DraftKings Super Bowl NFL Showdown Big Game Millionaire Maker Picks

DraftKings Super Bowl NFL Showdown Big Game Millionaire Maker Picks

The Quarterbacks

I like both quarterbacks in this game, and think you can make a lineup with both work. Tom Brady is, well Tom Brady… and Nick Foles clearly has a better matchup with a Pats defense that doesn’t get a ton of pressure or create turnovers. Production may be somewhat undpredictable from the offensive position players in this game, but I think the safest way to approach these Showdown contests is to target both quarterbacks, and make it work with the numbers.

If you are going to focus on one combination to stack, I think I would leave off Brady and his $15,500 salary, and maybe target Gronk and Cooks so you get the majority of Brady’s production. Something like what we did with the lineup to the right. (DK asked us to leave off one player as to not share a full lineup).

The Offensive Players

There are really two schools of thought on both sides of the ball, go big or go home, or chase consistent performers. If you are building cash game lineups, look to the consistent players. Building a GPP or Millionaire Maker lineup? Take some risks.

Looking for consistency? I would look to the tight ends. I think both Ertz and Gronk will be extremely busy on Super Bowl Sunday, but their reliable output comes at a price. They are two of the four highest priced non-QB players in the slate.

If you want to chase big plays and upside, I think each team has a guy that stands out. For the Pats, it has to be Brandin Cooks. Cooks has undeniable big play ability, and could break multiple game changing plays both over the top and catching something short and turning it into a long touchdown.

For the Eagles, I think the big play could come from Torrey Smith. Not only is Smith the fastest player in the game, but comes into it in solid form. He has caught 8 of 11 targets with a touchdown in the 2018 playoffs, and this Pats defense has been susceptible to giving up explosive plays all season.

The Defensive Players

There are two routes you can go here: play it safe with a safety/linebacker combo such as Chung and Kendricks or McLeod and Roberts. You aren’t likely going to get the big plays: sacks, fumbles forced/recovered, or interceptions, but you should get enough tackles to keep you in contention.

The riskier, and perhaps smarter choice for the DraftKings Millionaire Maker contest, is to gamble on some defensive linemen. The reality is that neither of these quarterbacks are going to turn the ball over or take a bunch of sacks.

Both defenses will employ a bend but don’t break strategy, and the secondaries will likely be fairly conservative. If you are looking for a corner that could make a big play, I would look at Malclom Butler. He has experience in this game, tackles well with 55 solos on the season, and leads the Patriots in interceptions.

If you do decide to chase sacks, which may be the biggest defensive plays we see in this game, I would look to the playmakers that can win a one on one battle, and they are both on Philly side. I’m targeting Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham and their combined 17 sacks this season.

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