Draft Day Promo Code

Best Draft Day Promo Code for 2016

Our top Draft Day promo code for June will double your initial deposit of up to $600 and give you free entry into a tournament that could pay out over $1,000!

Guide to Using Our Draft Day Promo Code

DraftDay makes it easier to use our promo code than any of their competitor websites. After you have entered your name and email, you are asked for a username, password and if you have a Draft Day promo code. Simply paste our promo code in this box and continue with setting up your account.

If, for some reason, you blast through this step without entering our promo code, you are fine. Simply locate the box on the next screen or on the deposit page the next time you are logged in. Paste our promo code into the box and click apply, then complete your initial deposit of whatever amount you choose.

Similar to every other website in this industry, the deposit bonus money you receive for using our Draft Day promo code is not immediately made available to you. The more you play, the more of this bonus money is released to your account for use. By now you should know how and why gradual release systems are in place, but if not, we have written a guide to walk you through it.


Why Play on Draft Day?

I consider Draft Day a side dish to your favorite entree… I don’t think anyone is having it as a main course, but as a side to your favorite it can make a meal. Your not just playing on Draft Day, your playing on DraftKings or FanDuel, and then supplementing those contests with some different Draft Day contests.

When in season, Draft Day offers daily games for NBA, NFL, CFB, NHL, PGA, and CBB. Given their willingness to adapt, grow, and try new things, I would guess that they will offer an even wider variety in the near future. The one thing you can without a doubt say about playing at DraftDay.com is that you will never complain about a lack of variety, or uniqueness to their games.


Whether you are doing a traditional live-serpentine style daily draft, or a traditional salary contest with Draft Day’s twist to it, you are getting a different, fun way to play fantasy football. For a complete breakdown on why we play on Draft Day, and why we think you will love playing on Draft Day as well, check out our complete Draft Day review.

If you are new to their website, grab our promo code, get registered, then get into some freerolls. Or you can enter a few $1 cash games to get the hang of their roster structures, rules and scoring before going all in. However and whatever your fantasy taste is, Draft Day offers a game you will love.

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