FanDuel Cash Game Strategy

FanDuel Cash Game Strategy

cash game strategy for fanduel

FanDuel Cash Game Strategy

The world of daily fantasy sports (DFS) games and leagues can be a complicated one, particularly for new players. The DFS scene is growing and many people are becoming interested in these games, but aren’t exactly sure how to go about playing them.

Just like with any other game, strategy is a vital part of DFS and today we’ll take a closer look at the sort of strategy you should be using for cash games on one of the most popular DFS sites out there, FanDuel. If you want to win your part of the huge prize pools on offer at FanDuel and become a better DFS player, read on for some vital tips and tricks to improve your understanding of cash games. If you are new to DFS altogether, you may want to bookmark this article and start with our FanDuel review.

Why Play on FanDuel?

FanDuel is easily one of the leaders in the DFS industry and has a huge market share of the fantasy scene. Countless new users flock to the site each day and the prize pools keep on getting bigger as the site expands and forges valuable new partnerships with powerful enterprises and globally-recognized professional sports leagues. It’s a great place for you to make some money and if you haven’t got an account yet then we would recommend you head on over and sign up. Like every other DFS site out there, FanDuel has its own scoring mechanics that you’ll need to become familiar with. This is the first and probably the most simply tip we can give you.

fanduel-logoFirst you’ll need to select a sport you wish to play and you should probably start out with a sport that you’re knowledgeable on. Then, head over to the FanDuel site and take a look at their scoring system for the sport you have chosen. The way the scoring works can vastly affect the strategy you need to employ.

Let’s take football as an example; some sites value defensive plays more highly than others, so on these sites you’ll want to pay special attention to players who are going to earn your team extra defensive points. If you were on a different site that gave bonus points for offense, you’d select a completely different roster, so you can see how scoring systems play a big part in your DFS strategy.

What are cash games?

what-are-cash-gamesNext, it’s important to understand the systems of the different cash games on offer at the site. FanDuel is particularly renowned for the huge array of head-to-head games available each day and this is usually where most new players begin their DFS experiences. A head-to-head game pits you against one other player in a winner-takes-all scenario.

These sorts of games give you a lot of potential to win big and maximize your daily profits, especially if you can concoct a winning strategy. You can enter multiple games at once and since FanDuel always has a huge amount of head-to-head games on offer, you can truly earn plenty of winnings in these sorts of games.

FanDuel Head-to-Head Games

How do you maximize your winnings in head-to-head games? Well, one intelligent and interesting aspect of FanDuel’s system is that it shows you the statistics of individual users. Most importantly, the site allows you to view how many wins a user has. Naturally, you can use this information to your advantage to enter games against players who aren’t very experienced or haven’t had much success.

This will give you a good chance of securing victory and keep you away from players who are more experienced than you and have a better chance of beating you. So take advantage of this site feature and start selecting the easiest opponents to give yourself a good chance of winning some cash.


FanDuel 50/50 Games

FanDuel also offers a wide array of 50/50 games. For those who don’t know, a 50/50 game can include any number of players; you can find 50/50 games with barely any competitors and other games with hundreds. The thing that makes this type of game so attractive is, as the name suggests, the top 50% of users walk away with a share of the winnings. This means you only have to do better than half of the other players to win some money, giving you pretty good odds overall.

These games are ideal for new players and those who struggle to consistently place at the very top of leagues and contests. If you tend to perform reasonably well but find it hard to truly excel, 50/50 games are for you as you don’t need to be the best to win a prize.

FanDuel Head-to-Head Matrix

One overall tip to improve your cash game strategy is to try and keep things simple. Especially in the early days, there’s no need to complicate matters by trying to make a team of sleepers of find the hidden breakout player that could make or break your roster. Remember that you don’t need to be the best of the best to win in these sorts of games, so you just need to focus on using reliable players who deliver a steady flow of points to your squad.

In addition, experience is everything. You’ll learn as you go along, so keep playing and entering new contests. Over time, you can test out new strategies and you’ll begin to understand the way the games work even better, helping you to become a more successful FanDuel player.

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