How to Earn DraftKings FPP and What to Do With Them

How to Earn DraftKings FPP and What to Do With Them

How to Earn DraftKings Frequent Player Points (FPPs) and What They Are Used For

Daily fantasy sports is all about playing advantages anywhere you can find them. One advantage that is often overlooked are Frequent Player Points or FPPs. You earn FPPs for entering contests on DraftKings.

There are two ways to earn FPPs: by entering paid contests and by completing missions. FPPs earned by entering paid contests are made available to you as soon as that contest is completed. FPPs earned by completing missions must be claimed. Once you complete a mission, simply visit the Missions page of your account, claim your FPP award and it will instantly be added to your account.


Every contest you enter has a number of FPPs attached to it, once a contest ends, the FPPs are made available to you in your account. The current FPP/entry rate is one point per $1 entry. As you can see in the examples above, a $3 tournament would pay out 3 FPPs, and a $27 tournament would pay out 27 FPPs. This rate has changed in the past, and may change moving forward, but it looks like this is the rate that we will have for the 2016-2017 NFL season.

You will always earn more FPPs by competing missions. Why? Missions pay out FPPs in addition to what you would receive for just entering the contest. So if the mission for the day is to enter a $10 head-to-head contest, with an award of 100 FPPs, you would receive a total of 110 FPPs for the contest.

Using FPPs to buy DraftKings merchandise

What Are FPPs Used For?

FPPs can be used in three ways: tickets, VIP Experiences and merchandise. You can use your FPPs to buy tickets that you can use to enter contests. The current FPP to ticket conversion rate is 550 points per $1 ticket. So a $5 ticket would cost you 2,750 Frequent Player Points. These tickets can be used to enter any tournament for the value of the ticket. Your tickets can always be found in the ‘My Tickets’ section of your account.

VIP Experiences available from DraftKings are seasonal items available to players. These experiences include a wide variety of events and trips to All Star games, a box to an NBA game, the chance to meet a player, or get on the field at a game. These are generally truly VIP experiences that you can buy with your FPPs, if you keep busy and are fiscal and save them. An example of a VIP experience can be found below.

vip experiences from draftkings

FPPs can also be used to buy a wide variety of DraftKings merchandise. This includes things like hats, t-shirts, sweatpants, golf balls, and more. DraftKings does a great job of keeping their VIP Store stocked with great looking, wearable, and usable merchandise.

Using FPPs is a great way to get the most out of your DraftKings account and cashing in your FPPs for tickets that you turn into winnings is a great way to build your bankroll.

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