FantasyDraft Promo Code

FantasyDraft Promo Code

FantasyDraft Promo Code for 2016

FantasyDraft Promo Code

Our exclusive FantasyDraft promo code is attached to their best promotion in almost two years. New players can use the code below to receive a free entry into a NFL week 13 contest and their best available new player bonus. There has never been a better time than this December to give the lower rake and better odds at a try!

How to Use our Fantasy Draft Promo Code

Our Fantasy Draft promo code is always attached to their best available deposit bonus and promotional offer. To take advantage of this offer, simply copy the code above, and paste it into the promo code box at registration. Once you have made you registered, simply make your initial deposit, and FantasyDraft will provide you with a matching deposit bonus.

Your free entry will be in your account as soon as you make your initial deposit, and your deposit bonus is gradually released into your account the more you play. In addition, by using our promo code you will enjoy reduced rake for the first month, just to help you get used to daily fantasy at FD.

Where do we find our Fantasy Draft promo codes and how do we know they are the best available offer?
We get this question often for each of the sites we work with. We work directly with the FantasyDraft team to ensure that our promo code is always attached to their best available offer. For new players that register this December they are offering a 100% deposit match of up to $600. This is the top available offer in the DFS industry.

How do FantasyDraft promo codes and deposit bonus money work?
Fantasy Draft promo codes work exactly like every other major daily fantasy website on the market today. You register using the promo code, make an initial deposit, and they add an equal bonus that is referred to as a pending deposit bonus.

You earn your deposit bonus money at a rate of $.04 for every $1 in entries. So if you deposit $100 today and enter $40 worth of week two contests, you would receive $1.60 of your deposit bonus. This rate and policy are both industry standards

Keep in mind Fantasy Draft boasts some of the lowest rakes in the industry, and that 4% comes directly out of the 10-12% they make off from each contests. They also pay out as much as 100% of their revenue to affiliates in their 6 degrees of pay system, so they could be taking a complete loss on all of your initial entries and bonus money. This is why the money has to be gradually released into your account, and not added as a lump sum.

Notes from Our FantasyDraft Review for 2018

In the increasingly crowded DFS industry, sites are having to come up with special experiences and exciting deals to attract new customers. FantasyDraft is a site that strives to put all of the emphasis on its players, offering the most enjoyable games possible.

In order to appeal to the widest possible audience and help everyone enjoy fair games, the site is smartly-designed and easy-to-navigate, as well as offering some exciting referral programs and new user bonuses. Overall, we’re quite impressed by this site and today we’re going to look through its various features and aspects. Hopefully this review will be able to help you decide whether or not to sign up for a FantasyDraft account of your own.

What Sports Can You Find on

First, let’s talk about the different games Fantasy Draft offers. This sort of thing can make or break a daily fantasy sports site for so many people, and understandably so. If your sport of choice isn’t on offer with a particular site, then you naturally won’t see any reason to sign up with it.

Similar to competitors FanDuel and DraftKings, FantasyDraft has managed to provide a nice array of sports. You’ll be able to enjoy games in the following sports: NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB and PGA golf. These are the biggest leagues in North America, so this selection of sports should appeal to most prospective players. If your favorite league or sport isn’t listed, don’t despair because FantasyDraft has announced some big plans to add more sports to its roster in the future.

Why Play on FantasyDraft?

With so many big names in the daily fantasy industry, why would anyone play on FantasyDraft? For one, their new player promotions are among the best in the industry. New players that register by the start of NFL week two contests will receive a free entry, deposit bonus, and lower rake for the first month, compare that with just one free entry on the other guys websites.

Speaking of rake, it happens to be the biggest draw here. Rake at FanDuel or DraftKings is generally 15-20% based off the contest type. It is always 10% at FantasyDraft, and is 0% for new players. You can try, but you won’t beat rake that low in this industry.

In a bid to ensure fairness, the site also limits the number of entries you can have in each contest. Other sites let players submit huge numbers of rosters to brute-force their way to victory, but FantasyDraft wants to keep the playing field level and we appreciate that aspect of the site. It might not appeal to everyone, but the average player should benefit from this feature.

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Games and Sports Available on FantasyDraft

There’s a nice range of game options available on FantasyDraft, with the site offering all of the classic DFS game types. You can enter both GPP and user-created tournaments, head-to-head games, 50/50 contests and there are even qualifier games which grant access to the bigger GPPs.

No matter which type of DFS sport or game you prefer, you should be able to find it on FantasyDraft. Building a roster in-game is also simple and enjoyable. You’ll need to use players from of a minimum of three separate teams and aren’t allowed to take too many players from the same team.

Building Rosters on

Every player has his own card, detailing everything from his season stats to the latest news about him and his team. This allows you to gather a lot of data about a player very quickly and make smart decisions for your rosters.

FantasyDraft also has the unique feature of providing additional flex positions for just about every sport when compared to the vast majority of DFS sites. This brand prides itself on granting more choice to its players, and you’ll see that whenever you go ahead and build a roster.

For instance, if you decide to you your promo entry on one of their NFL games, you will notice you are given two ‘Flex’ spots, allowing you to choose from a greater pool of players. Meanwhile, your NBA roster needs to be made from 3Gs, 3F/Cs and 2 Utility players. This is really different from a lot of other sites and lets players have more freedom to build their ideal squads.

fantasydraft lobby review

Understanding How FantasyDraft Promo Codes Work

After reading about how good the site is, you might be thinking about signing up with FantasyDraft. Well, to sweeten the deal, the site runs a great sign-up bonus that allows you to double the value of your initial deposit up to a value of $600. Simply use the FantasyDraft promo code we have listed at the top of this page.

Our promo code will double your initial deposit on FantasyDraft, no questions asked. For example, if you go ahead and deposit the full $600, you’ll be given another $600 in fantasy cash, which is released into your account gradually as you play and enter contests.

fantasydraftIt’s a great bonus and definitely worth taking advantage of. The site also runs a super referral system, allowing you to earn some extra money by encouraging your friends to join up with the site. Then, if your friends decide to refer more people, you’ll be given even bigger rewards. It’s a great bonus that really encourages people to spread the word about the company.

Overall, FantasyDraft is a very impressive DFS site. The company has managed to secure some exciting partnership deals as well, signing up some big names in the sporting world like Clayton Kershaw, Drew Brees and Kevin Love. These players actually take part in DFS games from time to time and you can pit your skills against them.

The site even offers prizes that include meeting up with some of these stars in real life. This just helps to cap off what is an already impressive package. If you’re looking for a DFS site to join, we can fully recommend FantasyDraft.

FantasyDraft Review
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  • Mobile App, Mobile Experience
  • Customer Support and Payout Speeds
  • New Player Promotions and Deposit Bonus

Thoughts on FantasyDraft

FantasyDraft fills a gap in the DFS industry as a site that offers a low rake easy to win format that the major players in the industry simply can’t offer. Rake for most contests is 5%-10%, which means a bigger prize pool. That being said, there are fewer big GPP’s which has managed to keep the sharks at bay. If you are looking for a site that offers fair contests with fair rake, then Fantasy Draft is perfect for you.