Play Preseason Fantasy Football

Play Preseason Fantasy Football

Play Preseason Daily Fantasy Football in 2016

We have enjoyed playing preseason fantasy football for the past two seasons, and are counting down the days until the 2016 preseason kicks off. Here are a few notes on how preseason fantasy football works, and where you can play.

How Does Preseason Fantasy Football Work?

This is the most frequently asked question we get about preseason fantasy football. Given the crazy fluctuations of playing time, how do DFS websites assign salaries to players?

DraftKings simply makes every player in the slate the same price. This allows you to build your roster any way you want, with any QB, 2 RB’s, 3 WR’s, 1 Flex, 1 TE, and 1 Def you want. It may seem whacky to see Antonio Brown the same price as Quinton Patton, but Patton will likely be the better play because he’s going to play a full half, while AB may only get one series.

It is a unique four weeks of fantasy football, because of the sheer volume of players that are going to see playing time. It is extremely challenging, and undoubtedly makes preseason football a lot more fun.

Where Are We Playing this Preseason?

As usual, it doesn’t look like FanDuel will be offering preseason contests, but DraftKings will likely have their usual slate of games.

In addition to DraftKings, we will be playing in preseason contests on FantasyDraft. FantasyDraft has already confirmed that their preseason contests will begin after the Hall of Fame game. If you haven’t tried the FantasyDraft format, this is a great time to throw $10 into an account and give it a shot. Click here to grab our FantasyDraft promo code and check out the contests live in their NFL lobby.

Regular season games are only 3 weeks away, but we know that all of you fantasy degenerates out there can’t help but try to track down some preseason fantasy football action. Who am I to judge, I bet on first-half lines for NBA preseason games, so yeah, I have you covered here. I tested out several daily fantasy preseason products and have to give it to DraftKings, I love their flat rate pricing structure and think it’s by far the best preseason fantasy football product.

We will get into just how it works and where you can find the preseason games in their lobby, but first, if you are new to DraftKings, you will want to get registered. Use the link below and our promo code, audible, to have your initial deposit doubled and receive free entry into a $3 tournament.

How to Find and Play Preseason Fantasy Football Contests

Now that we are all registered and officially ready to get our preseason fantasy football on, let’s take a look at just how you find preseason contests at

find preseason fantasy games on draftkings

To get started, you will want to click NFL in their menu. This will pull up all open NFL contests, and you will see right off the bat that the featured contests are mostly their big tournaments for week one of the regular season. We can’t wait that long, so you will want to then sort the contests by start time. You can see this section under the middle note in our graphic above.

So now you have this week’s preseason games filtered out and are ready to jump into a contest. If you are new to daily fantasy or just new to DraftKings, I recommend sticking to mostly cash games, specifically 50/50’s and maybe just a handful of $1-5 tournaments. Let’s try and at least keep, but hopefully build on that initial bankroll heading into week one of the regular season.

Tips for Winning Preseason Fantasy Football

Ok, so we have found preseason fantasy football, found a contest worth joining and are ready to build a roster. Where do you start? This is a problem I tackled last week. Obviously preseason football is nothing like regular season fantasy football and requires a considerable amount of extra research. It’s a bit of a hassle, but unless you want to blindly throw darts, you have to do the research to have a chance at winning any real money this week. Here are some quick notes to get you started:

Know the organization and coach.
This is the easiest bit of research you are going to do. Pull up week 2 of last preseason and check to see how many minutes each team played their first string offense. Realistically you aren’t going to find many teams that played their starters for much more than a quarter. I used this step as validation for picks that I had already made. So, if I wanted to target Ryan Nassib, I would verify that Eli didn’t play more than a quarter and that the Giants played their backup for more snaps than their third string QB.

Use week one’s team defense stats.
We aren’t necessarily targeting ones against ones here, so you need to not only know how strong a team’s starting defense is, but how strong their second and third strings are. It helps to identify systems worth avoiding altogether. For instance, I don’t like any 2nd or 3rd string offense’s chances against Seattle, Detroit, Cinci, or St. Louis and would be hesitant to even target the Ravens, Panthers or Bills. Beyond that look to see who gave up the most rushing and passing yards, and in what quarter they gave those yards up.

Go ahead and go stack crazy.
It may only be the preseason, and we may be targeting backups, but stack them up together. For instance, if you think Garoppolo is going to put up big numbers against the Saints this week, pair him with Josh Boyce and score on both the pass and the catch.

Make sure you subscribe in our sidebar, as we will talk targets and what stacks we are using for this week’s NFL fantasy preseason contests on DraftKings.

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