About Us

About Us


About The Daily Audible

The Daily Audible was created by a team of fantasy football fanatics that up until about 4 years ago operated a group of season-long fantasy football websites. We realized in early 2012 that the industry was destined to be redefined by daily fantasy sports. Season long will always dominate the first month of football, but after the regular season games start, it’s all about daily games.

Never did we imagine that it would grow to the levels it currently is, and we certainly never imagined we would see a DraftKings commercial on TV, let alone one every 45 seconds… To watch these companies grow from start-ups that cost under $10,000 to having billion dollar valuations in less than 5 years was surreal.

About Chris…

As most of our visitor’s know, the day-to-day operations at The Daily Audible are the responsibility of Chris Lollis. In addition to The Daily Audible, he’s also the lead writer/editor at Golf Tribune, Fantasy Football Freaks, and several other smaller projects. Chris’s background is in web development, he was the lead developer for a design agency in St. Petersburg, FL prior to breaking off to start his own projects.

We currently have a staff of 5 writers who bounce between TDA, Golf Tribune, and FFF… You will also often find guest articles written by other members of the DFS industry.

Our Vision for Daily Fantasy Sports

From day one, daily fantasy sports has been surrounded by controversy. Anybody that works in this industry can attest to the fact that the general public assumes that DFS is gambling. What do you do? I operated a daily fantasy sports website. Isn’t that gambling? We get it every time.

That’s why the current legal battle that FanDuel and DraftKings find themselves in, however petty and ridiculous it may be, is essential to bringing this industry mainstream. Daily fantasy sports needs this… They need to be regulated, they need to be mainstream, it’s the only way we move past that ‘gambling’ stigma and provide a DFS product that is consumer friendly.

For many of us fantasy diehards that have been playing since you had to calculate scores using Monday’s newspaper it’s never been about money. It’s about the competition, the process, it’s about the games. I’ll never forget the first time I met one of the top DFS players in the world. He didn’t even watch football, he may have a game on in the background, but would just watch boxscores.

It’s our belief that, through regulation, we can come closer to eliminating players that are looking to game the industry and make a career out of something that was never meant to be anything more than a hobby.

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