FanDuel or DraftKings

Choosing Between FanDuel and DraftKings

Initially my choice between FanDuel and DraftKings was a simple one, FanDuel had better promotions and advertised locally on the radio. Upon visiting the site it was well designed and easy to use. I looked up a few reviews of their games, deposit and withdrawal system and decided I wanted to give it a go. Within a few days of playing I was hooked to daily games, but shortly after heard about DraftKings growing in popularity and was intrigued. For more info on who DraftKings is and for a draftkings promo code check out our DraftKings page. The decision to stick with FanDuel came down to a few specific characteristics:

Website Design and User Experience

It’s no secret that I am a web developer, search specialist and sports junkie. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the design of a website is the first thing I take into consideration prior to spending a penny on their goods or services. When you take a look at DraftKings and FanDuel’s websites, both look great, are mobile friendly and fairly easy to use. The difference is in the details. The modal windows that allow you to learn more about a game, it’s payout, or a player without leaving your screen. The user-friendly and great looking registration process, account center, and overall easier to use website drew me into FanDuel. Most fantasy participants are actively playing, so you want to use a website that is clean and makes getting in and out of games a piece of cake.

Number of Fantasy Games

At the time I was deciding which company offered a better fantasy experience, FanDuel offered a wider variety of games. Not only did the offer the 50/50’s, qualifiers, head to heads, leagues and tournaments, but they offered them in a wide variety of prices, and they offered a lot of games to choose from. Particularly during football season, if there was a game that you could possibly want to play, it had been created.

Site Popularity

I know that DraftKings has grown in popularity, as has FanDuel, as has daily real money games altogether, but FanDuel has a consistent user base that keeps their website extremely active. This is huge when it comes to daily games, because nobody has time to site around and wait to see if a game is going to fill up or not. We want to pick a game, dollar amount, build our team and get on with life, knowing that it will fill up. That is what you get with FanDuel, consistency.

It is worth noting that the point of this article is not to put down DraftKings, they provide a great service and awesome daily games. However, my honest opinion and choice when it comes to daily fantasy sports is FanDuel. The overall experience, from website, to ease/speed of playing, to popularity and variety, just provides a better value.

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Written by Chris Lollis

Chris is the lead researcher and writer for The Daily Audible. He has a decade of experience in sports gambling, handicapping, daily fantasy sports, scouting, and analysis.

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