Draft Review

Draft Review

Our Complete Draft Review

If you are tired of the same old DFS produce, and are looking for something unique and different, it doesn’t get better that DRAFT. Only on DRAFT can you compete in daily snake drafts for cash. Not only is it a great idea, but it is perfectly executed by a proven team of developers. Start playing today by following the link below and using our promo code, AUDIBLE.


DRAFT app review update for 2018

What Makes DRAFT Our #1 Rated DFS App?

We will get into the exact reasons why the DRAFT app is phenomenal and deserves to be our number one rated fantasy app for three years running, but one thing I think is worth noting is that this is a pure app.

FanDuel, DraftKings, DraftStreet, Yahoo DFS, FantasyAces, etc… were or are all websites that had a mobile version and app. DRAFT is an app that now offers a website/desktop version.

When you are using DRAFT, it feels like you are using an app. It has a unique feel that was clearly designed as a mobile first experience. The result is a product you will love to pick up and use when you are sitting on the couch and watching a game.

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The app functions perfectly, drafts are readily available and don’t take long to complete, and pay out instantly. Let’s review some of the features that really put the DRAFT app over the top.

They have some great ideas incorporated including our favorite, rounds 2 – ∞. Round one of a weekly NFL DRAFT can get redundant: Bell, Elliott, AB, OBJ, Rodgers…. and repeat. By adding in the ability to keep the draft going, they added a layer of challenge and removed much of the luck that was built into this format.

Another great idea incorporated into this app is offering drafts of different sizes. You can draft against one friend, a random opponent, three random opponents or friends, or 5 competitors.

Draft App Store ReviewsWe often create a 6 team draft and share the link in the chat board of our season long league. It is certainly a better alternative to challenging your season long fantasy friends on FanDuel and DraftKings.

The last feature we wanted to mention in this DRAFT review is the ‘expert’ drafts. This is a brilliant idea where the top tier of players is removed from the player pool. They do a great job of eliminating all of the obvious picks and add a huge amount of skill to the product with this game mode.

DRAFT has a feature and game mode for every type of fantasy player out there. If you download this app and are disappointed, chances are there will never be a fantasy product that lives up to your expectations.

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Complete Draft Review
  • App Design and Usability
  • Sport Variety
  • Game Quality - Scoring and roster structures
  • Customer Support and Payout Speed
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The bottom line with the Draft app is that it is an absolute must play. If you love daily fantasy sports, but want the freedom of the season long snake draft, then Draft is a dream come true.

It is a simple yet genius concept, executed brilliantly by a parent company that we have known and trusted in the sports industry for decades.

This is the one DFS product that we feel really confident in saying you are not going to be disappointed in. Great idea, great app, flawless support, quick withdrawal process, and really no big issues with any aspect of the product.