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DraftPot Promo Code

DraftPot Promo Code

Top DraftPot Promo Code for 2018

DraftPot is now part of the Boom Fantasy family of products. For more information on Boom Fantasy check out our review of their DFS app and more.

Our DraftPot Review

The DFS industry continues to grow larger with each passing day, making it harder for the smaller sites to really make their voices heard. That’s why a lot of the latest additions to the DFS world are having to come up with some new and original features to attract a bit of attention. DraftPot is a prime example. This site actually decided to split its games into two different categories, both of which offer their own unique twist on the classic fantasy formula.

We have the slightly more traditional ‘GM Mode’, which works in a similar way to regular DFS games, and then there’s the ‘Fan Mode’, which allows players to build rosters with total freedom. These ideas are certainly intriguing. They won’t appeal to everyone, but these innovative new modes could certainly help DraftPot get ahead in this competitive industry.

So, let’s first just go into a bit of detail on those two different modes. More traditional DFS fans will be instantly attracted to GM Mode. Here, you’ll have to make a roster while working with a set cap. However, the thing that sets this mode apart from the rest is that we’re not talking about a classic salary cap here. Instead, the site uses a ‘DPPG’ or ‘DraftPot Points Per Game’ cap.

This adds a different level of strategy to roster-building and makes GM Mode games quite fun to play. Then, there’s Fan Mode. Basically, this is no-limits DFS. You are allowed to make a roster from whoever you want, with no restrictions. This mode will certainly appeal to players who aren’t too interested in calculating caps and scouring for sleepers. If you just want to pick a bunch of your favorite players, DraftPot lets you do that.

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Where Do We Find Our DraftPot Promo Codes?

We find our DraftPot promo codes from just about anywhere… Of course we constantly search Facebook and Twitter for the latest offers. We also keep an eye on other promo code directories, and test every code they offer to see if it is a better offer than what we have. Lastly, we work directly with the DraftPot marketing team to ensure that The Daily Audible always has the top offer from DraftPot.

Our top DraftPot promo code offer this March will double your initial deposit, helping you to build your bankroll without having to enter a contest or put up hundreds in cash.

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Variety of Games Offered at DraftPot

Another thing that helps this site to earn a few points with us is the vast variety of games on offer. DraftPot could have gone down the easy route of choosing to focus exclusively on the biggest and most popular leagues, but the company has managed to offer games across a broad spectrum of sports. You’ll be able to participate in all of the usual DFS leagues like NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and PGA golf, as well as college football, college basketball, NASCAR and even eSports.

Yes, this site can claim to be one of the first to offer DFS experiences for video game fans, letting people build rosters of players for the popular League of Legends game. Naturally, you can use Fan Mode or GM Mode with any of these sports, so there’s a lot of choice available to DraftPot’s userbase. The site is relatively new and unable to offer huge cash prizes for every sport, but this will surely change as more users sign up.

Main Differences Between DraftPot and FanDuel

If you have played daily fantasy sports in the past, odds are pretty good that you have at least tried playing on FanDuel. DraftPot offers a similar product to FanDuel, but with several key difference that make their product unique from their competitor’s.

Next, let’s talk about how you can actually go about playing on DraftPot, as the site even offers its own special take on classic roster-building and scoring systems too. Most of the sports on offer have relatively large roster sizes. PGA golf and NASCAR teams need eight members, for example, while an NFL roster has to be comprised of a QB, a TE, two RBs, three WRs, two Flex options, a kicker and a defense.

Scoring can also be a little different to what you might be used to at FanDuel and DraftKings. For example, MLB games on DraftPot only feature batters, so you won’t need to worry about pitching scores and there are no negative scores either. To find out more about your sport of choice, you can take a look on the official site.

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DraftPot Website and Lobby Design

Speaking of the site design, it’s worth mentioning that the DraftPot team has done a nice job with its lobby. Navigating around and filtering down the list of contests is relatively straightforward. The site could certainly do with a couple more options and filters to really be fully streamlined, but it’s not too bad at all. Still, if you are used to some of the bigger sites, you might struggle to sort through the games on offer and really find the one you want. It’s not difficult, but it can be a little more time-consuming than usual.

Aside from that though, the lobby is solid. The roster-building page is also very impressive, offering all of the features and information we have come to expect from a DFS site. Each player has his own set of stats and news, letting you learn more and make sensible decisions for your roster.

For now, the site only deals with payments via PayPal. This allows every transaction to be rapid and secure, so it counts as an advantage for us, but it means you won’t be able to use the site without having a PayPal account. Speaking of payments, DraftPot also runs a great sign-up deal, doubling your initial deposit up to a value of $300.

That’s a really respectable promotion and should certainly attract a good number of users to the site, which is also fully available and optimized on mobile devices. If you’re looking for a fresh DFS experience and want to test out some new modes, DraftPot is certainly worth your time.