Boom Fantasy Review

Boom Fantasy Review

boom fantasy review

Boom Fantasy Review

If you’re an NFL fan looking for a new way to engage with your favorite games, Boom Fantasy could be the site for you. The Boom Fantasy platform provides an innovative experience, allowing users to win cash prizes by predicting the various ways in which a game will play out. For now, this company, based in New York City, is quite small but is still able to offer $500 free rolls on a regular basis. After giving Boom Fantasy a try, we’re sure that this platform could have a very bright future.


How Boom Fantasy Works

The idea for Boom Fantasy is a simple one: players are presented with a series of dynamically generated questions regarding a live game. The content of these questions can vary wildly. You might be asked whether or not the quarterback will make his next pass, for example, or whether or not a team will be successful in their next field goal attempt. Each question is multiple choice and players are encouraged to use their knowledge and insight to select the right answer.

If you manage to guess correctly, you’ll earn some points to add to your tally. If you choose the wrong answer, you’ll lose points. Naturally, the goal of the game is to finish with the highest amount of points possible and the very best players walk away with some cash. The idea is very simple, but it’s an incredibly addictive experience and a lot deeper than you may initially think. This review will look into whether or not Boom Fantasy is legit, and how they compare to traditional fantasy websites like FanDuel and DraftKings.


Essentially, Boom Fantasy tests not just your ability to successfully predict the outcome of any given play, but also to read the game and use all of the information available to make the right decisions. This game helps to show whether or not you’ve been paying attention to the whole match. For example, if you’re being asked whether or not a QB will make his next pass, you need to look back at his performance so far. Has he been struggling throughout the game? How well has he been passing? Using this information will give you a better chance of success.

The idea is truly exciting. We’ve seen that there is a huge skill gap between a very successful daily fantasy sports player and a novice. The same sort of thing could certainly occur in Boom Fantasy. At first glance, this game might seem to be a question of luck, but there are many different tactics in play that can separate the better players from the crowd. It’s already easy to imagine the ways in which advanced players could make use of in-game statistics and data to improve their chances of answering questions correctly.

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Using the Boom Fantasy App

So how does it all work? Well, every contest on the platform is split up into four quarters. You can then choose to play any of the quarters you wish. You don’t have to take part in every quarter, but you can if you want to. This is a nice advantage as it gives you plenty of choice regarding how you want to play, allowing you to join up with a game in the 3rd or 4th quarter, for example. A range of contests are on offer, featuring both free and paid games. Cash prizes are then paid out at the end of every quarter.

When the contest begins, every player is given 1000 points. For now, you can expect to see several hundred players taking part in each contest, but the site’s popularity is rapidly rising. Players are awarded differing amounts of points for successful answers, depending on the relative difficulty of the question and the likelihood of the answer. It’s important to remember that you can and should skip questions if you don’t know the answer, as you’ll lose points for guessing incorrectly. The game also encourages you to think fast, as you’re only given 10 seconds to answer each question.

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How You Win on Boom Fantasy

The ultimate goal is to finish as high up the leaderboard as possible, with the best twenty players of each quarter winning cash prizes. The game is a lot of fun to play and offers a really interesting risk/reward system. Every time you choose to answer a question, you’re risking losing some points, but it’s also the only way to move up the leaderboard. Particularly difficult questions will offer huge point incentives, and you might even be tempted to risk it all on a very unlikely answer that could push you into the top 20.

This platform deserves your attention. It’s really easy to sign up and get started with Boom Fantasy and the site is growing bigger every day. The staff who come up with the questions also deserve a special mention. There are lots of different question types available to keep the experience fresh and varied at all times. Depending on the state of play, you can even have 4 or 5 questions queued up at once. Boom Fantasy bills itself as the next generation of DFS and we can see why. The experience offered by this site may not have the tactical depth of traditional DFS games, but it’s a lot of fun to test out your real-time knowledge of a game in progress.