numberFire Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet Review

numberFire Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet Review

numberFire draft cheat sheet review

Our 2016 numberFire Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet Review

We got our hands on the numberFire 2016 Fantasy Football cheat sheet a week early, and have to say it’s the ultimate draft preparation tool. This isn’t a title we take lightly. Over the past decade in this industry we have developed our own draft kit, tested dozens of premium fantasy football draft tools, and written hundreds of reviews for fantasy-related products.

Before we jump into all of the features, we wanted to note some key features that really sold us on the value.

numberfire draft kitFirst, you have to keep in mind that any draft kit is only as good as the data behind it. Something that tends to get overlooked in this industry is that any sort of rankings, projection, or tool is only as good as the data and evaluators behind it. It’s the main issue I have with Pro Football Focus. They are putting out flawed data, which many professionals are accepting as truths, because only a small portion of their staff can truly break down film.

With numberFire you are getting a tool backed by what is proven to be the most accurate numbers and algorithms in the industry. The numbers and consistency alone set this tool apart from websites like FantasyIndex, FantasyGuru, Lindy, Fantasy Pros, ESPN, and others.

Second, the design of the draft kit just makes sense. One of the biggest complaints we had with the numberFire website in past years was the design, the popup window when you load an article, the volume of emails they send, the confusing pricing structure and features… Most of that has been resolved with the current design.

Everything that you need from this draft kit can be found from one screen. Sort players by their projected scoring totals, then click matchups to analyze their week-to-week schedule, or click depth chart to get estimates for each player’s role, usage, and playing time.

What is the FireFactor?

One of our favorite tools in this year’s Draft Kit is the FireFactor. The FireFactor is essentially a Points Above Replacement tool for fantasy football. Everyone knows that the value of a starting running back is completely different from the value of a starting wide receiver. This tool takes that fact into effect, and gives you a score for each player based on their position.

How can you use this tool? Let’s say that you are in the sixth round of your league’s draft and trying to decide between Jeremy Hill and Marvin Jones. Hill is your #29 RB and Jones is your #36 receiver, so how do you differentiate the value of a RB and WR above what you can expect to get at the position in the next round? This tool will give you an adjusted value based on the player’s position and is an effective tie breaker for those toughest draft-day decisions.

Additional Draft Day Tools Included in the Kit

One of our favorite tools in the numberFire Draft Kit is the NFL schedule tool. This page will load the schedule for each player in their rankings, and give you the fantasy points allowed by opposing defenses. I can’t tell you how underrated of a tool this is. A 3rd down RB with favorable matchups can often times be more valuable than a #1 running back that plays an impossible schedule. This has been a major contributor to Cam Newton’s recent success. Rodgers has been the better player, but Newton’s schedule has been amongst the leagues softest over the recent few seasons.

numberfire schedule nfl fantasy draft kit tool

Another ranking available to premium numberFire users is their risk factor rankings. If you are looking for a deep sleeper in the late rounds, take a look at some high risk, high reward players. Looking to play it safe in the middle rounds? Eliminate the players listed as ‘high-risk’ and avoid drafting busts in the middle of your draft.

In addition to the tools built into this kit, you get everything else that comes with a Premium numberFire account. This includes access to their best articles, which aren’t made available to the public. Picks against the spread each week, and a lineup optimizer that will help you build better FanDuel and DraftKings lineups. This is certainly the only season long draft kit that will significantly improve your daily fantasy game throughout the season.

numberFire Draft Kit Review
  • Accuracy of Data and Projections
  • Variety of Tools Included
  • Draft Day Usability
  • Bonus Features - Including DFS tools, Vegas tools, & more.
  • Pricing - $19/month


We love the new numberFire draft kit, and think it’s the most versatile draft tool on the market for 2016. Additionally, getting season-long access to numberFire’s daily fantasy tools and premium articles is a huge bonus. While we would like a season-long flat-rate pricing feature, $19/month with no commitment isn’t going to break the bank.

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