Guide to Winning MLB Contests on DraftKings

Guide to Winning MLB Contests on DraftKings


Guide to Winning MLB Contests on DraftKings

DraftKings is one of the leading names in the DFS industry and one of the very best places for hopeful players to try and win some cash. The site has countless new games and contests appearing on its lobby every single day, with some enormous prize pools on offer. Fans of any sport can have some great experiences on the site, with baseball being a prime example.

Basic Background on DraftKings MLB

If you want to participate in fantasy MLB contests on DraftKings, there are a few things to be aware of. For instance, the site has its own unique approach to baseball scoring, so you’ll need to adapt your strategy accordingly. Every player can improve their game and give themselves a better chance of success, so today we’ll be looking at some simple tips to help you win more MLB contests on DraftKings.

Our first and most widely-known tip is to do your research. Every experienced DFS player is aware of the importance of research, but too many novices simply ignore this step. If you want to win tournaments and take home the big prizes, you can’t skip the research. The internet is the perfect resource for this, allowing you to access reams of information, statistics and all of the latest team and player news in an instant.

We cannot underestimate the importance of this part of the DFS game. Every decent player you come up against will have spent time reading websites and newspapers to get the latest info, so you need to do the same to keep things on a level playing field. Vegas lines are another super resource that can help with any type of DFS game. Don’t ignore these resources, make them your tools to achieve victory.


Tips for Winning DraftKings MLB Contests

Now, let’s look at some more MLB-specific tips. To start off, we’ll give a quick overview of the roster selection system on DraftKings. The site requires you to choose two pitchers, a catcher, a first baseman, a second baseman, a third baseman, a shortstop and three outfielders. The most important thing from that list is the presence of two pitchers.

A lot of other DFS sites only let you choose a single pitcher, so DraftKings’ system will take some getting used to if you’ve made the switch from another site. The ability to start two pitchers really has a big influence on the way you should approach the game. Not only should you be putting more time and work into choosing your pitchers, but you also need to consider the knock-on effect for your hitters.

On other sites, you can simply pick a top class pitcher and a nice selection of star hitters too, but this won’t be possible on DraftKings. You’ll have to make compromises and decide on the best set of players to get the job done. You could choose to take a pair of top-tier pitchers and then spend your remaining salary cap of respectable hitters, for example.

Or, you might decide to save some money on the pitchers and focus on stacking your squad with high quality hitters. Which strategy is the best? Well, there’s no right answer to that question and it all depends on the players involved and the games themselves. However, we’ll now take a look at the scoring system on DraftKings to help you find the most valuable positions.


DraftKings MLB Scoring System

Where DraftKings’ MLB scoring system stands out is in the area of bulk points. Batters can earn huge amounts of points for their performances, with an incredible 10 points on offer for a HR, while even a triple is worth 8 points.

That fact is actually quite important, because it means that HRs aren’t quite as valuable as they could be, and that singles and triples are more generously rewarded on DraftKings than they would on other sites. In addition, hitters won’t lose any points for striking out. You can use that to choose some big sloggers who don’t have the best strike rates, without the risk of these players bringing down your final score.

Now let’s look at the scoring for the pitching side of the game. Essentially, DraftKings is more extreme than other sites. It will give pitchers a lot of points for good plays, but equally it will take away a lot of points for mistakes. Earned runs lose you a couple of points, for example, while hits can also cost you 0.6 points. However, the bonuses on offer for good pitchers are very impressive.

Things like strikeouts, complete games, shutouts and more will really let your pitchers rack up the points, giving these players the potential to be very valuable members of your roster. The importance of pitchers on DraftKings is therefore undisputed. The best pitchers can earn incredible numbers of points, while the weaker players will send you spiraling down the leaderboards. We can therefore argue that this is the number one position for you to focus on when preparing your own rosters.

Implementing Stacking into Your DraftKings MLB Strategy

Now let’s move on to stacking. This is a popular way to play fantasy MLB, employed by many players. For the uninitiated, stacking essentially refers to the strategy of selecting lots of players from the same time. The idea is that if the whole team plays well, your roster will reap the rewards and earn a lot of points. This works particularly well in baseball, where hitters can help each other to earn runs.

On DraftKings, you have to use players from at least three different teams in your roster, but that’s not a big limitation and is easy to work around. History and statistics have shown that stacking works in DFS baseball, especially in the biggest contests. This strategy, when done right, offers a lot of upside and can propel you to the top spots of a GPP. Hopefully, these tips and strategies will help you improve your overall MLB game on DraftKings.