FanDuel Officially Says GoodBye to the Kicker PositionFanDuel removes the kicker position from Daily Fantasy contests

FanDuel Officially Says GoodBye to the Kicker Position

FanDuel made news this morning by not only launching their preseason contests, but doing so with one less position to fill, the kicker. They followed the move up with an email titled F the K, and by removing the kicker position from their NFL guide.

This move may come as a surprise to some new DFS players that are used to drafting a kicker in the last round of their draft every season, but it’s a move the industry has been calling for for quite some time.

We broke down the litany of reasons why the kicker has no place in fantasy football in an article back in 2015 and are more than happy to finally be rid of the little pests.

The reality is that 99% of our research throughout the week goes towards QB/RB/WR trends and matchups, and none goes towards kicker matchups.

It’s not that kicker research was difficult to do: good kicker on a good offense in a good matchup equals good play, but that it was just boring and unneccesary.

Players generally fill out their entire roster up to the kicker than select the best available with their remaining budget. They will now be able to do the same, but with a flex RB/WR position.

Having $5,000 left after building your and having to find a sleeper value flex position player is a lot more appealing than trying to break down if Steven Hauschka or Matt Prater are facing a better red zone defense this week.

fanduel rosters with no kicker

Gone, but Not Dead. Introducing the AllFlex Spot

Certain contests on FanDuel will feature an AllFlex or super flex position. This position can be filled with any available player, including a kicker.

Kickers could actually going to play an interesting role in these contests if they are priced affordably.

Kickers like Greg Zuerlein, Stephen Gostkowski, Matt Prater, Justin Tucker, etc… can give you a consistent 2.5x value if they are priced under $5,000, and 2.5x isn’t anything to stick your nose up at in FanDuel cash games.

Are There Any DFS Websites That Still Use the Kicker Position?

At the moment, it doesn’t appear that any major daily fantasy websites will offer contests that utilize the kicker position. That being said, FanDuel and DraftKings are the only two big players with live NFL contests in their lobby already so we won’t know for sure for another week or two.

As of now, we have officially started our research for the first week of preseason contests on FanDuel, and should have our kicker-free picks out by next Tuesday. Football is back, the kicker position is dead, and all things are lining up for a big 2018 NFL season.

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