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In this series of articles we will cover players who we view as being on the rise, players that were holding on or waiting to establish a value for until we see more from them, and guys who’s value is falling in our book. This is more of a discussion than a resource in the daily fantasy game world, as we all know we get a new team everyday and week, but it’s worth noting guys that we will target and avoid to start the season. This first article will cover the guys were buying low on right now.

Buy Low Players

If you have been following us every week, you will know a few of these names as some of our sleepers or high value players. Either way, here are some of the guys we will look for value in to start the season next year:

Shane Vereen – We are selling in a big way on Ridley, and even if Ridley remains the 1st and 2nd down back, Vereen will be way more valuable as the 3rd down, passing situation, and fourth quarter feature back. If he is ranked/priced anywhere outside of the teens he will provide a ton of value for you.

Matt Stafford – Both quarterbacks that make this list fall into the common sense category. We have seen Stafford as high as the fourth rated QB on ESPN, to as low as 14th on NFL. The same analyst that rated him 14th had Megatron as his #1 WR, Tate as his #23, Ebron as his #8 tight end, Pettigrew as the 15th, and Bush and Bell in the top 25 at RB in a PPR league. Who’s getting them the ball? We think Stafford emerges as a top 3 QB in Lombardi’s Saints-like offense, if you get him at a value outside of the top 5 it’s a must play deal.

Chris Johnson – The Jets have been squawking all offseason about getting back to running the heck out of the ball and playing defense. Make no mistake about it, Johnson is still a top 10 talent, and if anyone is going to have a risen from the dead season this year, we will bet on CJ2K. He’s been ranked in the low to mid 20’s, but we will take a risk on him in the mid teens.

Julio Jones – The reason Jones is a stock up guy for us is simple, he’s a top 3 talent, playing in a great offense, he looks great in his rehab, and is going 7-10. We have him slotted as our number four WR behind Johnson, Thomas and Bryant.

Jay Cutler – A top 10 PPR RB, 2 top 10 WR, and a top 15 tight end… Like we said with Stafford, who is going to get them the ball? Cutler has been slotted as the 16-20 quarterback, but if he stays healthy all season we like him as a top 10 guy.

Arian Foster – Here is another former number 1 running back that we are drinking the kool aid on again. Arian Foster is a rare three down running back, that get’s 100% of his teams red zone touches. There are maybe 5 guys like that in the NFL right now, and in our book that is where we would draft him in a traditional non daily league. He’d be in a discussion with Calvin Johnson and Matt Forte right after Peterson, McCoy, and Charles.

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Written by Chris Lollis

Chris is the lead researcher and writer for The Daily Audible. He has a decade of experience in sports gambling, handicapping, daily fantasy sports, scouting, and analysis.

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