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Best FanDuel Promo Code for 2018 NFL Season

Top FanDuel Promo Code for August

Our exclusive FanDuel promo code this August is attached to their best available new player bonus of 2018. New players that register and make a minimum deposit of $5 will receive $20 in bonus cash to enter contests today, simply follow the link below.

Promo CodeNo code needed, follow this link.
Promo ValueThree vouchers, play until you win, and $10 bonus.
Additional DetailsDeposit today and immediately receive a $20 account bonus.
Eligible SportsFunds can be used on NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA, WNBA, and soccer contests.
Promotion RulesThis promotional offer is only available to new users that create a FanDuel account and make a deposit of at least $5.

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FanDuel Promo Code Details

If you listen to sports radio or watch ESPN, you may have heard about this exciting new FanDuel promo code offer. For a limited time, new players that register and make a deposit using our promo code will receive a free entry into the Sunday Million and NBA Clutch Shot contests.

There are no hidden steps or hoops to jump through to lock in this offer. Simply register, creating your FanDuel sign in credentials, and make an initial deposit. Any deposit under $100 will result in you receiving 2 free entry tickets, and any deposit over $100 will get you 4 fee contest entry tickets.

The fun really starts once you are signed up and ready to get into the action, but don’t shoot for the moon right off the bat. We recommend getting started on FanDuel by entering one of their enter a beginners only contests.

These contests are only available to new players, and experienced players are not allowed to enter them. This gives you a chance to cut your teeth against other players that are still working to develop their own DFS strategy. Knowing what contests you should be playing on FanDuel is one of the most important initial lessons you can learn.

Guide to Using Your FanDuel Promo Code

Guide to Using Our FanDuel Promo Code

For new players to FanDuel, one thing you will always find with their website and app is that they are extremely user friendly with a well thought out user interface and experience. This certainly carries over to their promo code system as well.

New users that wish to use a promo code when they register (keep in mind you no longer need to use a code to lock in the $20 bonus offer) will simply need to click join now from the promotion’s landing page. This button will pull up a modal window that will allow you to choose a username, password, and complete your registration.

After registering you will be redirected to the cashier interface on DraftKings. Deposits can be made by credit card or PayPal, and withdraws will only be processed through PayPal. As long as you make your $5 deposit, the $20 in bonus funds received for using our promo code will be immediately added to your account for use.

These funds can be used for any sport and any contest. While you can’t withdraw the funds, you certainly can withdraw anything you win with the bonus cash. As a new player, we recommend focusing on contests with the best odds for the first 1-2 months of playing. This means 50/50’s and head-to-heads are the best way for you to use that bonus cash, avoid the GPP pitfall.

FanDuel Promo Code FAQ’s

What role do promotions play in daily fantasy sports?
We are often asked why promotions are so important in DFS. There are really two reasons these offers are one of FanDuel’s favorite tools for recruiting new players. The first is they give an incentive for making that first deposit and actually playing. Research has shown that the use of offers and coupons can increase conversion rates by as much as 25%.

Is there a FanDuel promo code for existing users?
Unfortunately there is no promo code for existing FanDuel players. This is something you will often see on sportsbooks like Bovada, but neither FanDuel or DraftKings offers any sort of deposit bonus for existing players. This should provide you with even greater incentive to get the absolute most out of this initial promotion.

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What makes promo codes important to new DFS players?
The major thing that the deposit bonus you receive with our FanDuel promo code does is keep you playing longer. DFS websites want new players to succeed… The more you play, the more they rake. New players that make a first deposit, and quickly wash out are of little value. FanDuel wants to recruit players, give them a great chance to succeed, and hope that they get hooked to their DFS product.

Why do DFS websites use this gradual release system, and why can’t I get that money now?
Before we jump into this explanation, it’s important to note that the bonus funds you receive through this promotion are made immediately available to you and there is no gradual release. The explanation below will however explain why some daily fantasy websites do use gradual release for their deposit bonus funds.

There are several reasons for this, but the most important is that it discourages players from repeatedly creating new accounts to just play with the bonus. You have to keep in mind that this bonus doesn’t have to even exist. There are plenty of daily fantasy websites that offer no promotional bonus at all. FanDuel offers these promotions, but also has to make sure that they are not abused.

In order to make certain that you receive your full bonus, we recommend focusing on developing a strategy through cash games for your first few weeks. This means playing in 50/50’s and head-to-heads rather than the massive GPP tournaments. The more you play, the better you will get, and the more of your deposit bonus you will earn.

How do we know this is the best available promotion?
We work directly with the FanDuel marketing team to ensure that we always have the top new player offer attached to our promo codes. Beyond that, we have a quality assurance team member that checks all promotions throughout the industry to ensure that we always have the top offers on The Daily Audible.

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FanDuel Promo Code Terms and Conditions

It is important that you understand the terms and conditions when you use a FanDuel promo code. In particular, there are a few key things you need to know before using your FanDuel promo code.

  1. Promo codes are only good for new players making their initial deposit. There are no promo codes or ‘refill’ promotions at FanDuel or most other daily fantasy websites. If you already have a FanDuel account, opening up a new one to take advantage of this promotion is against their terms of use and will result in losing your account and winnings.
  2. Free entry vouchers can only be used for the specific contest or value named in the voucher. This week’s free voucher happens to be a $3 entry, and you will be awarded free entries until you win a contest. This promotion allows you to play until you figure out how to build a winning lineup.
  3. While there is no deposit bonus at the moment, if FanDuel attaches a deposit bonus to their promo code there is a separate set of terms for those funds. Money earned from a deposit bonus is gradually released into your account and can not be withdrawn. Anything you win with your bonus funds can be withdrawn at any time.

Just keep in mind that you only get one shot at using a FanDuel promo code, and aside from promotional contests, this is the only time you will get to play for free. Take advantage of the offer and build your bankroll on their dime.

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 2 reviews
Perfect Promotion

Cheers from a long time DraftKings player and Daily Audible subscriber. this promo was exactly what I needed. The one thing I love about this one is that the funds are immediately available... when I registered on my first site the funds moved into my account so slow.

by Kobe Fan on FanDuel Promotions
great new promo for this season

After 10 years of season long fantasy football I decided to take the leap into DFS. Let's see how this goes. I was able to follow the link to the promotion page. Thanks.

Comments 11

  1. Amit P. says:

    Promo code worked, thanks!

  2. Beth Wiseman says:

    I received the $200 bonus, but it’s pending and looks like it will take a while for me to actually have it in my FanDuel account. Promo code did get me the 100% bonus thought.

  3. Perry G. says:

    I see that my deposit bonus is pending as well. If I deposited $200, how long will is take to get all of the promo code money? I plan on playing $40-$50 in total NFL games per week.

  4. Rob says:

    I registered on FanDuel before I entered the ATLANTICA code. Any way to enter now?

  5. PanthersGod says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the advice, for those of you that are new to DFS take these guys advice and stick to head to head’s and 50/50’s for the first month. Otherwise you will run through your money before the deposit bonus from the promo code gets released into your account. If you don’t know where to start The Daily Audible picks have been great this season.

  6. Greg says:

    Worked perfect, thanks. Subscribed as well.

  7. Go Broncos says:

    5 star promo code, received the deposit match. Queue domination.

  8. AZState Alum says:

    While it’s nice to see FanDuel rework their promo code offer to give us new users two free entries, it still feels like they could do more. Are these companies still hurting so much that they can’t even do the win or get a refund offer anymore? Just feels like the industry is stagnant.

    • Trevor says:

      Something is better than nothing, there are two companies left in the industry and they paid a big price to get through all the BS the past two years.

  9. George k says:

    Back for another football season, this time with Fan Duel let’s see if it’s any better than last season on DrafT Kings. Thanks for the promo code good luck this year.

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