Daily Fantasy College Basketball Guide and Where You Can Play

Daily Fantasy College Basketball Guide and Where You Can Play

How and Where to Play Daily Fantasy College Basketball

If you’re looking to succeed in DFS games, you need to adjust your tactics accordingly to suit the sport you have chosen. We all know that basketball has the same rules whether it’s played on a college court or in the NBA, but the style of the game is very different at college level when compared to the big leagues. You might be a big NBA fan, but that isn’t enough to really become a top-tier DFS college basketball player. Here, we’re going to look at the things you’ll need to do to make your transition to the college game a successful one.

What Daily Fantasy Website Offers College Basketball Contests?

Let’s start with the glaring question in today’s daily fantasy sports market: where can you play fantasy college basketball? We are currently only promoting one website: FanPicks. FanPicks offers more CBB contests, better player pricing, bigger contests, faster payouts, and better customer service than any other daily fantasy sports site that offers college basketball. Below you will find a breakdown of Fan Picks CBB roster and scoring structure.

Assigning CBB Player Values

The first CBB tip we’ll look at is using a value system. This is one of the most common and popular ways in which advanced players win games. Value is perhaps the most important factor in DFS games. The idea is to find players who provide you with the most value; i.e. players who will earn you a good number of points, relative to their salary cap. So how do you work out a value system?

Well the first step is to set yourself a points target. 200 points is a good place to start, as that is usually enough to win most games. So now you get your salary cap, let’s take $50k as an example, and divide the points tally by that number. This gives us 0.0004, which is the number of points you’ll want to get per dollar. So, rounding it up to something more responsible, this means you’ll want to get around 4 fantasy points for every $1,000 of salary cap.

How to Research College Basketball Lineups

The next key thing to note about college basketball is to do with research. Unlike the NBA, college games don’t have the same scale of media coverage. There aren’t countless sites and sources to give you the latest news and stats on college teams and players. So how do you get your information? The trick is to cast a wide net. Use as many sources as you possibly can. Follow people on Twitter, watch the games, read local newspapers and visit college sites to keep up-to-date with everything that’s happening. In DFS, knowledge is power.

Finding value in injuries in college basketball contests. The same logic applies when we talk about injuries. In the big leagues, it’s easy to find out when a player is injured. In fact, we can know everything about that injury in a matter of seconds. In the college game, things are different. Some sites will try to stay up-to-date, but you can’t always trust their information. Local journalists will have the best knowledge, but even they don’t have the sort of insider access required to really know for sure what’s going on.

The simple rule here then is, if there is any doubt about a player’s fitness levels, simply don’t pick him. It just isn’t worth the risk. At the same time, you need to be careful who you choose to replace these players. College teams don’t have the same depth as NBA teams, and replacements can often disappoint. Do your research and build your roster accordingly.

Developing the Right Mindset

One final tip for playing DFS college basketball is to stay patient. College games can be unpredictable and incomprehensible for newbies, but stick with it. Hard work definitely does pay off, and the most successful DFS college basketball players can have huge ROI rates. It’s just important to put the time and effort in, do your research and don’t treat it like the NBA. Even the best players on college teams can have bad patches, but they also usually come with really high ceilings.

Value players and sleepers can also be uncovered and added to your roster for incredibly low prices. The variance of college games is staggeringly high, so it’s all about experience. Don’t give up, keep learning from your mistakes, keep pushing yourself further and you’ll soon start to see those winnings rolling in.