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The Official FanDuel NFL Resource List

As I sit down to write this article, this website is only 6 months old and I have already been asked hundreds of times for a list of resources I use during the NFL FanDuel season. So, may I present the official FanDuel NFL Resource list.


NFL Sunday Ticket

Of course we have to start with the games…if you are going to take DFS seriously, you had better watch the games. I try and watch as many games as I can on Sunday and will generally have one main game on my main TV, the Red Zone channel on another TV, and then the ‘mixup grid’ of games on another.

Sure the Sunday Ticket is a bit expensive, but if you should hopefully make up for the expense in the first week or two of FanDuel games.


Pro Football Focus

Prior to subscribing to PFF, I was doing as much of the research that they do as I could, on my own. After comparing my notes for the first couple of weeks to their Premium Stats, I decided they were close enough that I could rely on them for my positional and unit grades each week. This tool is great for analyzing match-ups, on both a team and positional level.

I do subscribe to the Pro Football Focus fantasy tool as well. I like to use their weekly projections as a comparison tool for the projections I create for each player. If there is a huge gap between the number of points I project for a guy and what their experts project, I highlight the player and compare his projected with actual score to see where I, or they, were off.

Bovada and Sportsbook.Ag

For those of you who aren’t already aware of this, I love to use Vegas as a fantasy resource. Obviously the vegas sportsbooks do as good of a job as anyone at predicting final scores, totals, and setting player props. If you are simply looking to bet on the games, head over to Bovada. They are as fair of a sportsbook as you’ll find online. If you’re looking for week-to-week player props, and in game bets like first player to score, check out Sportsbook.Ag. They offer a wide variety of different bets that you can make, and do a great job of setting player props which can be used to predict player’s FanDuel scores.

Phil Steele College Football Preview

Okay so this is a college football tool, but it’s a must have resource for me every year. I’m one of those freaks that reads the book cover to cover, and scribbles notes on all of the pages. The Phil Steele preview is great as a quick reference for player stats, previous year performance, each teams performance against the spread, depth chart notes, and more…


As an additional college football note, if you are looking for the best source for sortable college football team and player statistics, there’s no site better than Team Rankings. I use them when I’m crafting my FanDuel NCAA lineups every week. They couldn’t pack more information into a well organized, user-friendly website. Great resource.

Fantasy Pros

The Fantasy Pros website is a great tool for comparing your rankings with the FP expert rankings. They basically gather every expert online’s rankings, organize them and make them sortable on their site. If you like a few guys on a few different sites, you can go to, select the experts you want to follow, and get their cumulative ranks for the week. Again, all of these resources are about gathering as much data as possible, as quickly as possible.

That’s it! Everything else boils down to getting into the right games on FanDuel, understanding roster structure and salary management, and of course a little bit of luck… Sometimes a lot of luck. Feel free to comment with any questions. Let me know if I left off a resource that you think should make the list.

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