FanPicks Review

FanPicks Review

FanPicks Review
  • Site Design and User Experience
  • App Design and UX
  • Customer Support
  • Contest and Sport Variety
  • Deposit and Payout Speed and Options
  • New Player Promotions

Review Summary

Many of the people visiting this review are already aware that FanPicks is our home for fantasy college football. What else do they offer, and is it reasonable to hold this small of a site, filling such a big gap in the industry to the same standard as the billion dollar companies at the top?

While the site isn’t perfect, you have to give it to FanPicks as they are constantly evolving and improving their product. The site not only got a complete overhaul last football season, but the FanPicks team added a slew of new ways to play.

With all of the positive movement, there are certainly still issues and concerns. The site and app are a bit clunky and tough to navigate. Some of the terms regarding promotional funds can be confusing and perhaps misleading. Most importantly, the player pricing has had issues each of the past three seasons, and continued to have issues throughout their world cup contests.

If you love daily fantasy college football, like we do, then there is really little choice but to take the good with the bad and make FanPicks a heavy part of your DFS rotation.

FanPicks Promotions for 2017 NFL Season

FanPicks Review – The Bottom Line

We stated it earlier, but with FanPicks you really have to take the bad with the good. Users that are familiar with FanDuel and DraftKings will immediately notice some of the shortcomings with the FanPicks website. The player cards, stats, player pricing, site UX, etc… leave something to be desired when compared with the major players in the industry.

That being said, FanPicks still features something no other DFS website in the industry does: college football. They do college football extremely well, with loads of slate options, a massive all day option, and nice blend of major and mid major teams.

We will address some of the additional concerns you may have later in this review, but here is what you need to know if you are simply looking for somewhere to make your home for CFB this season: FanPicks offers a polished college football product and platform that is easily good enough to earn your CFB action.

FanPicks Features Review

When you hear warnings about playing on smaller sites that may not keep player funs separate from operating funds, they are speaking about websites like FanPicks. There is very little volume here outside of college football and NFL contests. This forces FP to run extremely lean as they are only busy for 4-5 months out of the year.

As a result, responses to emails can take days at times, and we have seen several instances where players had to reach out in forums and social media to get a response to issues.

In past seasons, FanPicks did not offer PayPal for deposits and withdrawals, but as of last season they officially offer PayPal. This provides you with additional security and guarantees regarding your deposit, and also gives you a way to make a withdrawal and have the funds immediately available to you.

FanPicks FAQ’s

How does FanPicks handle CFB slates?
For those of you that were around for college football on FanDuel and DraftKings, the slates on FanPicks are very similar. You have an early, afternoon, and late slate, same as FD And DK offered. What FanPicks does differently that some users love and others despise is to offer a massive all day slate that just combines the three slates. With up to 15 games in each slate, the all day slate can have as many as 90 teams involved in it!

How consistent is player pricing on FanPicks?
As we mentioned earlier in the review, player pricing has been an issue with FanPicks in past seasons, as you might expect from a smaller site that is offering a sport that nobody else offers. This means that they can’t use another site’s player pricing as a model (most sites do this), but have to come up with their own algorithm to determine player pricing. From about week 3 on this works fine, but for the first couple weeks of the year the player pricing tends to lack the personal touch that you would find on bigger sites… once there is some data to work off from the algorithms do fine.

How fast are withdrawals process on FanPicks?
We have never had an issue with withdrawing funds, but have seen some complaints in the past. Most of the complaints came from players that never deposited funds to begin with. It used to be possible to take a free voucher and turn it over repeatedly and take down a bigger GPP and then request a withdrawal of $500+ without making a single deposit. This is no longer possible, so you will need to make a deposit to play on FP, which should eliminate any of those questionable policies. We received funds though PayPal in anywhere from 12-48 hours last season.

Does FanPicks have an app?
FanPicks does offer an app for both Apple and Android devices, and it’s definitely worth downloading. The app does make building and tracking your lineups more convenient on smartphones. The website can be clunky on a mobile phone and using the app to manage your teams on the go is a must.