New FanDuel Features Benefit Beginner Players

New FanDuel Features Benefit Beginner Players

New FanDuel Features Benefit Beginner Players

Our first article regarding how beginner-friendly FanDuel’s product is was written back in early 2013. FanDuel has always strived to keep the game as fair as possible, and their latest round of features only further proves this point. Last November, FanDuel limited the number of head-to-head contests players can enter and continued the effort with this week’s rule changes.

fanduel-logoDespite the industry’s tireless efforts to attract and keep new players, odds have always been stacked against newbies in DFS, because they were often times matched up against highly experienced players. It can take a new player months to realize what goes into developing a DFS strategy that consistently wins, and putting a new player up against someone that has already perfected the craft made it extremely difficult for new players to hang around long enough to figure it out.

FanDuel took a big step towards fixing this issue this week by adding player badges that will inform users of their opponent’s experience level prior to entering a contest. Beyond helping new players identify tougher opponents, it makes them aware that they are new and have a disadvantage when facing experienced players. Too often new players would make their initial deposit and jump into a head-to-head contest without putting any thought into who they were facing.


New Beginner Contests on FanDuel

In addition to the new player badges, FanDuel rolled out an entire category of beginner-only contests. These contests will be limited to players that have entered less than 51 contests. These players will see a pop-up when they sign in to the mobile app, and will also be able to access beginner contests through a ‘beginner’ tab in the lobby.

fanduel player badgesThis solves what had become a major issue for websites like FanDuel and DraftKings. In fact, we wrote an article on how to find winnable games for beginners back in early 2014. Since writing that, high volume top level players have started targeting contests where they thought they could find more new players. It makes sense for the top level players and you can’t blame them when it was within the rules, but had become a disaster for the industry. New players were being washed out before even getting a fair shot at truly experiencing what makes the daily fantasy product so great.

Some have argued that it isn’t enough and stricter limitations need to be put on the top players, but I think 51 contests is more than fair. That is plenty of time to grasp the research that goes into building a winning daily fantasy roster. Combine these changes with the new head-to-head limits, and new players have a much better shot of avoiding ‘sharks’ than they did last season. These changes will have a positive impact ahead of what is now shaping up to be the most exciting NFL season since the birthdate of DFS.

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