DraftKings College Football Guide

DraftKings College Football Guide

This article is getting a complete facelift for the 2018 college football season on DraftKings. If there is something you want covered, feel free to contact us and let us know. In the meantime, the original article is a great place to learn more about fantasy college football and how it works.

Guide to Winning DraftKings CFB Contests

DraftKings, one of the leaders of daily fantasy sports (DFS), is becoming more and more popular and plenty of new users are getting interested in fantasy games and leagues. However, DFS games can seem a little complicated to begin with and inexperienced players might be overwhelmed by the rules and formats of the various games on offer.

If you’re looking to start playing some college football games on DraftKings, we’re here to help with a full guide on how to play here today. We’ll be covering the various rules and regulations of the college football system, along with the scoring methods and how you can receive your payouts.

An Introduction to College Football on DraftKings

draftkings-college-footballThe college football games on DraftKings run every single weekend throughout the season. When you enter a contest, you’ll be given a salary cap of $50,000 to spend on a nine-man roster. You’ll be able to choose from players across all of the top six conferences: SEC, ACC, AAC, Big 10, Big 12 and PAC-12. Teams outside of these conferences may be included in certain contest to offer additional variation, but you’ll mostly be building your squad from the big six.

It’s important to note that the pool of players and their salaries will be locked in once the contest’s scoring period has begun. This means that no new players will be added after the beginning of the contest and salaries will not change, so you can focus on creating your own team without worrying about any changes arriving.

We’ll look into the scoring system in deeper detail below, but, as you would expect, each of the players in your roster will earn points and contest winners will be the players who earn the most points in total. Your team needs to include players from at least two different squads, so you can’t build your roster entirely with players from the same NCAA team.

Another important rule is that your roster must represent two different NCAA games, so remember this when selecting your squad. Your roster will consist of two quarterbacks, two running backs, three wide receivers, a tight end and a flexible position. This flexible position can be filled by an RB, WR or TE, so it’s up to you to decide which role will best suit your team.


DraftKings College Football Scoring

Now let’s take a closer look at how scoring works. Players will earn points for various successful plays. You can find the full list of points on the DraftKings site, but we’ll give you a few examples here: a passing touchdown will earn four points, 25 passing yards will earn a point, 10 rushing yards equates to one point, a rushing touchdown is six points and a reception is one point. Offensive players can also lose points for interceptions and fumbles.

All players should be aware of the scoring system that DraftKings has in place as this can really help you choose your roster. You might find a player on a relatively weak team who has a better chance of earning your squad points than a guy who plays the same position for one of the top squads, all because of the way the scoring system works.

It’s important to be aware of the various additional rules that are in place at DraftKings to prevent you encountering any difficulties as you play. For example, when games are cancelled or postponed for various reasons, no points are awarded to the players involved. If games are suspended and rescheduled, the statistics from the original game are used for fantasy contests; this is simply due to the nature of DFS games as they often only run for a one-day period.

When preparing for a game, you can shift your roster around and make as many changes you like until the deadline, which is five minutes before the start of the first game in the contest.

The Difference Between FanDuel CFB and DraftKings CFB

Players who are familiar with FanDuel may be wondering if the DraftKings offering for college football fantasy games is any different. There are several subtle difference between DraftKings and the FanDuel college football game. DraftKings’ system does not include points for defensive plays and field goals. This is allegedly because of the vast difference between typical NFL games and college games, with the latter usually being much higher-scoring. Including defensive points and points for field goals would overly complicate matters, so DraftKings simply sticks to the offensive side of the game and new members who have made the switch from a site like FanDuel need to be aware of these differences.

When talking about DFS, it would be impossible not to mention payment. Every player wants payment to be a reliable and rapid process. For DraftKings college football, the site needs to wait until all game scores have been officially reported by the statistics provider, STATS LLC. Live stats and scores are available on DraftKings, but these are not official.

The statistics that determine the winners are not made official until all games have been completed and the necessary updates have been made. Payouts are then made based on the official final box scores. In certain cases, payouts may not be confirmed until the day after an event, but this is quite a rare occurrence and payment is usually prompt upon the confirmation of final box scores. P

layers should all be aware of the Terms of Use of individual contests; please read these Terms of Use on the DraftKings website in order to ensure that no problems are encountered as prizes can be lost if the terms are not met.

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