DraftKings Soccer Guide

DraftKings Soccer Guide

DraftKings Soccer Guide

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and is gaining fans all across North America, especially with leading daily fantasy sports like DraftKings offering countless fantasy soccer games and leagues for players to enjoy.

If you’re interested in the sport and want to give fantasy soccer a try, you’ll need to know the basics and understand some simple principles to maximize your chances of winning. Today, we’ll go through each of the various positions on a soccer pitch to help you find the best players for your future rosters.

draftkings soccer goalkeeper strategy

DraftKings Goalkeeper Strategy

The goalkeeper’s job is simple. He guards the net and is the only player on the pitch who is legally allowed to use his hands. He spends the entire ninety minutes of the match attempting to save shots, organize his defense and keep a “clean sheet” (the term used when a goalkeeper concedes no goals in a whole match). In terms of scoring for goalkeepers over on DraftKings, it’s important to be aware that clean sheets give you a great bonus of 5 points.

Another 5 points can be earned by a goalkeeper who is on the winning side, so you’ll want to pick players who can get you the full 10 points every week whenever possible. Look out for the teams that have great defensive records and easy matchups, as well as those playing at home as this provides an extra advantage. If goalkeepers let goals in, they lose 2 points, so you need to be careful with this position and avoid players who are prone to errors.

DraftKings Defenders Strategy

Like the goalkeeper, defenders can also up to 10 bonus points per game (5 for a win and 5 for a clean sheet). When drafting your defensive players, it’s important to bear in mind the different roles that defenders can play. Not all defenders are the same, with these sorts of players usually filling one of two roles: central defense or full back/wing back.

Central defenders tend to be the toughest guys on the pitch and do most of the defensive work. However, they tend to be pretty tall players more often than not, so they can pose a goal threat from corners and free kicks. Try to find central defenders who have a track record of scoring 5+ goals per season.

Moving onto the wider defenders, these are usually known as full backs or wing backs, depending on the system of play being utilized. Full backs are typically more defensive, whereas wing backs almost double-up as midfield players and often push further up the pitch than an average defender.

This means that your wide defenders do have the possibility to get you some extra points for assists (6 points), shots (1 point) and crosses (1 point). Some of them can even add a few goals to the team’s tally now and then, so try to focus on aggressive and offensive players with good technical skills.

DraftKings Midfielders Strategy

In the modern game, there are a lot of different roles that can be filled by midfielders, but we’ll break them into three broad categories for the sake of simplicity: defensive midfielders, attacking midfielders and wingers. Defensive midfielders should usually be avoided by fantasy players.

Unlike goalkeepers and defenders, midfielders aren’t awarded any points for clean sheets, so you really want to focus on drafting guys who can make a more offensive contribution. Defensive midfielders are the sort of players who sit back and protect the defenders, rather than pushing up and trying to score and assist goals.

Next up, we have attacking midfielders. These guys can make or break your fantasy soccer team. Attacking midfielders are the glue that binds a team together. They often roam around the pitch and are usually the most technically-gifted players in the game.

Their job is to score goals and create chances for other players as often as possible. When looking for a solid attacking midfielder, find a guy with a proven track record for having lots of assists and goals each season.

The very best players are capable of setting up 20+ goals and scoring another 10 themselves in a typical season, and these sorts of stats can really help your fantasy score.

Finally, let’s talk about wingers. These are the wide players who run along the flanks of the pitch and often attempt to put in crosses as often as possible. Like attacking midfielders, the winger’s role is to create chances for the forwards, and many of the best wingers also like to cut inside and try a few shots of their own from time to time.

Wingers offer great potential for fantasy owners as they tend to draw a lot of fouls (0.75 points) while also having a lot of assists, especially in teams with reliable, tall forwards. Every cross they make will net you a point, so it’s worth looking for wingers who have plenty of pace and like to create lots of chances.

Wayne Rooney

DraftKings Forwards Strategy

The forward’s job is very straightforward; he’s there to score goals. Forward players come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are small and fast, preferring to use technical skill and agility to outpace defenders and score goals with their feet. Others are tall and strong, using their muscle to push away the opposing players and head the ball into the net as often as possible.

Either way, every goal scored gets you 10 points in DraftKings fantasy soccer games. Therefore, you simply want to choose the players with the best goal-scoring records. It’s also worth looking for players who work with the best midfielders, as they’ll tend to have more chances to score each week.