Introducing Flash Draft from DraftKings

Introducing Flash Draft from DraftKings

It was just a matter of time before in-game fantasy hit one of the major DFS websites, and DraftKings was the first to the punch with Flash Draft launching this past week. This comes less than two weeks off from the launch of their SportsBook app, and is a clear sign that DraftKings is playing for keeps this season.

It appears Flash Draft contests are going to look a lot like what you see on ‘question’ apps like Boom Fantasy. Each player in the contest will answer 5 questions, each essentially asking who will score more fantasy points in the next quarter or half. Answer questions correctly to move up the leaderboard, and increase your winnings.

Speaking of winnings, it looks like every flash draft contest will offer a guaranteed prize pool as well as a bonus that is determined by the total number of players in the contest. We are guessing the guaranteed prize pool is to get overlay chasing people playing in the contest, and the real winnings will come from the bonus.

What is In-Game Fantasy?

While live or in-game betting has been a thing for quite some time, in game fantasy really wasn’t a thing until this week. Given the emphasis DraftKings put on in-game betting with their sportsbook, it comes as little surprise to see them follow suit with a product like Flash Draft.

As it partakes to the NFL, in game fantasy will essentially be contests that start and run for a quarter or half of football. So, you will now have multiple options for the same game: you can play contests that include the entire game, just the second quarter, just the third quarter, just the fourth quarter, or just the second half.

On a business end, this completely makes sense for DraftKings to do. Why only offer contests that take days to finish if they can make 10% rake on a contest that finishes in less than an hour?

DraftKings Live in Game Fantasy Product Flash Draft

Where Can I Enter Flash Draft Contests?

While the landing page doesn’t have the date listed, we are assuming these contests are live by the start of week one games at the latest. It is also worth noting that Flash Draft contests will only be available on the app, and can’t be entered from your computer.

How Much Strategy Could Be Involved in These In-Game Contests?

On the surface, the strategy involved in these quick contests certainly appears minimal, but I think there will be more to them. While there will be extremely obvious factors that guys will chase like passing attacks on teams that are trailing, running backs for teams looking to burn clock, etc… I think that the guys that get good at this will be the ones that dig even deeper.

First off, there is less information and analysis available when it comes to in game. While you can find things like quarter-by-quarter splits, situational play calling trends, and other data that will help you predict in game performance, you can get a real advantage by just understanding the teams playing and game flow.

It is important to understand just how fast these contests are going to move, which we should get a more clear grasp on once they are live in the lobby and we get a few shots at them. Based off of what the landing page for flash draft contests says, they are going to open 30 seconds after the previous quarter ends and you will have 15 seconds to make each pick. This means the entire ‘Flash Draft’ starts and ends in less than 2 minutes.

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