New DFS Bill Coming Soon in New York

New DFS Bill Coming Soon in New York

New DFS Bill Coming Soon in New York

There’s been a lot of news coming out of New York over the last six months in regard to the legalization of the DFS industry. Not too long ago, industry-leading sites DraftKings and FanDuel were forced to cease operations throughout the state, with the future of DFS games in New York becoming increasingly hard to predict.

dfs - new york attorney generalThe Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, has been locked in discussions with DFS representatives for some time now in an attempt to clarify the whole situation and come to some sort of resolution regarding the status of DFS games in the state of New York. Fortunately for DFS fans and businesses alike, Assembly member Gary Pretlow’s bill is finally about to arrive. If this bill does pass, it will represent a huge step forward towards the official legalization of the industry.

So how did we get to this point? Well, DraftKings and FanDuel actually stopped offering their services in the state back in March. Since then, not a lot has been happening and New York-based DFS fans were becoming quite concerned about the apparent lack of progression on the matter. However, during all that time, it seems as though this bill was being worked on and perfected.

The last piece of legislation related to the matter, put forward by Senator John Bonacic, actually arrived back in February. Since then, various rumors and reports have gone around regarding Pretlow’s bill. Pretlow himself said back in April, at the iGaming North America conference, that he hoped his bill would be ready by the end of that month.

Clearly, he was a little optimistic in his prediction, but it seems as though the bill will now finally be arriving sometime this week. Pretlow has revealed on social media that the legislation will be moved through in the days to come. He said that the delay was only caused by a commitment to ensure full customer protection. We can therefore imagine that, since Bonacic’s bill back in February, a huge amount of work and effort has been put into making this new bill as effective as possible.

We can also guess that the people involved wished to keep the matter as private as possible, perhaps to avoid unnecessary media attention. In other states, bills like this one have been shown quite openly to the general public, allowing for plenty of debate.

How Fast Will the New York Bill Process?

One positive thing to take from the apparent secrecy of this bill is that it should be moved through quite quickly. In fact, there is an actual deadline for this bill to be passed as the legislature will adjourn on the 16th of June. We can therefore expect some rapid action in the next few weeks as this bill passes through various committees and perhaps the Assembly and Senate, if necessary.

After something of a lull in proceedings, DFS enthusiasts should be expecting to see lots more news on this subject in the near future. Nobody can guarantee that the result will be a positive one for the industry, but most experts and sources are feeling very optimistic and strongly believe that the bill will become law in the state.

What Do We Expect to See in New DFS Bill?

So what can we expect to see in Pretlow’s new daily fantasy sports bill? The secrecy of the bill suggests that it must include quite a few changes when compared to the one put forward by Senator Bonacic. In all of the correspondence we’ve seen from Pretlow, he seems to put a big focus on protecting the consumer. This would therefore imply that the bill will have been prepared to deal with this issue in a strong manner.

Consumer safety is one of the biggest issues when it comes to legalizing DFS contests, so it’s important for any proposed bill to deal with that problem as efficiently as possible. We can only speculate for now, but we have to imagine that Pretlow’s bill will be oriented around maximum safety for the participants of DFS contests.

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What Could This Mean to Smaller DFS Websites?

We also need to consider the rights and needs of DFS businesses that aren’t FanDuel and DraftKings. The industry-leading companies do get most of the headlines, but smaller brands have been in contact with Pretlow, and it is alleged that he and his staff have been listening and responding to the problems put forth by these companies. The bill could therefore possibly include some tax-based or licensing system to deal with companies of all sizes.

Finally, the question of any possible input from the casino industry also needs to be addressed. The issue has already been raised regarding the potential knock-on effects of legalized DFS on casino businesses, but it remains to be seen whether or not the casino industry will weigh into the legal battle with its own arguments. Either way, we can expect much more news on this bill to arrive soon.

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