much chance of success without it.

When it comes to golf, Vegas odds are an excellent resource. They’re also very easy to use. From just a short amount of time spent scanning over the latest odds, you can learn a lot about each player’s chances of success in any upcoming tournament. Naturally, it’s impossible to predict the future and these odds aren’t guaranteed to be right every time, but they do provide plenty of insight. They’re a great way for you to get an overview of the field, identify the favorite contenders and discover a couple of sleeper picks too.

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Guys Have Their Favorite Courses – Use Past Results For Each Tournament

Another method of research is to take a look back into history. Specifically in the sport of golf, certain players tend to perform well on certain courses or at certain times of year. This information can be very valuable when building your PGA DFS rosters. It’s vital to take a look at the history of a course and use this information to find the players who have a good chance of success.

You should also take a look at the various aspects of a course like its terrain, layout and length. Some golfers will feel much more comfortable on certain types of grass, for example. If you can find these players and add them to your roster, you should have a better chance of finishing in a good position in your various leagues and contests.

Do Your Research and Understand PGA Statistics

It’s easy to talk about doing research, but it can sometimes be hard to actually find the best resources. We recommend using the internet as much as possible to find as many previews and buildup articles as you can. These sorts of articles will often talk about the history of an individual event and highlight any players who have a good record on the course in question.

You can also use statistic sites to look at leaderboards and past winners of any event in years gone by. Every advanced DFS player will be using these methods to learn this key information, so you need to keep up with your competitors by doing the same.

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As well as looking back into the past, it’s also important to focus on the present as well. It’s not because a golfer did well at an event in 2008 or 2009 that he’ll necessarily be the favorite for 2016. It’s vital for any hopeful DFS player to take a look at more recent history and current performance levels of the players involved. If you look too far back, you may also unwittingly ignore some of the sport’s brightest young stars.

Some of the best players in the game can often come out of nowhere, so you should remember not to focus all of your research on results from years gone by. Take a look at the last few events of the season and identify the most successful players. Golf, like a lot of sports, is all about confidence. A player might not have too many wins to his name, but if he has been performing well in recent events then he should definitely be considered for your roster.

Focus on Getting Six Golfers Through the Cut and Into the Weekend

Next, let’s talk about the cut. This is an important factor in DFS golf that really shouldn’t be overlooked. Golf tournaments usually involve a cut after the first couple of rounds. This means that you might have guys in your roster who won’t even be playing in the latter stages of the event. This can really ruin your chances of success as you’ll be missing out on dozens of potential fantasy points. It is therefore very important to try and build a roster of players who all have a decent chance of making the cut.

It’s better to have six decent players who consistently earn points for your team, than risking it all on one or two big stars and a bunch of poor players who won’t make it past the second round. Again, you need to do your research here. Look at individual player ratings and histories to find out how often each man makes the cut. With good research techniques and a balanced roster, you can enjoy success in PGA DFS games on DraftKings.

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