InterTops Review

InterTops Review

InterTops is one of the most experienced and well-trusted names in the world of sports betting. This company has been around for years, taking its first online bet all the way back in 1996.

They recently completed a website redesign with an entirely new user interface that looks phenomenal.

With so many years of experience, the InterTops team know exactly what they’re doing and have managed to adapt and evolve to suit an ever-changing market, keeping customers more than satisfied and maintaining an exceptional level of service in almost every aspect of online betting.

If you’re looking for a good place to sign up and start betting on your favorite sports, this is the one, but let’s take some time to look at each individual aspect of the InterTops experience and help you see why you should choose this site.

Intertops Track Record of Success

One of the key aspects that sets InterTops apart is its longevity. Many betting sites pop up, have their moment in the sun and then fade away, but Intertops has been going strong for over two decades now, and you can’t argue with those numbers.

In all that time, InterTops has never been the subject of any big complaints or bad press. The company has quietly gone about its business, maintaining the same great standards, year after year, with prompt player payments and reliable customer service just a couple of the advantages people cite when talking about this brand.

InterTops is a great place for new users to sign up and start betting. The odds may not be the very best in the industry, but InterTops makes up for that by running exciting promotions on a very frequent basis.

Intertops Promotions and Cashier

Intertops also offers a great welcome bonus to new users, including plenty of free cash and free bet deals. It’s definitely worth signing up, if only to enjoy the welcome offers and give the InterTops service a try for yourself.

As we mentioned, new promotions will appear regularly, so you can always get bonus cash and deals to provide more value to your bets.

Another handy advantage of InterTops is that this site lets you use all sorts of payment and banking options. Betters outside of the US, including e-wallet services like Skrill, while American users are free to use all major credit and debit cards.

When you want to cash out, checks are usually the best option and often take less than a week to arrive. Each check withdrawal will cost $50, however, and the same fee applies to bank wire transfers.

In terms of betting limits, you’re able to bet a maximum of $2,000 or a minimum of just $1. Limits may vary from sport to sport, but in general, InterTops caters to many kinds of bettor, from high limit players to more recreational gamblers.

Betting on Intertops – Line and Pricing Review

So we’ve looked at getting money and out of our accounts, but how about actual betting on InterTops? Well, this site can boast of a vast and varied selection of sports and lines.

InterTops is a global site and caters to its audience by offering betting lines on all sorts of sports, as well as the big US leagues like the NFL, NBA and MLB.

The site itself features a clean, sleek design, as well as being easy to navigate, allowing you to find the sport and event you want to bet on without any needless complications.

In terms of sports and contests, you’ll be able to find propositions for almost every sport on the planet. Clicking on an individual event will also open a good range of betting options. You won’t necessarily have hundreds of possible bets to place per event, but InterTops still offers a lot of variety and freedom.

In terms of the odds themselves, InterTops generally offers prices that match up with the industry average. Certain markets will offer additional value, so it’s up to individual bettors to search around and find the best propositions for each event.

Customer Support Review Details

One more factor that can be a real deal-breaker when deciding whether or not to sign up for a new sportsbook is the customer service.

We all hope we won’t encounter any problems or need to pose any questions, but it’s always nice to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing a friendly team of customer support agents are standing by, just in case you need them.

Once again, InterTops comes out on top in this department. As we mentioned earlier, the site has been around a long time without creating any big bad headlines, and that’s partly due to the excellent customer service team.

You can contact the InterTops customer support staff in a variety of ways, depending on the urgency of the situation and the mode of contact you prefer. There are a few different phone lines available for US customers, as well as email support, live chat, and Skype calls.

Customer service representatives are standing by on a 24/7, 365 basis, so no matter when you call, you’ll be sure of getting a rapid and efficient response. InterTops staff have been very friendly and knowledgeable in our experience, which is another big bonus.

While InterTops might not offer the very best odds or the maximum amount of propositions, it remains one of our favorite sites and is easily recommendable to both US and international customers looking to sign up and start placing bets on the sports they love.

With an array of exciting promotions, solid customer service, good betting variety, a smartly-designed website, smooth payment processing, and several other advantages, InterTops ticks all the right boxes and has a lot to offer. Give them a try today!

Intertops Sportsbook Review
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  • Cashier - Withdrawal Speed and Reliability
  • Customer Support
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Intertops Review Summary

At 4.8 stars, Intertops is one of our highest rated sportsbooks ever. They ranked in our top three US friendly sportsbooks, and are one of our favorite places to bet. The website looks great, functions great, and is supported by a friendly, fair, English speaking team.