What FanDuel Game Should I Play?

Guide to Choosing the Best FanDuel Game For You

When it comes to choosing a FanDuel fantasy football game to join, things can get pretty overwhelming in a hurry for newbies. Essentially you have four game types: Head-to-Head, leagues, 50/50’s and tournaments.

Head-to-Head contests are pretty straight forward, you can create one to face off with a friend or random opponent, or you can join an existing game. Generally speaking these games are for more advanced players, if you click on the opponent name in the lobby you can see then number of games each opponent has won. Clicking a few names will quickly show you that the head-to-head section is best saved for more experienced players. In my opinion the majority of the games that are created in head-to-head are daily fantasy experts trying to win against ‘dead-money’ newbie players. If you are a newbie keep on moving.

fanduel-leaguesFanDuel Leagues are a great way for new players to test the tournament and promo game waters on a smaller scale. The example payout setup to the right is for a $2 FanDuel league with 225 entries. As you can see for $2 you have a chance to win as much as $50, and around a 12% chance of winning at least $3. We don’t like these odds for new players, but if you want to take a chance and throw in one of these leagues with your other games, just make sure you have the account balance to be fine with losing the money.

Also under the league section FanDuel offers one of the coolest games in Daily Fantasy Sports, with their Head to Head Matrix. Essentially in these contests everyone in the league plays a head-to-head game with everyone else, with a portion of the entry fee on the line in each match-up. This is my personal favorite style of game for newbies, and one of the games we recommend. So, if you have 20 people in the league with a $20 entry fee, you will face each person once with around $1 on the line in each matchup. This gives you a chance to say go 10-10 and win $10, of if you are the high scorer, you can double up your money. There’s no huge payout, but as long as you win at least a few matchups, you’re going to win some money back.

50/50 games are also pretty straight forward. Basically half the league is going to win 1.8 times their entry fee. This gives you a 50% chance to basically double up your number. This is one of the games we recommend for newbies. I do prefer new players play H2H matrix style because you’re almost guaranteed to make some of your money back, whereas if you’re out of the top half of a 50/50 the money is gone.

FanDuel tournaments are always a fan favorite. The big tournaments, the Squib, Safety, Rush and Spike for week one, boast tons of entries and huge payouts at the top. While your odds go way down in these tournaments, that potential huge payout makes Sunday that much more exciting. We always say that, as long as you can afford to lose the entry, you should always enter your best lineup into these tournaments.

Also under the title of tournaments, FanDuel offers Double Up and Triple Up tournaments. In these tournaments a little under half of the entries will double their money in the Double Up, and a little under a third of the entries will triple up their money in the Triple Up tournament. These are another game that is great for newbies to cut their teeth on. We recommend starting with the Double Up tournaments and keeping your odds closer to 50/50.

What I always personally recommend to friends that are just getting started with FanDuel is to focus on entering a few lineups into 50/50 leagues and a head to head matrix, and then enter your best lineup into the tournament games. Again, I would never recommend you just play tournaments and expect to ever make money on FanDuel.

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Written by Chris Lollis

Chris is the lead researcher and writer for The Daily Audible. He has a decade of experience in sports gambling, handicapping, daily fantasy sports, scouting, and analysis.

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