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FanDuel recently announced an exciting new promotion for the start of the 2017 NFL Season. Receive a free $7 entry into the Sunday Million when you register and make an initial deposit by the start of week 7 contests. This is the industry’s largest available new player bonus.

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FanDuel New Player Promo Details

This October FanDuel announced a new promo code offer for first time depositors on their site: simply register and make your initial deposit prior to the start of week 7 games and receive a free entry into a contest that pays out $2 million!

This new promotion should certainly appeal to the casual fantasy sports player that is just looking to give FanDuel and DFS a try. Here is how we recommend taking advantage of this great promo offer:

Focus on using your deposit to enter head-to-head, 50/50, and double-up contests. Then enter your favorite lineup into their million dollar contest to see exactly how the big tournaments work. The larger the tournament, the bigger the prize, but these tournaments also come with lower the odds of winning. Find a balance that keeps your account funded so you can enjoy playing all season long.

Promo CodeFree $7 Sunday Million Ticket
Promo Value$7 ticket
Additional DetailsDeposit today to receive a free entry into a tournament with the industry’s largest top prize.
Promotion RulesThis offer is only available to new users that create a FanDuel account and make a deposit.
View Landing PageClick here to visit FanDuel’s landing page for this offer.

Looking for Winning FanDuel Advice?

If you are new to FanDuel and looking for a breakdown on how to build winning lineups, we have you covered. Our team of experts has been providing winning FanDuel advice for over 5 years now! We are one of the most seasoned DFS teams in the industry. Get started building better week four lineups today by following one of the links below.

Our daily articles include free lineups, full blown strategy guides, to perfecting just one aspect of research and lineup building. In addition to focusing on advice, we review different DFS websites, including FanDuel, reviewing different DFS tools such as RotoQL, and share things we think will help our visitors find success in DFS.

Top FanDuel Promotions and Contests for Week 7

FanDuel is following up a massive start to the fantasy season with even bigger and better contests and we head into the meat of the NFL season. They have four contests with over $1,000,000 in prizes, including a $4 million contest that pays out $1 Million to first place. Let’s take a closer look at some of these larger contests:

  • FanDuel Sunday Million
    The Sunday Million has been a staple at FanDuel over the past few NFL seasons. This contest generally pays a full prize pool of $2-$6 million depending on the number of entries and cost per entry. FanDuel increased the size of the Sunday Million for week seven and improved odds of finishing in the money.
  • Sunday NFL Bomb
    The second million dollar plus contest FanDuel has in their lobby is the bomb. The bomb has a slightly flatter payout structure than the Sunday million, and much better odds thanks to it’s $33 entry fee. The top prize for this contest for NFL week seven is $250,000!
  • Sunday NFL Monster
    The NFL Monster is a weekly contest FanDuel runs that has a $555 entry fee, and $1 Million in prizes. This is an attractive contest to high rollers because it will likely have less than 2,000 entries, and has a top prize of $250,000. Life changing money.
  • FanDuel Monday Million
    The Monday Million contest is new to FanDuel this season. It is a much smaller slate than the large contests you will find running every Monday in October, as it is just the Monday and Thursday night games. With just a $4 entry fee, a flat payout structure, and $1 Million in prizes, this will be an extremely popular contest.
  • Sunday NFL Dive
    We always like to feature the NFL Drive, because if you are a new player on FanDuel, this is the contest for you. Focus on 50/50 and head-to-head games, and then throw one or two entries into this GPP to just see what it takes to finish in the money in one of these contests.
Are you new to FanDuel and daily fantasy sports? Make sure you get started with our definitive FanDuel NFL strategy guide. Find all the weekly NBA and NFL advice you need in our latest lineup articles. If you have any questions or problems along the way, feel free to let us know, we are here to help.

What role do promotions play in daily fantasy sports?
We are often asked why promotions are so important in DFS. There are really two reasons these offers are one of FanDuel’s favorite tools for recruiting new players. The first is they give an incentive for making that first deposit and actually playing. Research has shown that the use of offers and coupons can increase conversion rates by as much as 25%.

The second major thing that a deposit bonus does is keep you playing longer. DFS websites want new players to succeed… The more you play, the more they rake. New players that make a first deposit, and quickly wash out are of little value. FanDuel wants to recruit players, give them a great chance to succeed, and hope that they get hooked to their DFS product.

Why do DFS websites use this gradual release system, and why can’t I get that money now?
There are several reasons for this, but the most important is that it discourages players from repeatedly creating new accounts to just play with the bonus. You have to keep in mind that this bonus doesn’t have to even exist. There are plenty of daily fantasy websites that offer no promotional bonus at all. FanDuel offers these promotions, but also has to make sure that they are not abused.

In order to make certain that you receive your full bonus, we recommend focusing on developing a strategy through cash games for your first few weeks. This means playing in 50/50’s and head-to-heads rather than the massive GPP tournaments. The more you play, the better you will get, and the more of your deposit bonus you will earn.

What are the benefits of using one of these offers when registering on FanDuel?
While the reasoning behind using a promotion may be clear, there are hidden benefits that new players may not get right off the bat. Let’s take a look at how having that pending deposit bonus can effect how you play on FanDuel.

      • It’s free money! The most obvious answer, but it’s a major key to finding success on FanDuel. New users that take advantage of this offer receive as much as $200 in money that can be used to enter contests.
      • Winning is hard, and as a new player you need all the help you can get. It may not be much, but earning back 4% of your total entries definitely helps.
      • The pending deposit bonus should incentivize you to start slow, enter the most winnable contests, and develop a winning strategy before going crazy with massive GPP contests. This is the only way you will earn your full deposit bonus.
      • Get an edge over the house… If there is one constant in DFS it’s the rake, it exists in every paid contest. By earning back 4% of your total entries, you are not only lowering the rake, but guaranteeing that you get something back for each contest you enter.
      • This is a marathon, not a sprint. So many of our readers and new players don’t figure this out until around week 4 when their account is empty, and there are still 15 weeks of football remaining. Pace yourself and make your initial goal just entering 50/50 and head-to-head contests until you earn the full deposit bonus.

What Makes FanDuel King of Daily Fantasy Sports?

Before we jump too deep into our explanation, we recommend that you check out our full FanDuel review. In one of the fastest growing industries in the world, FanDuel has more players than all other Daily Fantasy Sports websites combined. Sure they advertise on ESPN and your local radio station more than their competitors, but their success is due to more than FanDuel commercials.

Their website, mobile website, and app are way ahead of their competition, and the overall product is more polished and user-friendly. They have more players, more games, larger tournaments, bigger payouts, and have created more millionaires than any other daily fantasy website.


Are you ready for perhaps the biggest reason you should play on FanDuel? It is flat-out easier to win money. FanDuel has been the leader in daily fantasy for several years now, and that title comes with a constant influx of new daily fantasy players. The result is a nice blend of experience and new players, compared to smaller sites which are mostly filled with veteran DFS players.

It may seem impossible to make money in daily fantasy at first, but by remaining disciplined, focusing on bankroll managementk and entering the right contests, you will be just fine. Just do your homework, learn what games are best for new players, and how to build winning lineups. If you do find yourself looking for a change of pace, check out our DraftKings promotions and have your deposit doubled there as well. Both sites offer great products, and we always recommend that you play both places each week.


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Here at The Daily Audible we do more than just give our readers with the industry’s best FanDuel promotions and offers. While we have dedicated our homepage to getting new players registered on FanDuel with the top available offer, the majority of our visitors are here for our tools, tips, and free FanDuel lineups. Our staff of writers is comprised of industry experts that play, study, and analyze daily fantasy sports every day of the year.

We cover all things FanDuel related, from Daily Fantasy Football to Daily Fantasy Basketball, all year round. We update this page daily with our latest FanDuel offer, and the terms attached to the promotion. We combine the latest daily fantasy tools and algorithms with our years of experience in several different industries within the sports world to share winning lineups and the best fantasy advice on the web. Every article and lineup that we publish is hand-crafted and a direct insight to our own strategy for the week.

If you are new to DFS, make sure that you subscribe in the sidebar to have our weekly articles emailed directly to your inbox. We never share your info or spam you. In fact, we are likely the only website ever to have visitors request more emails. We do our best to send out newsletters, lineups, game picks and more as often as we can, but bookmark our website and visit often to stay connected with our community.

Need help winning FanDuel NBA contests more often? Check out our FanDuel NBA strategy guide, and put our tools and strategy to work in your lineups tonight!

Are FanDuel and Daily Fantasy Sports Legal in the US?

For those of you that may have been hibernating for the past 12 months, the daily fantasy sports industry has been in an intense legal battle across the United States. The short answer here is that yes, DFS is 100% legal in the United States. However, certain states have banned DFS for their citizens.

FanDuel currently lists those states as being Washington, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Delaware, Hawaii and Iowa. We expect paid contests to be back to these states within the next month. New York recently passed legislation allowing DFS in the state again, the biggest win the industry has seen since starting the battle to keep fantasy sports legal.

FanDuel Features the Top Guaranteed Contests in DFS

Baseball is back and FanDuel is your headquarters for the top Daily Fantasy Baseball action. With daily tournaments and GPP’s paying out millions, it’s easy to see why more daily fantasy players call FanDuel home than any other site on the market today. If you are new to FanDuel or fantasy baseball, then November is the ideal month to get into the game. FanDuel is running massive daily promotions throughout the month, many of which are geared specifically to beginner players

The biggest reason to take advantage of our offer and join FanDuel this November is their daily slate of contests. We just popped on their website and tallied up the tournaments running this random Monday, and they had over $250,000 in available GPP tournaments. That means they are paying out well over $1 Million in baseball contests today!

FanDuel MLB Strategy

In the end, we are really just counting down to the start of fantasy football on FanDuel. When it comes to fantasy sports, NFL is king and FanDuel clearly understands this. Over the past five years we have come to expect FanDuel to step up the size and volume of promotions they run every football season.

We have seen several NFL promotions with top prizes of over $1 Million, and some promos with total prizes into 8-figures. While their competitors stretch to offer every sport under the sun, FanDuel remains focused on being the home for fantasy football. With recent legislation opening up the doors for unlimited new promotions, look for this to be the biggest fantasy season since the birth of DFS.

Latest FanDuel Articles

Five Reasons You Will Love FanDuel Fantasy Football

  1. Bigger Tournaments that are Easier to Win – FanDuel has more players, and, more importantly, more new players. This means that both their cash and GPP contests are more winnable than those on sites that cater primarily to experienced daily fantasy players.
  2. They have the most user-friendly website, mobile website, and app – This affects your week-to-week fantasy experience more than you think. You can build lineups, edit lineups, bulk edit lineups, and check your in-game progress from any device, no matter where you are. Furthermore, their website is always up and made it through the entire football season without a single major hiccup last year. Site design and usability is one of the major factors when we review daily fantasy websites.
  3. The FanDuel support team – FanDuel supports their products as well as anyone in the industry. If you every have an issue with a deposit, withdrawal or contest a team member will personally handle the issue and communicate with you via phone, email, or ticket throughout the process.
  4. FanDuel helps make you better – If you haven’t yet checked out the FanDuel Insider, that should be your next stop. They have experts that write articles daily to help make you a better DFS player. They want everyone that plays daily fantasy on their site to have a shot at winning big money. Tons of articles similar to what you find here on The Daily Audible can be found at the Insider, make sure that you subscribe both here and on the Insider to find loads of research and guides every week.
  5. Lightning fast payouts – You may not win $1 Million this season, but if you do win a few hundred dollars you will want to make a withdrawal and buy a new TV or take your wife out to dinner. In that case, you will want a daily fantasy website that pays out fast and makes it easy to get your money. Payouts from FanDuel occur on the same day, and are available in your PayPal account within 24 hours. Don’t have a PayPal account? No problem, FanDuel will mail you a check that you generally receive in 1-2 weeks.


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