Bovada Review

Bovada Review

Bovada SportsBook Review
  • Deposit, withdrawals, fees
  • Player rewards and promotions
  • Customer support
  • Website design and usability
  • Game lines, variety of sports and player props

Review Summary

Bovada is flat out the biggest and best sportsbook going, and there is a reason for that. When compared to the competition, there really isn’t anything that Bovada doesn’t do well.

Their 48 hours or less withdrawal policy is the new industry standard, they won’t charge you 5% to make a deposit from the US. They offer more ways to deposit, including credit card, Bitcoin, or wire.

Their staff always answers the phone, and they offer more lines and player props than anybody else. Additionally, they have great poker and casino games and software. You just can’t go wrong with Bovada.


Our Honest Review of Bovada

Bavada online sports casino is one of the most well known, established and trusted names in the online casino industry. They are one of the few online casino and sportsbooks that still accepts US players.

In December of 2011, their previous brand, Bodog, was shut down, indicted, and the domain was seized by the US Government. Rebranded under the new name and domain Bovada, team Bodog is still alive today.

For the sake of full disclosure, our staff uses Bovada as a home for both sportsbook and poker action, as we have come to see them as the most trustworthy brand for both. That being said, we tried to stay impartial in every way possible for the sake of this review.

Answers to Your Bovada FAQ’s

We have reviewed a lot of sportsbooks, and have come to find that there are a certain set of questions that everyone seems to want answered. This section should give you an clear idea of what Bovada is all about, and whether or not you can trust them to act as your bookie.

How do deposits work on Bovada?
You can fund your Bovada account in one of three ways: Bitcoin, credit card, or wire. In general, we recommend that you fund any sportsbook account through Bitcoin. Bitcoin is safe, secure, and is relatively easy to learn how to use. Furthermore, it will be the fastest way to withdraw your winnings when that time comes, so you may as well get used to using Bitcoin. Also worth noting when you make this initial deposit is that this is the only chance you get to use a promo code, so grab our offer (best in the industry) before you make your deposit.

What are the terms for the bonus cash received from using a promo code?
While you will have immediate access to your deposit bonus, you won’t be able to withdraw it until it’s rolled over a certain number of times. That number is determined by how much you deposit, but you can expect it to be at least five times if you deposit $300 or less, of as many as 10x if you deposit more. That being said, anything you win with your bonus cash can be withdrawn immediately.

How do withdrawals work, is my money safe?
We are always shocked by how many people think they are going to get scammed, even by a company as big as Bovada. Bovada is totally legit, and your money is always safe on their site, regardless of how much you have in your account. Bovada has millions of customers with 100’s of millions dollars.

How do Bovada lines and props compare to competitor’s?
While lines at most of the online sportsbooks are extremely similar, where Bovada separates themselves is with the variety and quality of their prop bets. While our staff keeps accounts at a number of sportsbooks, we primarily focus our prop action on Bovada, because we know they offer the widest variety of team, game, and player props.

What can I expect in terms of support from an overseas sportsbook like Bovada?
You will get great english speaking support from Bovada, which honestly isn’t always the case when it comes to sportsbooks. Bovada offers phone support, email support, and chat support, all three ways are fast, effective ways to get quick solutions to your issue.

Overall Site Quality

The design of Bovada website is extremely user-friendly when you do an apples-to-apples comparison with other online casinos and sportsbooks. Accessing your account, viewing lines and placing bets is straight forward, games are easily sorted, and you can quickly view and manage your bet history and upcoming bets.

Their poker and casino software is also very user friendly when compared with what their competition is currently offering. One of the biggest bonuses of playing with Bovada is that they are always improving and working to stay on the cutting edge as far as deposit options, payout options, web design and software, and just about everything else an online casino can stay on top of.


Deposits and Payouts

For the sake of this review, we went opened a new account, making a deposit on Bovada as the website is currently set up. The first thing we saw is that they are still listing that they charge 5% for the initial deposit. However, once we actually proceeded with entering the deposit amount and making the deposit, the fee either was waived, or wasn’t applied to our deposit. The main gripe we have with the current state of Bovada deposits is that they only accept Visa credit cards. Other US friendly sites accept Master Card credit cards right on their website.

bovada-promo-codeIf you are looking for a referral code that will give you the max bonus money on your deposit, check out our Bovada referral code. Bovada will match your initial deposit with a bonus that you are free to use in any way on their website.

Payouts with Bovada are much smoother and much more consistent than with any other US casino we have used. Their checks generally arrive in right around 10 days, but we opt for the transfer option, which generally appears on the second business day after making the transfer. No questions asked, no problems, hangups or excuses, your payment will just be there when they say it will.

The Bovada Poker Game

Thanks to their popularity, Bovada poker is one of the most active poker websites online. In addition to having state of the art software and active rooms, their popularity guarantees that the games are on the up and up.

Everyone is aware of the issues the online poker industry has had in the past, so finding a popular, US friendly poker site that is honest is a must. Unfortunately for the industry, there is only one or two options. Fortunately for the industry, Bovada remains one of those options..

Customer Service

Bovada is committed to supporting their product, they have an entire help section on their website that is just packed full of articles that answer many of their frequently asked questions.

Beyond the help section of their website, they also offer support via email. Simply email their support staff at We generally see responses to any inquiries we’ve had to make within 24 hours of submitting the email.

You can also find and reach their staff through their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The Bovada staff is generally really quick to reply across all mediums that they make available.


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