Pro Football Focus Coupon

Pro Football Focus Coupon

pro football focus promo codes

Save $5 Off PFF Edge

Save $5 off your Pro Football Focus Edge subscription with this coupon code. This is our most popular PFF discount for December.

pro football focus promo codes

Save $20 Off PFF Elite

Save $20 off your PFF Elite purchase with this exclusive coupon. This promotion does not have an expiration date and can be combined with existing discounts.

Top Pro Football Focus Promo Codes for 2018 NFL Season

For those of you that follow our FanDuel and DraftKings strategy articles, you are quite aware that Pro Football Focus plays a massive role in our weekly research process. We highly recommend that all of our visitors make PFF a part of their daily fantasy process, and these promo codes simply make that a more affordable ask.

The Pro Football Focus team sent us two exclusive coupon codes this December. Get the rest of this season at a discounted rate, and if you use our PFF coupon you will also save an additional $5 – $20 off the regular price.

It may be December, but it’s never too late to step up your DFS game with a PFF subscription. Sign up with our coupons above and receive $5 off their Edge plan or $20 off their Elite plan. Both of these coupons are on annual purchases, which is honestly the best way for DFS players to subscribe as you will save an additional $10 – $35 per football season.

PFF Coupons for 2018 NFL Season

It Is Not Too Late to Use PFF This Season

There are not a ton of terms and conditions when it comes to the Pro Football Focus promo codes. The biggest things you should know: they don’t offer discounts on one month packages, and different promotions can not be combined.

The first policy is fairly straight forward and understandable. The PFF staff is undoubtedly the hardest working NFL research team in sports media, and they make 100% of their revenue during the NFL season. It would be a really poor business decision to simply allowed visitors to register for one free month, then cancel after their season long draft.

The easy solution is to make this promotion only good on annual subscription purchase, and is completely fair given the cost for a full season of PFF’s tools and articles is only $34.99. At such a low cost for so much value, it’s easy to understand why you can only use one promotion per purchase.

The most important thing to consider with any fantasy tool is return on investment, and we view Pro Football Focus as having the highest ROI of any DFS tool on the market. If you consider the additional earnings you could potentially win thanks to this research makes it is clear PFF is an absolute bargain at this price point.

It is also worth noting that this tool is helpful for sports bettors out there. PFF tools will help you better project the pace and total of games by understanding individual and team matchups.

Pro Football Focus Promo Code FAQ’s

How do I know this is the best offer currently available?
The Daily Audible and PFF are a perfect fit for one another. We exist because of our appeal to new players. Our DFS industry content helps new players find the right site for them and our strategy and lineup tools help them craft a winning strategy of their own.

As a result, Pro Football Focus is a perfect fit for the majority of our audience, and PFF does everything they can to ensure our visitors always get the best discount when they subscribe.

Will the cost of PFF drop half way through the season?
In past seasons PFF has done a midseason drop in pricing to $19.99, but at that point you have already missed the entire preseason and half of the regular season. Waiting until week one daily fantasy research kicks up just limits the amount of time you have to familiarize yourself with PFF content and features.

Pro Football Focus FeaturesI know how to watch film, what makes Pro Football Focus so great?
This was the general approach I took to PFF prior to actually using their product. Just another vanilla scouting service with little true value. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A lot of the data they gather is black and white, and not just opinion based, meaning you are getting player grades that are not just from film but also from an advanced plus-minus system that analyzes every snap every player takes.

So how do we make this part of our DraftKings NFL strategy? One of our favorite examples is their WR/CB chart, where you see a side-by-side comparison of receiver grades with the corner that is covering them that week. In addition to just the player grades, you can compare yards per target and yards per time targeted and other relevant data. This is a huge help finding potential mismatches as well as players to avoid.

How often do your Pro Football Focus promo codes update?
We update this page anytime something changes with our promo codes, whether it’s the value of the promotion, terms of the promotion, or just the coupon code in general. Our team is committed to always keeping the best possible discount on this page.