DraftKings Fantasy NHL Guide

DraftKings Fantasy NHL Guide

DraftKings Fantasy NHL Strategy Guide

DraftKings is one of the most popular daily fantasy sports sites in the business thanks to the huge variety of sports it has to offer. Fans of everything from NFL to soccer can get involved with their favorite sports and take part in leagues with like-minded enthusiasts. The NHL is no exception to this rule, with DraftKings hosting countless exciting tournaments and games for hockey fans all across North America.

If you want to be successful in fantasy NHL games on DraftKings, there are some ideas and principles you need to be aware of. In this article, we’ll go through some helpful tips and tricks to make your fantasy hockey experience a fun and successful one.

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Basic Principals Behind Fantasy Hockey on DraftKings

Let’s start with the basics of fantasy NHL over on DraftKings. To enter a game, you’ll need to build a roster featuring eight skaters and one goalie, making for nine players in total. Of those nine players, you’ll need two centers (C), two defensemen (D), three wingers (LW/RW), the aforementioned goalie (G) and a utility player who can be a winger, a center or a defenseman.

Like with any daily fantasy sports game, this roster will earn points depending on their performances in real-world games. The point system for fantasy NHL is unique on DraftKings, so you need to be aware of its intricacies.

Points are divided into two categories: one for the goalies and another for the skaters. For the goalies, it’s pretty simple; wins earn you 3 points and shutouts get an extra 2 points. For each save the goalie makes, he earns 0.2 points, but if he lets in a goal then he loses 1 point.

Naturally, this means you’ll want to focus on the goalies with the best track records and teams who prioritize defense to get the most from this position. Over on the skaters’ side of the scoring system, there’s a little more to think about. Skaters are awarded points for goals (3), assists (2) and shots (0.5). They can also earn a bonus 1.5 points for hat-tricks and another bonus point for each short-handed goal or assist as well.

Strategies for Winning a DraftKings NHL Tournament

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s look at some important fantasy NHL strategies to bear in mind when you join up with a league or tournament. First of all, like with every fantasy sport, research and analysis are hugely important aspects of hockey. One of the things that every great player needs to do is check out the Vegas lines every single week.

These odds aren’t 100% reliable every time, but they do give you a very good idea of how a game is going to play out. It doesn’t take long to look at Vegas odds and you can learn a lot from them. For instance, you can easily identify games that are expected to be one-sided and choose your roster accordingly.

Plenty of other sources of information can be found all over the internet. For instance, you can easily find the history of certain matchups, discover the recent form of certain teams and even check out individual player ratings to really identify your best chances of earning lots of fantasy points and winning big in DraftKings games. It might seem like we’re stating the obvious here, but a lot of players simply don’t take the time to use sources like the internet and Vegas lines to give themselves an edge on DFS sites.

If you’re not doing these things, you need to start as soon as possible as you’ll have a much better chance of winning your leagues with this information.

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Basic Hockey Roster Strategy for DraftKings

Now let’s look at some additional tips to really set yourself apart from the crowd. First of all, it’s important to bear certain things in mind when choosing your goalie. Since these players will actually lose points for any goals against, they can easily make or break your team. Therefore, this isn’t a position to ignore.

Be sure to scan those Vegas lines and check out the matchup history to find goalies who are set to win games and not have to deal with too many shots. A simple strategy is to choose the cheapest goalie who is on one of the favorite teams according to Vegas. This way, you’ll have a solid goaltender on your roster and you’ll have saved some cash to buy better skaters.

Speaking of skaters, it can be pretty difficult to choose these players each week. Ideally, you want to use any source of information you can get your hands on to find skaters who are in good form and have reliable track records. These players will help your fantasy points tally by racking up goals and assists, so you need to look for the guys who are set to be involved in high-scoring games.

You also want to find players who aren’t afraid to hit plenty of shots per match, as well as guys who are capable of blocking shots often. A simple set of rules to follow is to find skaters who get plenty of playing time, as well as being regularly used in shootouts and being heavily involved with power play time.

Another strategy that some fantasy NHL enthusiasts tend to use regularly is known as stacking. Essentially, this is when you combine linemates in your roster. This is a common strategy in a wide variety of fantasy games and it can be very profitable. For example, if you have three linemates in your squad and they all put in good performances and help each other, you can earn a huge amount of points.

Naturally, this strategy comes with its own share of risks as your linemates’ team could struggle, leading to some wasted opportunities for you as a fantasy manager. Overall, it’s important to do your research and build a roster that you can rely on every week.