Daily Fantasy MMA on DraftKings

Daily Fantasy MMA on DraftKings

DraftKings MMA and Promo Code

Did you know you can compete with other MMA fans on DraftKings by picking the winners of each fight on every UFC card? It’s true, and entries start at just $.25 per contest with payouts over $10,000. Use our promo code when you sign up today and DraftKings will double your initial deposit!


Daily Fantasy MMA on DraftKings

Did you know that you can pick winners from MMA contests and win cash on DraftKings? It’s true and they are paying out huge prizes for every UFC card. All you have to do is build a roster of 5 MMA fighters, and score points for things like the round your fighter gets a knockout, significant strikes, takedowns, knockdowns, and more.

Daily Fantasy MMA on DraftKings works just like your traditional DFS football or basketball team. Pick players from that night’s card, pay more for better fighters, less for underdogs, and make the most of your $50,000 salary. The scoring DraftKings has set up forces you to know every fighter on the card and introduces a significant amount of strategy.

How is there so much strategy involved? Take a look at the scoring below. If you can target one or two fights on the card that are huge mismatches where one guy is going to get knocked out in the first round, that is going to give you a huge advantage. Vice-versa, if you can get an underdog on the cheap that goes all five rounds and is able to rack up some scoring through moves, that’s solid value. The bottom line, if you are going to play MMA on DraftKings you’d better be able to do more than just pick winners.


Pick UFC Fight Winners and Win Cash on DraftKings

We get a ton of traffic to this page from guys looking to bet on UFC or bet on MMA fights. In my opinion that takes a lot of sport out really knowing UFC and understanding MMA. The introduction of scoring moves on DraftKings changes that entirely. Do you know a fighter that is going to rack up takedowns, or two fighters that are going to rack up significant strikes on each other? Target them over fights on the card that won’t.

Looking for tips and strategy articles? Subscribe to our website in the sidebar and have our picks for every card emailed direct to your inbox. You can also bookmark us and check back on the day of the fight. We always have an early afternoon article that discusses that night’s UFC card including the latest news from each fighter, who we are targeting, and why we are targeting those players.

Why Play on DraftKings?

That’s easy… for one, they are the only big name company in Daily Fantasy Sports that offers UFC. Secondly, they set the industry standard in contest variety, fighter pricing, and the speed of payouts. Play tonight, track your scoring on their app as you watch the fights, and withdraw your winnings tomorrow. Lastly, our DraftKings promo code makes playing on DraftKings an absolute no-brainer. You are going to get your initial deposit doubled, up to $600, and you are going to receive free entry into a $3 tournament. You can’t beat that deal.

For those of you that still have questions about the legality or quality of DraftKings service and website, check out our complete DraftKings review. We take a look at where DraftKings is legal, their payout speed and methods, game and sport variety and more.

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