How to Win on FanDuel College Football

How to Win on FanDuel College Football

Fantasy college football in my opinion is one of the most underrated fantasy games in the industry. I choose to play CFB on FanDuel because of the volume of players. They have big tournaments that fill up, have sizable payouts, and they take the time to make Maction football between Tuesday-Thursday fun, as well as set up great late contests for West coast football, which for those of you that followed me last season, you know I love.

Nearly every NFL fan follows college football, but less than 1/10 of fantasy football players have tried fantasy CFB. I think there are several reasons for that including a lack of knowledge, a lot of average football fans will follow only one team or conference. Also a lack of mainstream coverage… Matthew Berry isn’t writing a Manifesto on Thursday, telling you who to start this weekend. I’m happy to fill in where I can on that front.

Here are some really basic tips and resources to help you analyze matchups, find value, and win consistently on FanDuel college football.

Target Monsters

This is especially true when it comes to the late Saturday night games. A lot of guys will target players from the primetime gameday game, but you generally need to avoid these players. We are looking for the guys playing in the Mountain West, that have been putting up video game numbers all season, and happen to be playing the worst pass or run defense in the country this week. Pay up, punt elsewhere and thank me later.

Take these three lineups, all two are late game sets with $25 entry in which I won a total of $400. I came in with a very basic strategy: I want to pay up for 2-3 monsters in favorable matchups, pay up at tight end, and punt everywhere else. Sure, if you miss on the monster you lose every time, but the key is to minimize this risk by targeting players that are consistently putting up huge numbers and are have a favorable matchup.


While I outlined a few potential FanDuel monsters in my College Football DraftKings preview, this is really a week-to-week group of players, because you will find that targeting matchups is more important than just targeting players.

Target Matchups not Players

If you take one note from this article let it be this one: target matchups not players. When I sit down to look at a set of games, the first thing I do is write down the matchups. I then make a note of the national ranking for each team’s rush and pass defense, as well as how many rushing and passing touchdowns they have allowed. You can almost ignore a player’s recent performances if they are facing a particular bad defense.

Take for instance, Army Upback, Larry Dixon. In the middle of his season last year he went on a three game scoreless streak that saw him put up a total of 12 points. He still led Army in carries and the next week faced the nations last ranked run defense in Western Kentucky. He was the FanDuel minimum price for running backs and we listed him as a must-start value player. He put up a huge value game scoring 17.5 points for his minimum salary.


You can use any accurate statistic provider, I use the NCAA’s website for basic stats. It’s easy to use and always up-to-date.

Keep an Eye on Injuries

When Justin Worley went down with an injury against Ole Miss, a browless redshirt freshman from Alpharetta High School stepped in and we immediately listed him as a must start. His price was under $5,000 against Alabama, he put up 22 points. It was still under $6,500 the next week against South Carolina, and put up 53 points. The point is that you need to look not only at injuries, but at who the backup is and how talented they are.

Case in point last season, you could have gotten 6x+ value out of the first start for guys like Josh Dobbs, Nick Chubb, Steward Butler, Aaron Green and others, just by knowing the starter was out and the backup was talented.

On the other side of the coin, college football injuries are often announced last minute. So, you need to keep an eye on Twitter for the hour or so leading up to gametime to not only ensure that all of your players are active and starting, but also that there aren’t any opportunities to find value that you can take advantage of.

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