DraftStreet Promo Code

DraftStreet Promo Code

DraftStreet Promo Code

As many of you know, DraftStreet was bought out by DFS leader DraftKings nearly three years ago. If you are looking to get into DFS, check out our latest DraftKings promotions for an offer comparable to what DraftStreet was offering prior to the acquisition.

Are you ready for some football? The countdown has officially begun, and the NFL season kickoff is only 20 days away. The Hall of Fame game is August 3rd, and you have a lot of work to do to get ready for kickoff. Don’t worry though, we’ve done a lot of the work for you and organized it on some great articles including all things daily fantasy sports, the latest news and analysis for fantasy football, and all of the recent daily games industry news. Start studying and plan on banking some money on DraftStreet this season.

How to Use Your 100% DraftStreet Promo Code

To take advantage of our 100% DraftStreet promo code you simply have to open an account by following DraftStreet’s on screen prompts and steps. Once you have entered your registration information, you will see the box to enter in our promo code. To grab our promo code simply click the button above, copy the code to your dashboard and paste it into the promo code box at DraftStreet.com. You won’t see the bonus until you choose to make a deposit into your account. Once on the deposit screen, you will see sever different sized deposit options, with the corresponding bonus you will receive.

DraftStreet deposit bonuses are drip fed into your account as you play the money you have deposited. This is the industry standard for deposit bonuses. This practice prevents guys from abusing the system and only playing with deposit bonus money. Essentially the bonus is drip fed into your account at about the same rate as the DraftStreet rakes. This keeps the site profitable for DraftStreet and fair and level for all of the competitors. latest articles will guide you through crafting winning fantasy lineups.

What is DraftStreet… and is it legal and legit?

DraftStreet is the web’s leading provider of daily and weekly fantasy games. They offer fantasy baseball, basketball, hockey and, of course football. Each sport has games of varying length, skill level, buy in cost, roster restrictions, scoring systems, etc… Daily fantasy sports has become an enormous market over the past month, thanks in large part to DraftStreet’s popularity and reliability. They have been around since day one, working to build legitimacy in an industry that initially had none. That’s what makes DraftStreet one of today’s biggest names in online daily fantasy sports for money.

As far as the payouts are concerned, you have two options: check or PayPal. We always recommend that you use PayPal. You will receive the payout immediately and can then transfer it directly into your checking account. Don’t want your wife to know? Grab a PayPal debit card and you’re able to immediately use your money anywhere.

Are daily fantasy sports legit? First off, yes, the main players in daily fantasy sports are 100% legit. Payouts are fast and you’re never hassled about taking money out of your account. The games are also totally legit. However, you should know that they are extremely competitive and not for novice fantasy competitors. Make sure you spend some time doing your due diligence prior to entering any lineup. The lower the dollar amount the less competitive the game. While the $1 games may not be worth your time, you will find that anyone can compete in the $10-20 50/50 leagues.

Check Out Our Guide to Daily Fantasy Sports

Our team here writes articles on fantasy sports everyday. Unlike many of the mainstream sports websites out there, we focus solely on daily games. This is extremely challenging as news comes and goes everyday in the world of daily fantasy games, but we are committed to be a one stop shop for all things DraftStreet related.

Top DraftStreet Promotion Games

draftstreet-baseball-championshipOur favorite promo game that DraftStreet is offering right now is their million dollar baseball championship. DraftStreet runs satellite entry games for their baseball championship almost everyday. When you visit the championship page they will have the next satellite listed at the top of the page, and then you will see the graphic to the right, which links to the next satellite in each price category. To gain entry into the championship you need to win one of DraftStreet’s satellite games. Winners gain entry into the championship’s field of 80 competitors.

satellitesThe championship is a four day event, with 20 guys being eliminated each day until the winner is finally announced on day four. All 80 competitors will win at least $5,000 with the winner winning $1,000,000, 2nd place will win $250,000 and 3rd place will win $100,000. Click the graphic above to view the full details on the DraftStreet site, and to join the next satellite. Make sure you use our promo code to double your first deposit.

Why Play On DraftStreet?

Thousands of fantasy players draft hundreds of thousands of fantasy teams every month at www.DraftStreet.com. They are regarded as one of the leaders in Daily Fantasy sports, and after spending a few minutes on their website it’s easy to see why. Their website has a user friendly interface, their games fill quickly and are always extremely competitive and they have a knowledgable and friendly staff that keeps things running seamlessly. Sorting through and joining a league is a breeze thanks to their sliders and plethora of different game options. Once you’re in a league their scorecenter makes tracking your team and competition’s progress a breeze.

Games for Every Sport, Every Season…
Obviously every daily fantasy site offers a bunch of game options when it comes to football season, but DraftStreet takes is a step further, they offer popular games for the MLB, NHL and NBA seasons as well. All four leagues have extremely competitive fantasy games, a variety of draft styles and scoring that has been perfected to keep games fair and entertaining.

Is DraftStreet Legit and Will I Get Paid?
Every new player to DraftStreet asks this question at somepoint. We can promise you that the company and games are 100% legit, fair and the payouts not only happen, but happen fast and when you need them to happen. For a complete guide to the rules and guidelines behind not only payouts, but everything DraftStreet related, check out the rules section of their website. It is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know to be successful playing on DraftStreet.

So what are you waiting for, go out there and start playing at DraftStreet, where everyday is a new season!