DraftKings Nascar Review and Promo Code

DraftKings Nascar Review and Promo Code

DraftKings Nascar Promo Code for 2018 Season

By using our DraftKings promo code, our visitors get a 100% deposit bonus of up to $600. You will also receive free entry into a $3 Nascar tournament that pays out up to $20,000!

A Beginners Guide to Fantasy Nascar on DraftKings

DraftKings has clearly stepped up their game for the 2018 Nascar season, with bigger and better contests. Not only are they the only DFS website to offer fantasy Nascar, they have perfected daily fantasy Nascar.

An easy to use website, easy to understand scoring, and just fun overall format highlight DraftKings’ Nascar product. Beginners will have little to know trouble picking up how Nascar works on DraftKings.

If you know Nascar and have played fantasy sports, then you are ready to get started with fantasy Nascar on DraftKings. The basics? You have a salary to fill a roster of drivers. Each driver comes with a pricetag, the better the driver, the higher the pricetag. You need to pack the most points possible into your salary…

Pay up for big name drivers like Kevin Harvick and Jimmie Johnson, and have to fill your roster with drivers that have terrible odds. Fill out your lineup with a balanced group of drivers and risk not having a driver on the leaderboard… The best strategy to take is to play with your roster until it looks right to you, then repeat a couple of times per tournament.

As far as the scoring system and payouts go, DraftKings took their time and perfected this game before offering it to their customers. The scoring is simple, easy to follow, but still complex enough to make building your roster a challenge. Payouts are fast and the money is available for you to withdraw almost immediately following each race.


Quick Background of the Nascar Game on DraftKings

At the beginning, the Nascar competition had no rules. Bill France, the leading figure of Nascar, decided to unit all the races under one roof in order to maximize the fun of the audience and the drivers profit. France gathered together all the promoters and the drivers, in a hotel bar and established the rules of a new American sport called Nascar. Three months later, first Nascar race was organized and the rest is history. Today, Nascar is the most popular car racing in the U.S., a championship watched worldwide, in which cars are flying on the track at speeds of 300km/h or more.

Nowadays everybody can enjoy the fun on Nascar competition by playing fantasy Nascar on DraftKings. All you have to do is choose your best possible team, having at your disposal a fixed salary fund, which is equal for all participants. Then just join the “Tournament” and follow the action live. You can have several entries in the competition, but of course, you will have to pay for each one of them.

How the whole thing actually works? Your virtual team will record a number of points. These points are in a close relationship with the performances of the real players chosen by you from the championship. The more your picked team will score, the more you will score. And the more you will score, a higher rank you will get, differentiate yourself from other players. The prize will be divided between the top finishers.

Like any championship, there are several rules in the contest format. The ranking is based on accumulation of points; the team that manages to collect the biggest amount of points will win the competition. There are four ways of scoring points. For the fastest laps, you will get an additional half point. A whole point for a plus differential place, or you will be deducted one point if some other pilot gets ahead of you. An extra +0.25 points for the laps led and a +/- 0.25 points in case of pass differential.

Of course, the regulation clarify the meaning of these expressions, expressly stipulating the possible situations for each one of them. For instance, place differential regards any changes between the starting position and the finishing position. If the starting position in a particular case is 3 and that pilot manage to finish the race first, he will get his Place Differential +3. As for the pass differential, this is the number of passes minus times passed. This situation is possible only during green flag laps.

Fantasy Nascar Rules on DraftKings

nascar-logoSome additional rules are in order. Like the eligibility for this competition, the payouts, the roster deadline and more.

Since DraftKings offers Salary-Cap Nascar Competition, the eligibility for this contest are at their sole discretion. In case a player decides to withdraw, or he gets substituted out before the beginning of the race, that means zero fantasy points for him. But, if this situation occurs due the injury of the driver, the fantasy points earned will be considered for the replacement driver.

If, for any reason, a race is cancelled, all entries will also be cancelled and refunded. In case of postponing a race, DraftKings will reschedule the starting time of the contest so it will fit to the starting time of the race.

There are few more rules, which states the conditions of each possible situation. You can find the terms by accessing the DraftKing web site.

Regular updates of the stats for each lap are provided to the players. And live scoring is also available, just a simple informative note. Live scoring does not reflect in any case the final standings, which, in such type of competition, can change from second to second. The only purpose of live scoring is for the informational use and the entertainment of DraftKings customers. The final results will be listed once the competition is over. Once a player finishes the game, his name will be listed on the contest page at the “completed games” option. Those who are still in race will be listed in “live games” section.

As for the payment, once DraftKings gets the final results and ensure itself they are accurate, payouts will be delivered. From the moment when the final box score is published, no further changes will be possible and the payment will respect the information displayed on the box. Nascar can also make revisions regarding the final box, if that’s the case, just so its content reflects reality.

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