How to Play Fantasy Soccer on DraftKings

How to Play Fantasy Soccer on DraftKings

How to Play Fantasy Soccer on DraftKings

If you’re interested in playing daily fantasy soccer over on DraftKings, there’s a lot you need to know. Compared to certain other sports, soccer can be quite complicated. Players are split into different roles, but each role has a myriad of subcategories that can vary quite wildly. For example, you might find one defender who never leaves his half and entirely focuses on defensive duties, but then you’ll see another defender who gets forward and puts in plenty of crosses for the forwards.

Both of these players will be technically classed as defenders, but they have vastly different playstyles and can have different amounts of influence on your roster’s success. In this article, we’ll look through the various positions and points awards in DraftKings DFS soccer games.

goalkeeper scoring on draftkings

Goalkeeper Scoring on DraftKings Fantasy Soccer

Let’s begin right at the back with the goalkeeper. Goalkeepers have their own unique scoring system on DraftKings, and it’s important to be familiar with these points. Keepers are probably the easiest players to choose for your roster. Unlike the other positions around the field, there aren’t lots of different roles to think about when it comes to your goalkeeper.

This guy has one job: stop the other team from scoring. Points are therefore awarded for saves, wins, penalty saves and good performances that result in clean sheets or only one goal allowed. At the same time, goalkeepers will lose a couple of points for every goal they let in. DraftKings awards a very impressive 5 points per win and another 5 points per clean sheet. When you add on the points for each save, a goalkeeper’s final tally can soon add up. Therefore, the main strategy here is to find the strongest keepers who have easy matchups.

midfielder scoring - draftkings soccer strategy

Outfield Player Scoring on DraftKings Fantasy Soccer

Now let’s move on to the outfield players. You’ll have to pick defenders, midfielders and forwards. We’ll look at each of those categories in turn in a moment, but first let’s look at the scoring system.

Naturally, as soccer is all about scoring goals, these give you the most points. A single goal is worth 10 points on DraftKings, and the player who gets the assist for the goal also earns 6 points. Shots and crosses are also good ways to boost your points tally, along with clean sheets or performances that see only one goal allowed for the defenders. If a player is fouled by the opposition, he earns 0.75 points, which is another interesting thing to consider.

Fast and technically adept players who know how to dribble the ball will get fouled more often, and can therefore boost your score over the course of a game. Yellow cards are not penalized, but a red card will result in a -1 point for the offending player.

draftkings soccer guide - how to choose defenders

Defender Scoring on DraftKings Fantasy Soccer

Now we understand the scoring system, we can take a closer look at each type of player, beginning with the defenders. Many DFS soccer players prefer to focus on the more attacking players, but you really shouldn’t underestimate the potential of your defenders. Some of them are more than capable of scoring several goals per season, while others can easily pick up a few assists.

These players will also be responsible for helping you get those clean sheet points. There are two broad categories of defender: central defenders and full backs. The central defenders usually tend to be very defensively-oriented. They will rarely move too far forward, but they are often tall and strong, capable of scoring a few goals per season from corners or free kicks.

Full backs or wing backs are defensive players, but they can still get forward and help out offensively. Some of them even play like wingers and can send in lots of crosses per game.

how to select a midfielder on draftkings

Midfielder Scoring on DraftKings Fantasy Soccer

Next, we have the midfielders. These are the players who will generally control the game and be involved in most of the play. There are countless types of midfielder, but we can generally class them into three distinct varieties: defensive, attacking and winger.

For DFS purposes, you should probably avoid defensive midfielders. These players sit back and help out with the defensive work, but rarely move forward or have any shots. Attacking midfielders, on the other hand, are the players you should be focusing on. These guys will get forward, take shots, score goals, and earn assists. Remember that a single assist is worth 6 points and some of the best midfielders can pick up more than 20 assists per season.

Finally, wingers are similar to attacking midfielders, but they play out wide. These are usually very technical players who also tend to be very fast. They often cross the ball, earning assists and drawing fouls, but can also take shots and score goals themselves.

guide to soccer forwards draftkings

Forward Scoring on DraftKings Fantasy Soccer

At last, we come to the forwards. It’s important to note that, even in this area, there are many different roles to think about, so don’t just select your roster without doing the proper research. Some forwards are more supportive than others, preferring to set up goals rather than score them. Naturally, since a goal is worth 10 points, you’ll want to choose your forwards based on their goal-scoring record. Some of the best strikers can score 25+ goals in a season, and these players also tend to be relied upon to take penalties.

A good forward can earn a huge amount of points for you team, so it’s vital to choose these players with care. At the same time, don’t forget the other positions. Certain defenders are capable of scoring or assisting goals, and some of the best midfielders can actually earn more points than the forwards. The key is to do your research on all of the positions and watch games to understand how each player fulfils his duties. It’s always important to learn as much as you can, as knowledge is power in the world of DFS.

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