Playing Fantasy College Football on DraftKings

Playing Fantasy College Football on DraftKings

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Playing Fantasy College Football on DraftKings

The new college football season is well underway and countless fans are getting involved with fantasy sports over on DraftKings, one of the best sites for fantasy college football games and leagues. Today we’ll give a brief overview of how these games work and provide you with a few tips to give yourself a better chance of success.

We are amazed when fantasy NFL players ask us, does DraftKings have fantasy college football? Or when we ask them if they enjoy fantasy CFB and they reply that they have never tried it. Fantasy college football is every bit as entertaining as NFL and is even more competitive with more scoring, more games, and more players.

DraftKings, like every daily fantasy sports site, has its own specific set of rules and scoring systems in place for each individual sport, including college football.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a brand new player on the DFS scene, it’s always worth checking out the rules and inspecting the points system to figure out the best ways to play and win. So let’s take a quick look at the rules in place for fantasy college football on DraftKings.

How Fantasy College Football on DraftKings Works

First off, if you are new to daily fantasy, you are going to need an account, so grab our promo code for DraftKings and get registered today.

Now that you are registered and ready to play, the core ideas of fantasy college football on DraftKings aren’t too dissimilar to the rules for regular NFL football. League participants are assigned a salary cap which they use to build a roster of players. These players are then awarded fantasy points depending on their performances in real-life matches.

On DraftKings, players are given a salary cap of $50,000 to spend on a nine-man roster. You’ll need to choose two quarterbacks, two running backs and three wide receivers. The final two spots of the roster are classed as “Flex” options, which means you can choose either RBs or WRs to fill those roles. These flexible selections allow for an extra level of strategy when drafting your squads.

For fantasy college football games on DraftKings, all of the players from the big six conferences are available for drafting. When choosing a squad, you need to select individuals from at least two different teams.

In addition, your players need to be involved in at least two different games. Sometimes, players outside of the big six conferences will appear, but players will not be added or removed once the fantasy games have begun. As one would expect, the player with the most amount of points at the end of the game is the winner.

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DraftKings College Football Scoring System

The scoring system is relatively straightforward for fantasy college football on DraftKings, with points awarded solely for offensive plays. For example, passing touchdowns are worth 4 points and players earn a whole point for each reception.

DraftKings also offers bonus points for players who fulfil certain criteria and put in the best performances.

For instance, three extra points are awarded to a player who manages a 300+ yard passing game, and another three points can be earned for a 100+ yard rushing game. Naturally, points can also be deducted for errors, with fumbles and interceptions costing players one fantasy point.

Check out our complete college football guide for a complete breakdown of scoring, bonuses, and how to use them to your advantage.

Tips to Find Quick College Football Success on DraftKings

Now that we’ve looked at the way college football works on DraftKings, it’s time to look at some simple ways you can adapt your own game to enjoy more success. One of the best ways to give yourself a better chance of success in fantasy college football games is to keep an eye on the Vegas lines.

This might seem like an obvious tip, but too many people overlook this simple technique. Simply put, if you aren’t checking out the odds and using this information to make the best rosters, you’re really losing out and will struggle to beat the best players. Obviously, Vegas odds aren’t 100% dependable but they can give you a very good idea of how a game will play out.

For example, you can look at the over/under totals to determine which are going to be the highest-scoring games each week. You can also identify the major favorites of each week and choose some players from these games. Having some players in your squad who are set to be involved in high-scoring matches will definitely help to boost your points tally.

This is a simple technique and the majority of DFS players are using it every day to enjoy success in the games they play. It doesn’t even take too long to glance at the odds and spot the most exciting games, so you won’t need to invest much extra time or effort into your DFS hobby to enjoy the benefits of this technique.

Another important technique is to put a lot of focus on the quarterback position. In college football, signal callers can earn ridiculous amounts of fantasy points. Meanwhile, in NFL fantasy games, players usually pick one good QB and often take a cheaper second pick to spend their money on other positions. This simply won’t work in college games.

Every single week in the college season, you’ll see signal callers putting up huge numbers that can easily lead your squad to victory in fantasy leagues. You need two top quality QBs in your fantasy college team if you want to be successful, so don’t overlook this position.

For the final tip of the day, we need to talk about research. Keeping up to date on player news and the latest stats is easy in the big leagues like the NFL. However, finding information on college players and squads can be much trickier. This makes fantasy college football games more difficult to get into, but it also adds a special layer of strategy that many players appreciate.

Since you need to work a bit harder when doing your research, the rewards of victory are all the more satisfying. Our tip for players who are searching for updates on college squads is to make use of local newspapers. That’s right, you don’t need to scour the internet and follow Twitter feeds to keep track of college players, you simply need to read the local news.

This tip, along with the others mentioned above, should help you to enjoy fantasy college football games on DraftKings much more and we wish you the best of luck.

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