BetUS Promo Code

BetUS Promo Code

BetUS Promo Code

If you are looking for the top available BetUS promo code for August we have you covered. BetUS offers some of the largest new player bonuses in the industry and our promo code is always attached to their best offer available.

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How to Lock in the Top BetUS Bonus

It is so important for new users to take advantage of our BetUS promo code and lock in the largest possible new player bonus, and here is why. For one, this is the only chance you get at bonus cash, these sorts of offers are only available to new players.

Another reason you need to maximize this initial bonus cash offer is that sports betting is hard. Let’s be honest, we all hope to start hot, but there is certainly a chance you start cold, and in that case your bonus cash may bail you out.

The bonus cash you receive for using our BetUS promo code is a great insurance policy for your first go around on the website.

So how do you use our BetUS promo code? While some sportsbooks still require you to seek out, copy, and paste your bonus code when you register, BetUS simply creates landing pages for each of their bonuses.

This means that all you need to do is follow our link at the top of this page, complete your registration, and you are automatically locked into their best available deposit bonus.

The size of your bonus is dependent on the size of your initial deposit. The larger the deposit, the larger the bonus, not only because you are depositing more, but because the bonus uses as sliding scale to determine what % kickback you receive.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I am getting the best possible bonus with your promo code?
We work hard to ensure that our site’s visitors and subscribers get the best available bonus code no matter where they are playing. From DFS to sportsbooks, to tools to help you win, we have a promo code and work hard to keep it updated as often as possible with the best available bonus.

Where do you find your promo codes?
Part of ensuring that we have the best available promo code, attached to the largest possible bonus is making sure we are getting it from the right place. We work directly with the BetUS marketing team to get their latest promotions, and generally speaking our offers come directly from them.

That being said, they will occasionally offer a better promotion through their social media page, or run a holiday promotion of some sort on the website. If that is the case, we will update our code with this offer for however long it is active. Rest assured that we keep this page updated with the best available new promo code.

Is BetUS legit?
Any sportsbook or DFS website you find on our website is a 100% legitimate company. We vet each company we partner with. BetUS in particular is in fact one of our oldest partners. We have been working with and using the BetUS website for over 6 years now, without a single issue or complaint.

New, flashier companies and websites have come and gone, while BetUS has been steady and reliable over the past decade. We have heard complaints that they don’t offer enough props or enough live betting, but in terms of whether or not BetUS is legitimate, and as far as deposit/withdrawal/support issues, we have never heard of a single complaint.

How does a BetUs deposit bonus work?
This is one of the more frequently asked questions amongst players that are new to online sportsbooks. The idea of free money doesn’t make sense to most people that have common sense or perhaps experience with casinos. Here is a really quick rundown of how these promo codes and bonus money works.

Your bonus money is yours to use on the BetUS website, and anything you win with it can be withdrawn by check or Bitcoin. That being said, the bonus money itself needs to roll over a minimum of five times before you can withdraw it. This is a more than fair policy from a company that offers you a 55%-plus bonus just for registering and making a deposit.

Do you recommend BetUS?
While we recommend you at least take a look at other major US sportsbooks such as Bovada and MyBookie, we absolutely recommend BetUS. The biggest reason for this is just how reliable their product is.

The website is always up, your funds are always available, and withdrawals are fast, easy, and free. These are the absolute biggest factors we look at when recommending any product.

Our BetUS Review and User Testimonials

So we have already hinted at the pros and cons behind BetUS, but here is a fairly quick summarization of our full review. The first thing we need to touch on again is that BetUS is one of the larger and older sportsbooks in the industry. This goes to speak on just how reliable and trustworthy a product they offer.

You don’t survive a decade in this industry without creating and maintaining a positive reputation amongst players. Particularly in this era of such translucency. Players talk to one another on forums, through social media, and through platforms like our website.

If a website is able to sustain a positive reputation for years and years in this industry, it’s a good sign that they offer a legitimate product.

So where does BetUS fall short? Well, they don’t offer the widest variety of season long and daily prop bets, and their live betting isn’t the most robust in the industry. They are one of the more consistently sound sources for game lines and totals, but if you are someone that likes loads of player props, BetUS may not be the best option for your action.

Their website isn’t the best looking or easiest to use solution in the industry either. While it checks the boxes as being user friendly and completely reliable, it isn’t the most forward thinking solution in the industry. The website is responsive and does function well on any device you use.

All of this being said, BetUS is a great sportsbook choice for most new players. Grab our promo code, lock in their top bonus offer, and get started today!