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Top DraftKings Promo Code for February

Our exclusive DraftKings promo code is the best way to get the max bonus and start competing on their website. Updated for the 2017 NBA, PGA, and NHL seasons, follow our links to start playing today.

Our Best DraftKings Promo Code Offer Ever

Our promo code is the only way to guarantee that you receive the largest possible deposit bonus when you register at DraftKings. Our team works to ensure that our promo code always have the top bonus offer attached to it. If love fantasy sports, but haven’t given DraftKings a try then now is the time to get into the game.

Football season is only one month away, and DraftKings is the only major website that let’s you play throughout the preseason. Follow the link above and receive their best available promotional offer, a free tournament entry, without having to use a promo code!

There is no fine print attached to your free entry. You will find a ticket in your account that can be redeemed on any NFL week three $3 contest. Use your ticket today on DraftKings $3 tournament that will pay out over $250,000.

Looking for tips on how to build winning rosters on DraftKings? Check out our lineup strategy article for week three for a breakdown on how we select players and construct a roster.


Daily fantasy sports is bigger and better than ever thanks to the continued efforts of DraftKings to keep the game fair, fun, and legal. Using our exclusive DraftKings promo code this June will get you a free entry into a $3 tournament that pays out as much as $50,000! Register and make your first deposit this month and DraftKings will automatically credit you with that $3 tournament.

During the summer months we enjoy fantasy baseball and golf, including millionaire makers for every major. This February is one of the best times ever to get started with DraftKings! Register today and immediately start competing in the 2017 NBA and PGA seasons.

Promo CodeNone needed follow our link for best available offer.
Promotional OfferFree $3 tournament entry
Additional DetailsEntry is for a $3 NFL contest with a top prize of over $100,000.
Promotion RulesThis promotion is valid for new players only, with a minimum deposit of $10.
New Player ResourceMake the most of this promotion with a great lineup. Click here for week 4 advice.

Build Better Week 4 Fantasy Lineups

Check out our DraftKings week 4 primer for a breakdown of what the best plays are, and who the best bargain players are. Use our picks to enter 50/50 contests and start your DraftKings playing career out the right way.

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DraftKings NBA League Promo for 2017

Guide for Using Our DraftKings Promo Code

Using our DraftKings promo code is a straight forward process, you will will be drafting your week 2 fantasy team in no time. To get started, simply click on the enter promo code link on the homepage, and follow the registration steps.

If you have a promo code, enter it here, but it should be noted that there is no longer any need to copy-and-paste our DraftKings promo code to receive their top offer.

Simply follow the link at the top of this page, register and make your initial deposit. You used to have to add our promo code to receive their best offer, however you will now receive the top offer for just registering.

Once you have completed your initial deposit you are ready to start building lineups and entering contests. We recommend new players get started by doing some strategy research and starting out with small tournaments and head-to-head contests.


Make the Most of Your Free Entry

We are on record as stating that using a promo code when you first register on DraftKings is one of the most important steps to succeeding at daily fantasy. Why? As a new player, you are going to need all of the help you can get, and that includes making your initial bankroll last as long as possible.

Like any game, daily fantasy sports takes some time to master. By using our DraftKings promo code, you are getting the absolute max deposit bonus, and ensuring that your initial deposit allows you to play for several weeks and develop a strategy that wins. Our entire website is based around minimizing the daily fantasy learning curve and helping new players win.

Looking for some strategy talk, tools and resources to help you win? Check out our latest DraftKings articles. We update this website daily with news from around the leagues, fantasy news, tips, strategy, league talk and more.

Best DraftKings Promotions for 2017

February is one of our favorite DFS months of the year. You can enter DraftKings contests for the NFL playoff games, midseason NBA contests are live, the EPL is in the heart of it’s season, and the PGA has it’s annual tournaments in Hawaii which are a blast to compete in.

For the week eight slate of NFL games, DraftKings is rolling out it’s famous $4+ million tournament, with a $1 million top prize, and just $20 entry fee. This is the largest tournament in fantasy sports, and will make it’s 8th millionaire of the season this week. Can you build that perfect lineup that takes home $1 million this week?

They have 3 additional tournaments that are guaranteed to pay out at least $1 million. It’s the biggest week one ever, and our promo code will get you free entries into some of these tournaments. In addition to our promo code, we get you started with some of the best tutorials, and DraftKings lineup articles in the industry.

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Top 10 Reasons to Start Playing on DraftKings Today

  1. Websites Like The Daily Audible – As a long time member of the media that covers daily fantasy sports, we can easily say that one of the things DraftKings does better than anyone in this industry is to work with and enable websites like ours. They give us tools to help keep our visitors competitive and engaged on their website. You will discover much better fantasy resources than just ESPN through your DFS experience.
  2. Massive Payouts – We could have put this one anywhere from 1-10, but you are going to love the Millionaire-Makers on DraftKings. Our staff and visitors have had a blast competing in the PGA Millionaire-Makers that DK has run for every major in 2015. At the rate their GPP’s have grown, we would not be surprised to see weekly Millionaire Maker tournaments this football season, or even tournaments where the winner takes home over $1 Million. It’s games like this that will make you work to put together the best lineup, then keep you on your toes as you follow your team on Sunday.
  3. The Number of Players – You may not realize this, but it is a really big deal. If you plan on playing on a site like Yahoo, Draft Day, StarsDraft, etc.. you may not see your games fill or ever start for that matter. There is nothing worse than spending a bunch of time putting together lineups and entering tournaments, just to see them never fill. That is never the case on DraftKings. In fact, the majority of the time tournaments fill several times over.
  4. Speed of Deposits and Withdrawals – Another major factor that you would assume is standard, but isn’t. Some DFS websites still take way too long to pay out winning. DraftKings makes your winnings available to you immediately, and into your PayPal account within 24 hours of the end of the contest.DraftKings iPhone and Android Mobile Apps
  5. The Apps – Whether you use an iPhone or Android, you will love tracking your contests through the DK mobile app. The apps are intuitive, user-friendly and will allow you to do everything you can do on your computer, right from your phone. We generally build our DraftKings lineups on our computers, then track everything from our phones.
  6. The Website – The bottom line with points five and six are that DraftKings has been a big name in this industry for years. Which means that they have the kinks in their website completely worked out. Website crashes on Sundays could potentially cost you thousands during football season, so this is one point not to be taken lightly.
  7. Unique Lineups – One of the reasons I initially gave DraftKings a shot was that they use different lineup structures than you see on FanDuel and other DFS websites. As you can see below, for NFL contests you have no kicker and in place a flex position. Their NBA and CBB lineups are even more creative, using G, F, and U positions in addition to the classic PG, SG, SF, PF, C spots. You are going to either love this flexibility or wish you had it if you end up playing somewhere else.
  8. drafkings-fantasy-golf-promos

  9. The Variety of Sports – DraftKings offers a wider variety of contests across a wider variety of sports than any other DFS website. You can compete in the classics: NFL, CFB, NBA, CBB, NHL, and MLB, but they also offer Soccer, MMA, PGA and Nascar games. For those of you that haven’t yet tried these additional sports, you have to give them a go… they are just as fun as the traditional games.
  10. The DraftKings Team – Hands down the best support staff in the industry. Transparent, honest, fair, and committed to keeping daily fantasy sports fair and legit.
  11. Our Promo Code – This has to be the top reason to sign up at DraftKings today. By simply following the links on this page, DraftKings is going to give you a free tournament entry. DraftKings will provide you with free entry into a $3 NFL tournament that pays out $1.5 Million including $100,000 to the top finisher. Our DraftKings promo code is the best way to get started on the best website in DFS.


Where Do We Find Our DraftKings Promo Codes?

Anytime you guarantee that your promo code is the best available offer, you can expect visitors to ask how you can be certain. Rightfully so as well, we have worked in this industry for half of a decade and understand that making your initial deposit last is the single most important factor in succeeding at daily fantasy.

Too many players struggle while learning how DFS works, give up, and never try again. Using the best possible promo code is one of the only things you can do to maximize that initial deposit.

We have a dedicated DraftKings promo code, and we work with the DraftKings marketing team to ensure that it is tied to their best available offer. To verify that we always have the top offer we scour the internet daily testing different promo codes to ensure that there isn’t a better offer out there.

This includes regularly checking social feeds from DraftKings and their marketing team, as well as checking other DFS websites offers.

We trust that you are not only going to get the best promo offer from DraftKings, but once signed up, will love the game and website. They are the fastest growing website and brand in the industry, and there are plenty of reasons for that. Great website design, very usable, fast payouts, and unbeatable customer support are just some of the features you will love with DraftKings. Hopefully by now you know there is no reason to hesitate, grab our promo code and get going on DraftKings today!

Is Playing Fantasy Football for Money on DraftKings Legal?

Most new players come into the DFS industry weary of the current legal status. We have been trained to believe that competing in anything related to making sports picks for money is the equivalent to gambling. However, DFS is legal in 39 out of 50 states in the US. Furthermore, the industry is regulated in 11 states now, and that number is growing daily.

New York recently passed legislation that made DFS legal and regulated in the biggest sports market in the US. It is expected that Texas, Delaware, Nevada, and Alabama will soon follow suit. This fight is more over each state getting their cut of the revenue than any concern for their citizens.

DraftKings currently lists their excluded states as Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington. There are some exceptions, such as residents being allowed to play while traveling outside of the state. Click here to check their latest terms and too see if your state is still listed as being allowed to play.

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Check Out Our Latest DraftKings Articles and Resources

Once you have taken advantage of our promo code, received your deposit bonus, free entry, and are ready to start drafting, you are going to need all of the help you can find. We have you covered with our strategy articles and, of course, our lineups. We have built a reputation on providing the best free DraftKings lineups in the industry. We don’t recommend you use the lineups but use our analysis as a starting point for building your own lineups.

We break down the numbers, calculate player values, and identify targets so that you don’t have to or just to verify what you are already thinking. You can do whatever research comes easiest to you, and simply plug our value targets in around the players that you like. Make sure that you bookmark this page and subscribe in out sidebar to receive these articles direct to your inbox each week.

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